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Before And After: Patio


I know: it’s a sorry, sorry sight. But honestly: I had no idea what to do with this space, to the point where it sat unused (and apparently unswept) for nearly a year. Having a yard was already much too much outdoor space for me to wrap my little New York City girl mind around; I couldn’t handle the additional ... Read More »

New Use For An Old Thing: Toothbrush Holder


You may not think of toothbrush holders as “collectibles”. Or even as “attractive”, really. And that makes sense; they’re usually not. The one I had in college, for example, was a teal plastic thing that I think cost 99 cents and that went straight into the trash on graduation day. But there are definitely some very pretty versions out there ... Read More »

Variegated Yarn Baby Blanket


Knitting is one of my favorite things to do in the world…but really, the only things I’m good at making are blankets (my baby hat was kind of a disaster and ended up looking more like a Bizarre Pom-Pom Elf-Cap). That’s OK, though, because while blankets are pretty time-intensive they’re also super relaxing to make once you get the hang of ... Read More »

New Uses For An Old Thing: Cake Plate


Cake plates are one of those things that are just so fun to collect: I’ve found them at thrift stores and flea markets, and even dyed a clear cake plate red to make my own Depression Glass as part of a JITH episode. But, as we know, I’m also fairly terrible at cake-baking…and so that raises the question: what to do ... Read More »

Herb Garden Success (So Far)


Gardening Week on Ramshackle Glam continues, this time with my very first herb garden. Well, second, actually. But I don’t think we should count the thing that I stuck in the ground outside my house in Los Angeles, completely forgot about, and killed within about 72 hours. As of this morning it’s been nearly 146 hours since I planted the ... Read More »

Getting My Garden On


All weekend I wandered around in this sort of happiness-haze, wearing garden gloves and scooping dirt and saying things to Kendrick like “Who KNEW? I mean really…who knew?!” And he was sort of confused by my need to announce (over and over) how amazed I was by the fact that I was enjoying something that was way, way outside the ... Read More »

DIY Terrarium Centerpiece


Things that I like:  - Plants - The color green - Centerpieces - Small creatures, preferably ones that require a minimum of care (we’ve got our hands full over here) Things that I do not like: - Keeping plants alive, because I kill them. Always. I know, I know: on the scale of Difficult Things To Kill, terrariums are fairly ... Read More »

How-To: Keep Your Louboutins Looking Lovely


This post is a highly problematic one for me. Because while I, like every other woman on the planet, would really (really) like to own a pair of Louboutins…it’s just not really the kind of thing I’d ever buy. Honestly, I’m not really an “expensive shoe” kind of girl; fancy handbags are more my thing (as you might have noticed). ... Read More »

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