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Herb Garden Success (So Far)


Gardening Week on Ramshackle Glam continues, this time with my very first herb garden. Well, second, actually. But I don’t think we should count the thing that I stuck in the ground outside my house in Los Angeles, completely forgot about, and killed within about 72 hours. As of this morning it’s been nearly 146 hours since I planted the ... Read More »

Getting My Garden On


All weekend I wandered around in this sort of happiness-haze, wearing garden gloves and scooping dirt and saying things to Kendrick like “Who KNEW? I mean really…who knew?!” And he was sort of confused by my need to announce (over and over) how amazed I was by the fact that I was enjoying something that was way, way outside the ... Read More »

DIY Terrarium Centerpiece


Things that I like:  - Plants - The color green - Centerpieces - Small creatures, preferably ones that require a minimum of care (we’ve got our hands full over here) Things that I do not like: - Keeping plants alive, because I kill them. Always. I know, I know: on the scale of Difficult Things To Kill, terrariums are fairly ... Read More »

How-To: Keep Your Louboutins Looking Lovely


This post is a highly problematic one for me. Because while I, like every other woman on the planet, would really (really) like to own a pair of Louboutins…it’s just not really the kind of thing I’d ever buy. Honestly, I’m not really an “expensive shoe” kind of girl; fancy handbags are more my thing (as you might have noticed). ... Read More »

DIY Sugar Lip Exfoliator


My lips are a mess lately. Red, chapped, painful, flaky, all that. I carry lip balm with me everywhere I go and apply it like a nut, but still: they’re a mess. It’s the whole dry-heat-inside/winter-air-outside thing; it just does a number on me. The past few days have been especially bad, so last night I went on a hunt ... Read More »

Today’s Grownup Lesson: Start A File

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 1.20.36 PM

Putting ten minutes into filing each week will save you on both time and grey hairs later, when you discover that you really really really need a form/receipt/manual/etc and poof: there it is, right there in that little folder that you so wisely allocated to it. Read More »

DIY Menswear Vest


As you've probably noticed, I'm not all that precious about clothing, and am generally always game to take a pair of scissors to a piece if that means that I'll end up wearing it more often. Read More »

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