Dressy Sweats


There are some things I do not think you should spend more than the bare minimum on. Children's t-shirts, for example: I recently saw an 8-year-old wearing a Gucci logo tee (plus Gucci leather boots and a Gucci belt - all be-logo-ed - just to make sure the point really hit home), and thought to myself jeez, I should really take her mom over to Target sometime because this is just as cute - a sloth!!! on a t-shirt!!! - and doesn't scream "I enjoy putting hundred-dollar-bills in garbage disposals."

Sweatpants, though? Sweatpants are different. "Dressy sweats" have been a thing for awhile now - WOOOOOO - and it's no longer all that hard to find a really, truly great pair of sweatpants that you can wear out of the house (or even out at night - even with heels!) and have it not look like an accident.


Giveaway: sirena + the sea Kimono

The kimono is the thing you can sort of see behind the butterfly wings

A few weeks ago, Francesca introduced me to sirena + the sea's beautiful pieces, and ever since then they've been in constant rotation in my closet. I'm obsessed with the hand-sculpted bronze ring stack (I begged the guy at the ER to do everything he could to avoid cutting them off during Monday night's little incident) and the porcelain and stoneware cuff, but I think the hand-dyed kimonos are my favorite of all.

I wasn't sure that this would be the kind of piece that I'd actually wear - I mean, a kimono? - but it turns out that I wear mine constantly, anywhere and everywhere. Around the house, as a robe; out at night, as a light jacket; by the pool, as a bathing suit cover-up. I even wear it to school drop-off at least once or twice every week, layered over a lightweight dress or jeans and a tank top.


10 Perfect Fall Sweaters

Me and my sweater dress and my Highlands c. 2013

I was just browsing through old posts and realized that my most recent post about sweaters (and there have been oh, so many, because I love few things more than a really good sweater) went up last spring. Which doesn't seem like an ideal time to post about sweaters. (Unless, I suppose, one is planning to buy them on clearance and wear them the next fall. Which sure, I did because Zara made me do it - this dress is similar - but still.)

It's fall! Let's talk about sweaters. Mostly because I spent last night fascia blasting and catching up on Bachelor In Paradise and packing, and then I spent the bulk of today driving from San Jose to Santa Barbara, and then I spent the past three hours trying to convince two small children to go to sleep in what is apparently the most exciting hotel room that has ever existed (and yes, okay, the Alisal Ranch is indeed beautiful, but still: GO TO SLEEP) and now my brain is fried.


My Favorite Fall Trends: A Top 10 List, In No Particular Order


I'm officially ready for fall to commence. It's still hovering in the high 90s out here, but every day lately I wake up, open my closet, and gaze upon my lovely OTK (and thigh-high) boots, awaiting the day when I can throw them on with a big old sweater dress.

What I like about the trends I've been seeing for Fall 2017 is that they seem so wearable, even for someone like me, whose lifestyle rarely, if ever, involves going anywhere fancier than Aqui's for Sangria Swirls (hush, they're delicious). Sure, there are trends that I will not be embracing, such as uber-long nails (which do not mix especially well with diaper-changing), ruffles upon ruffles (the look is just not cute on me), or tiny bralette tops that look like actual bras (that ship has sailed, my friends), but there's so much good fashion to look forward to in the coming months.