I put these images up on my Instagram today as part of a collaboration with Chapstick (featuring their Total Hydration Moisture + Tint that is the perrrrrrfect balance of moisture and sheer color, and their lip scrub, which is making my ludicrously dry lips much, much happier these days). They make me happy and I'm missing this guy today, so I wanted to put them here, too. (Also, have any other parents noticed that once you have children you never again have a photo of just the two of you? Like, ever? It's kinda nice that once in awhile I my job gives me an excuse to take one.)

Photos by Kim Ebbets.


The Massive Hairball

Both times that I have been With Child, I have gotten anonymous emails and comments that let me know that I'M NOT FOOLING ANYONE WHY AM I NOT ADMITTING THAT THOSE ARE EXTENSIONS YOU'RE SUCH A LIARRRRRR.

(I've never had extensions before. I just had really good hair when I was pregnant. I am so sad that this appears to be a pregnancy-specific situation.)

(Oh wait - I sort of had extensions. Not real ones; clip-in ones that I used to wear when I went to places like bars circa 2009, and that frequently ended up in my purse by the end of the evening, perhaps most notably on the night when Kendrick and I first kissed and he started to run his hands through my hair and I was all Ummmmm ONE SECOND PLEASE, and ran to the bathroom, whereupon I unclipped my fake hair and stuffed it into my bag.)


Defy Your DNA: On Hair Loss, Stage Fright, and Change

Zara sweater (similar) & jeans (similar) | Jimmy Choo ankle boots (similar)

There are some things that live in your DNA - like, say, eye color, or a taste for Yodels - things that are guaranteed to be a part of your life practically from the moment of conception. (Kidding about the Yodels, but only a tiny bit: Yodel-loving is definitely part of my personal genetic makeup.) Some of these things can feel like an essential, even necessary part of who you are, but even so: that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to define your future. Not if you don’t want them to.

Take, for example, my stage fright. The stories I can tell about the ways that my anxieties about speaking in front of people wreaked havoc on my life and my career are too many to count.


Glow Girl (And A Sweepstakes!)

This post was created in collaboration with Conair. Click here to check out the Sweepstakes (and enter to win a Glow Box valued at $300).

Yesterday was one of those mornings: I couldn’t find the lunchboxes, and made “the wrong kind of breakfast,” and everyone refused to put on their shoes until the eight millionth time I “asked” (screamed at) them to, and I definitely did not brush my hair or put on makeup and mayyyyybe left the house in the same sweatpants and sweatshirt that I’d worn to sleep in the night before because I was already super late for an appointment and making a cup of coffee was vastly more important than being clean and/or presentable, so that was that.

Anyway, I arrived at my dermatologist appointment (ON TIME, thanks to a straight stream of green traffic lights, woooo), and sat down on the examining table. When she walked in, she did a literal double-take at me. And do you know what she said???


I Designed My Own Engagement Ring (Using Jewelry I Already Had)

My beloved circa 2006 Las Vegas pawn shop ring

I love my engagement ring. It's one of my the very few things, including children and dogs (and, okay, Kendrick, but only on a good day) I would save from a house fire. (Sidenote: A few weeks ago, it seemingly vanished into the ether. I'm stopping myself from panicking with the assumption that it was taken off of my nightstand by one of my kids, and will turn up eventually in some completely unexpected and bizarre location, like what happened this other time I lost some very special jewelry.)

Anyway. I love it. But I also...kind of always wanted a ring-ring. Is that obnoxious?? Not a solitaire, and not anything wildly expensive - just something that was exactly the style and color and design I envisioned. I also had this vague idea that I wanted to design something myself, but that seemed like an insanely pricey proposition, between buying the stones and working with a jeweler to create a custom piece. I mean, who does that?!