That Airstream Life

Awhile back I read a post about a couple who decided to check out of their lives and go ahead and live with their toddler in an Airstream (designed, of course, by Pendleton). They went from town to town, home-schooling their kid and freelancing from their laptops and exploring the country and being adorable and perfect in every way in their adorable, perfect, Pendleton-designed Airstream.

I wanted to be that couple. I fangirled all over their feed. I even briefly fantasized about packing us up and buying a trailer and living the itinerant life. (You know, one designed by Pendleton.)

And then, last week, while visiting Topanga with my two children, I stayed in an Airstream - technically a Silver Streak, but for all intents and purposes identical to an Airstream. And within five minutes of my arrival I realized: Oh. There is no way on the fucking planet that I would live in an Airstream with my children. Because you know what Airstreams are?

Makeup & Beauty

Futureproofing: My (Perhaps Surprising) New Skincare Routine

Summer activities are just some of the many things that can dry out your skin.

You probably know this by now, but skincare is a big deal to me. My skin has always been sensitive and dry and a little problematic, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized more and more how vital it is to not only “treat” my skin, but to actively futureproof it, using products that help prevent problems before they start.

Except there’s one part of my skin I’ve never thought about all that much. You probably haven’t either. I mean, who worries about the skin on their scalp, when it’s all covered by hair, and therefore invisible-ish and such? I certainly never worried about it…until I did. A few months ago, I developed dandruff (like, bad dandruff) for the first time in my life, and it was a seeeeriously unpleasant experience. So after a couple of weeks I decided that nope, this was not acceptable in the slightest, and brought in the official scalpskin experts, Head & Shoulders. I used their products, and loved their products, and later ended up partnering with them - so now I’m going to tell you why I think you should use their products not only for dandruff control, but also for skincare. 

My Looks

The Pits

Lush jumpsuit | J.Crew sandals (30% off w/code SHOPTOIT) | Mulberry bag

Summer break is happening, and summer break means 24/7 contact with children who, if not constantly entertained, may at any moment start biting other. Or me. So?!

Time for an adventure. Specifically, an adventure in which we go ahead and invade Francesca's apartment and life like a cannon ball, as we are wont to do. We ate sushi. We bought lollipops the size of our heads. We found a stand offering free glitter arm-painting for Pride Day (a good day, as it turns out, to visit LA).

My Looks

My All-Time Favorite Pregnancy Looks

I think my favorite time in my entire life, style-wise, was when I was pregnant with Goldie. I already had a two-year-old, so my style had by necessity relaxed into something more comfortable and simple than what it'd been B.K. (Before Kids), and pregnancy felt like it gave me the freedom to play around within that happy place.

Click Here for a Slideshow of All My Maternity Looks

I had fun with accessories. I wore hats, and vests, and color, and fringed everything. I didn't just throw on whatever was clean-ish and right there (ahem, currently wearing the t-shirt I slept in); I thought about what might make me feel beautiful, and then made it happen.

Makeup & Beauty

Obsession of the Moment: Hallu Bath Bombs

Aren't children supposed to love baths? Isn't bath time supposed to be fun??

They are, and it is. So why do my children avoid baths as if they are filled not with warm, wonderful water and an assortment of age-appropriate toys, but rather scalding-hot oil and/or velociraptors? Especially my daughter; girlfriend has to be a scrub before I deem it worth my time to spend half an hour "convincing" her ("manually wrestling her into the tub") that baths are, in fact, a prerequisite for even semi-normal human interaction.

I have found the solution to this quandary, and it is - perhaps unsurprisingly - a rainbow mermaid bath bomb.