Some Romantic Evening

Francesca | Los Angeles, California

Sweater | Pants (sold out but avail on eBay) | Sunglasses

You know what we did for Valentine's Day? We dressed up just for ourselves - I wore the leather pants that I accidentally bought at rag & bone while waiting for an Uber (thereby making that Uber ride the most expensive Uber ride that anyone has ever taken), and Francesca put on the red and pink gloriousness you see here - and we ate sushi, drank rose and tequila, and watched Versace.


I Invented A Thing

When I was in New York a couple of weeks ago I discovered my old black-and-white Ann Taylor swing coat sitting in my bedroom closet, and decided I wanted to wear to that day's meetings. But it was 30 degrees outside and the jacket had elbow-length sleeves, so I decided that I should probably wear it with long leather gloves so as to prevent my wrists from falling off. But then I realized that neither my mother nor I own a pair of long leather gloves.