DIY Reconstructed Denim Midi (Or Maxi, Or Mini) Skirt

My son's expression here kills me. ("What. Is my mother. Doing.")

Remember the post I put up the other day about Kendall Jenner? The one where I talked about how she made me want to own confusing things? Well, one of these things was a $430 denim midi skirt. Which is clearly a ridiculous thing to purchase, when - as I said in the post - you can DIY this so easily.

And then I realized...I mean, I don't really know if you can DIY it so easily. Because I've never actually done this. It just looks easy.


Panic & Joy

Am presently working on replacing my bloodstream with pure Keurig. Related: Traveling is exhausting.

There were some things that happened over the course of the past week that were not especially fun. My Egg Salad Sandwich Panic Attack, as an example: not fun. Dropping my phone onto a MetroNorth train track: also not fun. (Except for the climax of this particular incident, which involved my dad and me getting into his car in the middle of the night, driving up to the Ossining train station, and then dangling over the edge of the track and using a fruit picker that we'd borrowed from a bodega to get my phone back. That part was perhaps not especially smart, per se, but oh yes, it was fun.)

Losing various personal possessions, including a pair of shoes that I was actually wearing at the time they went missing? Weird. And super not fun.