The Big Activity Book for Divorced People…Now Available for Preorder!

The screaming Adam Driver is my favorite part.

Presenting: The latest in the Big Activity Book series! I'm obviously a little personally attached to this one, and have to say: After having written volumes about the utterly soul-crushing experience of going through a divorce, it was pretty fun - and cathartic - to explore the topic's more comical side. And trust me: There is one!

Click here to learn more about the book and to preorder. As always, it's so exciting to get to share these projects with you guys first, and I'm beyond grateful for all the support and encouragement you've given me over the years.


All the Cozy Recipes You Need Right Now

Hey, did you hear? California's in lockdown again. GOOD TIMES. So one thing's for sure: This year Thanksgiving will look very, very different for most of us. It's OK if you aren't feeling particularly celebratory, and decide to just skip it - those emotions are 1000% valid and understandable. Thanksgiving has always been sort of a crapshoot holiday for us - sometimes we were with Kendrick's family, sometimes we were with mine, sometimes were with friends  (and if you're wondering whether looking at those posts I just linked to made me cry, the answer is: yes. obviously), and sometimes we crashed other people's celebrations. So it's not like there are any huge traditions that we'll be breaking. But still: I miss my parents. You might be missing yours, too.

TL;DR, I think we can all agree that it's not an especially jolly holiday season.

But! Hunkering down with some carbohydrates until this cursed year is over isn't the worst idea I've ever heard, and Thanksgiving Week seems like as good a time to get started as any.


Holiday Gift Guide: (Still) At Home

Soma Pajamas | Sunday Somewhere glasses

Welp, here we are! Still.

As much as this year has been all the awful things (like literally all of them), I have to say: I've loved the total and utter absence of FOMO. Truly, all I ever wanted to do on a Saturday night was drink a bottle of wine while watching Bachelor in Paradise reruns, and now? That's all ANYONE does! It's enormously validating, and I dread the day when I once again feel like I really *should* put on a pair of pants (ew) and actually...leave the house something (shudder).

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Instant Pot Split Pea & Potato Soup (To Warm Up Your #Winter2020)

It's really a shame that split pea soup is so very unattractive, because for real: When it's made right (like, ahem, #thisrecipe) there are very few things more delicious on a cold evening. I made this soup on a whim on Sunday night, adding potatoes to make it heartier and to stretch the recipe even further, and then ate it constantly for the next few days (including for breakfast). Even my kids, who would ordinarily shun a meal that appears, upon first glance, to be far too healthy and vegetable-inclusive for their tastes, can't get enough of it.

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I Tried PDO Threads, And My Results Were Pretty Insane

I've never been shy about trying out various cosmetic procedures and sharing the results here - you've seen me give everything from BBL lasers to microdermabrasion a shot. (Not to mention The Boobs.) I make a point of sharing about this topic - which many people would probably consider too personal to speak about publicly - for a very specific reason: I hate the fact that our culture tells women that they have to appear ageless, while simultaneously shaming them for not achieving said agelessness without help.

So. *Should* you undergo a cosmetic procedure? Of course not. But if you want to?

No shame.

Now that I have that off my chest: Let's talk PDO Threads.


Room Tour: A Toddler’s Bedroom Gets A Warm, Modern Makeover

Our Home Editor, Audrey, is moving to Texas! Sad for me, excellent for RG...because now she'll have a whole new house for us to tour. Before she goes, let's look at her favorite decor moment in the house: Her four-year-old's warm, modern bedroom.

Before we pack up and move to Texas, here’s a farewell tour of our favorite bedroom in the house: Huxley’s room! When the house was built in 1926, this was the original primary bedroom. In 1986, the previous owners converted it into a library when they added a second story and moved the primary bedroom upstairs. When we bought the house last year, we removed the back wall of built-in shelves to make room for Huxley’s bed so that the space would feel more like a bedroom.

When designing this space, I started with the wall color. I fell in love with Oakmoss from Sherwin Williams, and we’re actually going to paint Huxley’s Texas room the same color! From there, I chose the Malta Hand-Knotted Jute rug from Serena & Lily, which brought in some pattern and texture. I'm a big fan of choosing the largest rug possible for kids’ rooms to maximize the soft play space on the floor. For this room, we went with the 9x12 size, which also provides ample protection for our hardwood floors.   

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A ‘Fall Florals’ Tablescape…For People Who Aren’t Into Fall Florals

I am not a "fall colors" person - orange is not my jam. But the fall tablescape I put together to shoot Noritake's new Charlotta Gold dinnerware collection (featuring gold edges that are microwave! safe! YES) turned out to be one of my all-time favorites.

I started with my go-to palette (gold and white, pale pinks, texture and texture and texture), then added in autumnal elements with the eucalyptus, tall grasses, wintry berries, and wheat. One styling trick I've returned to again and again over the years (dating wayyyyy back to the flowers-in-a-teacup years, #memories): I love placing florals in unexpected containers, like the vintage tea light holders you see up there, and even laying them directly on the table (as I did with the wheat). It just feels so casual and light and easy.

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