Just Dancing Around With Bags In Grand Central

kipling event 1

The usual.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.45.44 AM

I spent the past couple of afternoons in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall, helping Kipling celebrate the launch of their new Always On Collection. I carried a Kipling backpack all through high school – I have vivid memories of playing with the little monkey that hung off the side during class – and the new collection is a chic (but affordable) take on the classic, go-everywhere styles the brand is known for. Think burgundy with structured top handles; autumn-perfect plaids in sporty shapes; leopard and houndstooth accents.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.13.07 AM

This bag isn’t from the Always On Collection – it’s called the Marly – but I wanted to show it to you anyway, because I get so many questions about finding a perfect black bag that doesn’t cost a fortune, and: there you go. I saw someone wearing it at the event, and it’s super cute in person – the patent accents dress up the casual shape and make it go with everything.

kipling event 2

 This backpack was an especially big hit.

kipling event 3

Most amazing nail art ever? I think so.

kipling event 4

With Dylana and Natalie (my favorite part of this photo is that it captured the exact moment when Natalie’s champagne gave my toes a little bubble bath)

On Me: Joie Top via T.J.Maxx; NYDJ Silk Track Pants; Steve Madden Shoes; Tom Ford Glasses.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out! More photos featuring pieces from the collection coming up next week. (Sneak peek: I totally wore a leotard and a fanny pack. At the same time.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.30.08 PM

Jordan’s Magical Concealer Spots

What are “magical concealer spots,” you ask? Tiny little areas of your face that you would probably never think to put concealer on…but that immediately make you look infinitely more wide-awake.

It’s magic. (Hence the wand I’m waving around in this video.)

(Click here for lots more of my Allure segments, including how to make your own beach hair spray, how to make your summer tan stick around, and bloopers aplenty.)


The Pregnancy Hair

pregnancy hair

I’ve gotten a whole bunch of questions these past couple of weeks along the lines of “What are you doing to your hair lately? Did you get extensions?”

And as much as I’d like to say either “I am a hairstyling genius” or “Oh, just #blessed”…the truth? I’m doing nothing. (Or at least nothing out of the ordinary; I’ve been using the same products as I usually do and curling it using this technique.) And if you get pregnant, you will also have to do nothing: you will just all of a sudden discover that your hair is PHENOMENAL. Why? Because your hair doesn’t fall out nearly as much when you’re pregnant, so you end up with about six times the amount of hair you’re used to, and it’s all shiny and thick and lovely from the prenatal vitamins. It’s so much fun.

And then, just as you’ve started to settle in and get all “oh, this old thing?” about your phenomenal hair…

it will all go away.

Like, all of it. All at once. Probably in the shower, in huge handfuls, just to maximize the similarities between your life and a horror movie. (This actually happened to me a few months after Indy was born, and what I did was run out of the shower holding the enormous amount of hair that had just fallen off of my head, so that I could show it to Kendrick and have him be horrified, too. He was.)

It’s just hair, though, so not to worry: a few months after it falls out and you panic, it will grow back. Yay, right? Nope. Because it will all grow back at once, and slowly, and so there will be a few months during which you cannot pull back your hair into a ponytail without creating this little spiky halo of shorties around your head that makes it look like you stuck your finger into an electrical socket.

Anyway, I’ve got about three more weeks of this phenomenal-hair thing. Enjoying it while it lasts.

(FYI, hair loss – and how to handle it with some mini-deceptions – is one of the topics I cover in the RG book, in case you’re in this particular life stage and this post freaked you out.)

I’ll Take Some Fried Eggs On My Nails, Please

I just – like, last week – wrote a post about how I’m so glad that, as a society, we appear to have moved on from the crazy nail art thing that filled up my Pinterest feed with photographs of tiny little Tiffany boxes and twee cartoon characters painted onto fingertips.

Mostly because the idea of a time-and-labor-intensive beauty procedure that will immediately chip makes me sad.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 8.59.53 AM

But these designs - created by the manicurists at yesterday’s (and today’s) event at Grand Central, who are apparently Instagram stars thanks to their handiwork – are something else entirely. I mean…

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.05.31 AM

Seriously. What is that? (Amazing is what it is.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.08.42 AM

(I have a gel manicure right now and didn’t have time to get it removed before the event, so I went for a relatively tame Kipling monkey and some art deco accents…but I’m heading back this afternoon, and I think I may need some fried eggs on my nails. Fried eggs! Totally better than Tiffany boxes.)

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.19.58 AM

If A Bathtub Were An Aging Rock Star…

We have no bathtub.

Or rather we do have a bathtub…but it’s in the bathroom located midway between the first floor and the basement. It’s actually a pretty room, but it is also the room in our home where the spricket situation is most concentrated, and is therefore A Place I Do Not Go Without A Very Good Reason.

What that means for our child-bathing situation is that my son is still bathing in the same tub that he took baths in as a baby. It’s fairly enormous as infant baths go – it fills our entire shower stall – but still: not ideal. Problem number two is that this bathtub isn’t actually very good for a for-real infant…it’s so big that it doesn’t provide a ton of support until they’re at the sit-up-on-their-own stage.

In any case, one of the purchases we knew we were going to have to make was an infant tub that would allow us to bathe Goldie in the kitchen sink (which has lots of handy counter space nearby). And what we now have is – and I do not exaggerate, here – THE COOLEST INFANT TUB IN THE WORLD. If infant tubs were aging rock stars, this one would be Steven Tyler. And you know how I feel about Steven Tyler.


See? Cool.

It’s from the same company that makesd the space egg, so the coolness wasn’t entirely surprising, but still: ugh, so cool. (The company sent over the tub for me to test out, but I’m under zero obligation to write about it…although I suspect they knew I would, because it’s just too cool not to tell people about.) It has drains that let you keep a constant stream of clean water flowing over the baby and a clean water receptacle for dipping the rinse cup into, but the best part? The temperature gauge that basically yells at you if the water is too hot or too cold (and glows a lovely peaceful green when you’re in the ideal baby temperature range).

I love this. This eliminates so much well-it-feels-okay-to-me-but-is-it-too-hot-for-the-baby? anxiety.

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