Gold Touch

hand holding paintbrush

You know what two of the most useful things I own are?

My tiny paintbrush, and my little pot of gold-leaf paint.

I’m serious: I use gold leaf on errything. I attack thrift-shop chairs with it, spruce up picture frames with it, accent flower pots with it. I even make tiny plastic-animal terrariums with it (really).

The other day, Kendrick and Indy went out for a walk in the hills next to our house, and came home with this:


Fairies At The Faire

renaissance faire  san jose

Alright, we’re officially Ren Faire people.

If we hear about one, we are going.

This particular Renaissance Faire – held in downtown San Jose for one weekend only – we heard about last summer from a guy who came to fix the cabinet in our rental (and who called me ‘milady’  and actually bowed to me when he left). We considered going, and then realized that would mean wandering around a hot, dusty field one week prior to my due date and thought…eh. Mayhap (see what I did there?!) not the best idea.

So this year: went. Every time we go I end up going a tiny bit further with our costumes. I’m still not ready to go full-out yet – mostly because wearing an actual corset or face paint looks insanely uncomfortable, not to mention hot – but this time I went for a gown with big, sweeping wings and a flower wreath. Kendrick wore his Johnny Depp shirt (that’s what I call it, anyway: it’s an embroidered women’s blouse from the ’70s and I think he looks super hot in it) and his pirate bandanna. And the kids? Goldie started out in a floaty retro top and fringe sandals, and Indy picked out his own outfit (a pirate swim shirt and a pair of “soft shorts,” which are the only things he will put on his body these days)…but then, once we arrived?

Sparkling angel wings (well, technically “dragon wings” for Indy).



I want them to wear them every day.

If you’re looking for a Ren Faire in your area (as you should be), there’s a huge one happening in Northern California starting in mid-September, and the awesome one we used to go to in upstate New York is going on now through the end of September. You can find a full list broken down by state here.

Go! Go! Drink mead! Eat turkey legs! Wear elf ears and angel wings! Fail to understand anyone and everyone who asks you a question, because they are speaking totally unintelligible “Queen’s English”! (It’s so fun. Go.)

renaissance faire san joserenaissance faire  san joseIMG_6363renaissance faire san joseIMG_6339renaissance faire style


Before you go, let’s quickly go over what to wear if you (like me) aren’t especially into (or are too lazy to figure out) “actual” costumes:

For The Kids:

Think loose and comfortable with fringe and flowers. Maybe a pirate insignia or two That’ll do. (Because really, you know you’re buying them a sword and a pair of those wings once you get there, anyway.)

And For You:

Go for light and flowy. I think a long dress is preferable to a short one because it looks more thematic; it’ll get a little dusty, but whatever. If you pick a basic floral maxi, you’re good – because really, it’s all in the accessories (fringe boots, lots of jewelry, a flower crown, etc.) Don’t forget to belt your dress, because there are all sorts of fun things you can hang from that belt (feathers, flasks, apothecary jars, knives to wield off brigands, whatever). And pleeeeeease wear comfortable shoes, because these things involve quite a lot of walking and usually pretty unstable ground.

Links & Love & Stuff

inexpensive matching hangers

:) The other day, I posted about how closets in the real world (as opposed to blogger-world) do not have all matching hangers, because hangers are weird-expensive and the wire ones that the dry cleaner gives you are free…and then a reader told me about the skinny velvet hangers you can buy in packs of 25 at Ross, and now I am one of those people with a closet full of matching hangers. (The shame.)

:) Teeny-tiny moccasins with little palm leaves on them?!?!? Stop it.

:) My dear friend Gala’s first book, Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream, is available for one week more only over on Amazon. Gala lived through an eating disorder, battled depression, and struggled with her desire to find a career she loved, and came out the other side – and this book is geared towards helping readers do the same. The book is as lovely as she is.

:) All the tears. (Man And Father Took Same Photo For 27 Years, via Nextshark.)

:) An Ikea designer tells us what our homes will look like in five years. Cool. (7 Predictions For What Your Home Will Look Like In 2020, via Fast Company.)

:) Oh, obsessed. I will likely never own these, but still: obsessed.

:) Cute. (I Want To Be Single…But With You, via The Huffington Post.)

:) While writing my second book, I found myself falling victim to this temptation constantly. There is value in being easy to work with, but there’s also value in making sure you’re heard. This is a great reminder. (The Cool Author, via

:) What are a wedding officiant’s “actual” responsibilities? How do you find the right one? How much to tip? Good questions. (How To Hire A Wedding Officiant, via Thumbtack.)

:) Dot and Bo is having a “Fantastic ’50s” sale, and I love everything in it. (The Sputnik chandeliers!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.15.52 PM

:) Every morning, Kendrick and I engage in The Battle Of The Flies with a spatula. This is ridiculous. So: I bought a gardenia-shaped flyswatter, and now life is better. (For us. Not for the flies.)

:) This story is just so beautiful, and such a nice read on a Friday morning. (The Woman In The Window, via MommyEverAfter.)

:) How cool is this desk lamp?! So cool.

:) “Luck” suggests that we are out of control of our own love lives. This post is great. (Five Reasons I Am Not Lucky To Have My Husband, via Huffington Post.)

:) Because I am no longer capable of making it into a nail salon every three weeks, I’ve decided to drop the gel manicure thing for the time being. Ordered this polish, and LOVE it – it looks like a watermelon popsicle fell onto your fingertips. Sheer, pinky-rose, gorgeous.

:) See ya, Google+. (Can I admit that I’m relieved to no longer have to pretend that I’m “pushing out” content on Google+ to the nobody who sees it?) (Google Threw In The Towel On Google+, But Its Social Problems Aren’t Going Away, via BusinessInsider.)

:) Only three days left in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! (Majorly reduced prices on new fall arrivals.)

:) You know what? I agree. The directives for change should come from the people who are dealing with a dangerous situation, not from celebrities with an agenda (albeit a presumably humanitarian one). (Prostitutes Tell Lena Dunham To Stop Grandstanding About Sex Work, via The Daily Beast.)

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