Fall For Cozy Clothing


I think we can all agree that back-to-school clothing (and I will always think of fall clothing as “back-to-school” clothing, regardless of my age) is pretty obviously the best. Tank tops and shorts are nice and all, but cozy hats and chunky sweaters and and BOOTS?


And a nice thing about Northern California is that we actually get to experience a little taste of that whole school’s-back-in-session vibe. Sure, we don’t have the amazing foliage that everyone gets all atwitter about on the East Coast, but we have, you know…a slight chill in the air. (Or at least we do when you leave the immediate vicinity of our house, which is located in the baking-hot South Bay, and head thirty minutes in any direction, where temperatures drop twenty degrees and the fog rolls in. Which is really all the excuse I need to do a little autumn shopping.)

Facetune-13lands end for kids

Here, all three of us are wearing head-to-toe Lands’ End (with good reason, because fall is most definitely the brand’s spirit season). If you have a kid who’s heading back to school, you have got to check out their children’s line – I’m especially into the layering pieces that they’re offering for boys (parka on top of sweatshirt on top of flannel on top of tee) – so adorable, and so perfect for the varying temperatures of autumn (cool on the way to school, warm in the classroom, et cetera).

Also, we need to talk about turtlenecks, because they’re everywhere right now and this one that I’m wearing here is basic and cozy and GREAT (and comes in basically every color). Fall essential. We also need to talk about those boots I’ve got on, because I feel strongly that everyone should have a pair of low-heeled mushroom-colored suede boots (speaking from experience, they go with everything). And finally, we need to talk about my daughter’s dress.

lands end girls dress


On Me: TurtleneckJeans | Boots | Hat (similar) | Scarf | Bag

On Indy: Shirt | Hoodie | Jeans | Shoes

On Goldie: Dress | TightsMary Janes

IMG_7538lands end red leather bagIMG_7474IMG_7636IMG_7567IMG_7618

This post was created in collaboration with Lands’ End.

Links & Love & Stuff

starburst sputnik chandelier gold

:) Exaggerating zero when I say that this chandelier (which is HUUUUUGE and RIDICULOUSLY cool-looking) has completely made our living room. If you have a space that needs a style kick and are looking to invest a little $ (but actually a very reasonable amount for a light fixture, because those things can get crazy-pricey), highly recommend this one.

:) Joey Fatone’s Letter To One Direction: ‘Everything Is About To Be Terrible’ (via Above Average) is HYSTERICAL. (Also it’s not real. It was more fun when I thought it was, but that’s okay: still hysterical.)

:) To all my friends with whom I tried to schedule drinks pre-New York departure (and all my friends generally): I am Vermont’s heroin epidemic multiplied by Bill Cosby. (Let’s Get Drinks, via The New Yorker.)

:) When I saw these earrings my first thought was “I love them,” and my second thought was “I don’t understand them.” One google of the phrase “ear climbers” later, all has been explained.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.51.14 PM


:) Goldie recently said her first word – after “dada” and “mama” – and it is “tickle.” Eeeeee my heart. (That floral arrangement is left over from her first bday party – if you missed the pics, check them out here.)

:) I have a pair of Joie ankle boots not all that dissimilar from these, and I’ve worn them constantly for about four years now. Good investment for autumn, just saying.

:) Everyone’s probably read this article on the hellish workplace conditions at Amazon by now, but if you haven’t: whoa. Read it. (And then read this article on the reaction to the story and the impact it had.)

:) Looking for a new concealer? This one is the gold standard. It’s stupid-expensive for a concealer, but I swear to you, it’s worth it. It makes your skin look perfect.

:) Well, this is the creepiest thing ever. Also, I guess a good…gift? For…someone? (Turn Your Dog Or Cat Into A Pillow, via VanWinkles.)

:) Just the prettiest little video about a piano standing on the curb in New York City, and all the people who walk by it. (Solo, Piano, via the NY Times.)

:) This skirt is so elegant for a fancy night out (and so on sale).

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.31.03 PM

:) Just buy this shirt, please. You won’t be sorry.

:) I’ve been wearing my white Converse low-tops for months now, and they have died a slow death. Next stop: red.

:) I spent last night in the city visiting Morgan, and she did a terrible, horrible thing, which was drag me to a boot camp class. It was miserable, but we ate eggs benedict afterwards, so that was better. On a related topic, you need to see what she wore to the class, because they’re the most stylin’ workout pants I’ve ever seen. I’m planning on buying them myself (not to work out in, obviously; to eat eggs benedict in).

:) For everyone who has ever cried over a one-star Yelp review: at least you’re not a national park. (I Can’t Stop Reading Yelp Reviews Of National Parks, via MotherJones.)

:) Related: could the bears please get with the program? (Tourist Unclear On Concept Of Wild Animals Demands Yellowstone Provide Better Bears, via Jezebel.)

:) Well, aw. (This Teen Captured True Love In A Single Photograph, And Now It’s Going Viral, via Redbook.)

:) Of COURSE Josh Duggar was on Ashley Madison. (Here’s Why It Makes Perfect Sense That Josh Duggar Cheated, via HuffPo.)

:) Pretty, pretty, pretty studs that you can wear all the time but aren’t boring at all. Zero boring, all pretty. I love them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.31.38 PM

:) Just a good thing to keep in mind.

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Bourbon & Fir

mcmc hunter perfume

Meet my new favorite fragrance.

For years and years I wore Bond No. 9’s Nuits de Noho exclusively – it was my “thing” – and then I went all rogue and started playing with rose perfumes and scents I found at Renaissance Faires and such. I love the idea of having a “signature” fragrance, but since I don’t know how to track down Robin Hood to make him sell me more Gemini oil, I’ve been looking for something really different and special. Something I love.

Found it.

First of all, I love the idea of perfume oil because I love oils generally and because something about it feels so…I don’t know, elemental. Sexy. (And portable.) They don’t last as long as spray-ons, but I roll them onto the back of my neck so that the oil gets into my hair a bit, and then they last all day – and besides, there’s something nice about toting a little fragrance in your purse and rolling it onto your skin every so often throughout the day. It’s a reminder to take a second for nothing bigger than something that smells nice and makes you feel good.

I’ve been a fan of MCMC for ages – ever since I shot an AOL segment at a little boutique in Brooklyn that sold their fragrances years and years ago – but the scents are so small-batch that I never see them anywhere. But then a couple of days before we moved away from the East Coast I stopped into my favorite Tarrytown boutique, Nine Streets NY, and there they were. I ended up trying on the Hunter scent…and then thought about it ever since (always a good sign), and finally went ahead and picked it up. It’s a blend of tobacco, Bourbon vanilla and balsam fir, and according to the website “is best worn with a flannel shirt.”

And? I am wearing both the perfume and a flannel shirt right this very moment. New signature scent, hello.

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