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Pajamas For Everyone!

{ This post was created in partnership with Soma. }

Did you know that I am an Official Pajama Expert? It’s true. Having two very young children and working from home makes you one.

I need my pajamas to be comfortable, and cute, and also maybe the kinds of things I can wear to the grocery store because that is definitely happening (because when given a choice between putting on pants and drinking a cup of coffee before running out the door I think we all know which one to choose).


Sand Jewels

Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets with skulls

{ Jet hematite and gold skull wrap bracelets, yes. }

I love the look of jewelry at the beach. I do not, however, love wearing jewelry to the beach that feels like anything other than an explosion of summery-ness. (Like, say, a heavy statement necklace. Or anything heavy at all. Uggg.) I want to wear pieces that add a dose of glamour to the casualness of the whole swimsuit-and-sand thing, but that are still light and effortless and stay where I want them to stay.

For the beach trip pictured here - Kendrick was away for the weekend, so I headed to Santa Cruz with the kids and my friend Elise and her family - I decided I wanted to toughen up my bathing suit with a pair of jet hematite and leather, gold-skull-bedecked wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson that look almost like cuffs, but don’t feel heavy in the slightest. I thought about wearing just one…but love how they look worn as a pair, so there you go.


The Story Of Who I Am

Road trip in New Mexico by the river

{ New Mexico road trip with my then-boyfriend Jason | 2005 }

For about four years in my mid-twenties (roughly ages 22 to 26), I was anorexic.

Just typing out that sentence is a big deal for me, because for a long, long time it wasn't something I admitted even to myself, and certainly not to anyone else. I've always referred to it as "that time when I was super fucked-up" or "that time when I decided not to eat ever again" - jokey, hyperbolic half-truths intended to swing the conversation towards lighter subjects. I've never even said the word "anorexia" to my mother; I called her yesterday to talk to her about this post so she wouldn't be blindsided (although of course she knew anyway). But over the past few weeks, I've found myself saying out loud to one friend or another, whenever a related subject comes up, "Oh yeah, I was anorexic." And we talk about it or we don't, but it's out there either way.


The glam | camp Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother's Day giveaway from glam camp

{ Check Out the glam | camp Mother's Day Gift Shop }

Mother's Day is only two weeks away! I am absolutely rock-solid on this fact because 1) my own mother reminds me each and every time we talk on the phone that I best be making a reservation for us during my trip to the city next week, and 2) it falls on the day after I return from a long, long work trip during which I'll be bouncing around NYC and St. Louis. And there will be hubbub surrounding my return, but there better also be a mimosa. (Ahem, Kendrick.)

The past couple of months have been amazing over at glam | camp - we're beyond excited to see so many of you enjoying our products (keep sharing those photos, please - we seriously get all fluttery every time we see one of our sweatshirts out in the wild being worn by awesome women doing awesome things). And so we wanted to put together a special Mother's Day giveaway in celebration of spring, of mothers, of new business ventures, of it all.


Easy Greens

how to make an easy centerpiece using greens bought at the supermarket

{ Vintage Glasses (similar) | Noritake Cher Blanc Platter }

Reason Number 2,457,244 why Trader Joe's is the best thing that has ever happened to life, ever: they have beautiful fresh flower arrangements that are actually affordable, and also seem to be preternaturally long-lasting. Which is wonderful, because spending twenty bucks on a grocery-store bouquet that falls to pieces within 24 hours is both the worst and something I tend to not do (because it literally feels like ripping up a twenty-dollar bill and throwing it out of my car window). And while the idea of being one of those people who trots off to the florist for some lovely fresh blooms has its appeal...I mean, lol.

But I do a lot of entertaining, and also take a lot of photographs of said entertaining, and I've discovered that having a few fresh flowers laying around is kind of huge in terms of making your table (and home, generally) feel lovely and fresh and inviting. And they're really useful for adding texture and color to images, if you too are a table-photographer (see this post for evidence).