Three Things

Me at yesterday's Noritake shoot (I ate my props after taking this pic). 

I learned about three things over the past twenty-four hours, and you should know about all of them. (Two of them I learned about from Francesca; #creditwhereitsdue.)

OK, so yesterday at about 4PM I had just wrapped the shoot above, and was happily ensconced in my office (my bed), wearing a chic little outfit (ancient pajamas) and eating a heart-healthy snack (leftover Buttercrunch Christmas Popcorn), when Francesca called and told me that I needed to come over. I protested that I was busy (watching Netflix). And besides, it was RAINING. People who live in Los Angeles do not drive to friends' places when it rains; they barricade themselves in their houses and panic.


Family Vacations In Divorceland

Kind of insane just-us-three camping trip, Summer 2018

So here's an odd little post-divorce conundrum that hadn't occurred to me until just recently: How does one best go about having a "family vacation"? See, the kids have Spring Break coming up in April, and since they've gone on two trips with Kendrick recently I'd really like to take them somewhere special for the week (I know, that sounds competitive - and it is, a tiny bit, but also I'm finding myself craving that kind of magical time with them that seems to come with being out of your element).

But...what does one do, exactly? How do you vacation with kids when it's just you and them, without...I don't know...feeling like you're just spending the whole time herding cats? Or without feeling weird, being in a place that's very literally set up for the kind of family that you no longer technically are?

My Looks

I Got Dressed Three Times Yesterday

This is not one of the times.

Well, technically speaking, I got dressed seven times yesterday. (I KNOW. And only one of them involved pajamas!) But the pictures here commemorate my favorite times.

I spent eight hours yesterday shooting a video for Tiny Tags that focuses on...divorce, actually. It was an emotional day, and I definitely cried, and the video will speak for itself when it comes out - so instead of talking about feelings this morning, I'm going to talk about clothing.

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Couch Boat, Take Two

Couch | Pillows | Throw | Nude Beach Print

I remember when I bought my first Grownup Couch™; for all the fuss I made about the thing, you probably do, too. That couch lives with Kendrick now - I kept the consignment-store set that used to be in our old living room, and that is now dying a slow death thanks to the fact that it is white (rrrg, also totally my fault).

Our division of assets was eminently fair - way beyond fair to me, honestly; I kept the vast majority of our furniture after our split. But I did still have a moment of mourning for our old Couch Boat when I moved into my new place and discovered that the new family room is an absolute behemoth of a space, and would have been the perfect spot for the thing. And the amount of money I had available to spend on couches after, you know, lawyer's fees and mover's fees and such was something like $2.


The Ten Best Things At Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Right Now

I continue to have never in my life watched an episode of Fixer Upper (except for during my post-surgery recuperation saga...I think...but I was in a bit of a fugue state and cannot be expected be held accountable for - or remember - any choices made during that time period). And yet I am so in love with virtually the entire Hearth & Hand collection at Target that I'm kind of embarrassed by the level of my affection.

I am afeared it makes me a bit basic.

But whatever. Call me basic. It's so good.


I Think I’m Alone Now

Soma Pajamas | Pineapple Lamp | Mirror Trio

At 5:45AM on Wednesday, Kendrick and the kids left for a week in Ohio. I helped pour them into warm jackets and pack up the new toys that absolutely had to come with them on the flight. I waved good-bye from the front porch, got a little teary watching the car lights disappear down the block, and went back in to drink a glass of grapefruit juice.

And then? I went back to bed and slept until ten o'clock in the morning. I had an appointment at 9AM, actually - a fact that I remembered only around noon - so guess who's getting a missed-appointment penalty fee? And guess who cares exactly zero about that fact?

My Looks

The Preschool Dropoff Uniform


PJs | Glasses

Here is a nice thing about having moved from Northern California to Southern: When you live in San Jose and roll into preschool drop-off looking like you just stepped straight out of Grey Gardens, people tend to look at you a little funny. In San Jose, I was definitely “the mom who wore pajamas and sunglasses the size of her head even in the rain.”

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