The First Friendsgiving

Jordan Reid's home in San Jose California

Oh my GOD that was a fun Thanksgiving. Technically a “friendsgiving,” I suppose, although Pinterest has made me so tired of that word that I cringe even writing it. We couldn’t go to Ohio or New York for a variety of reasons, so a few of our East Coast-transplant friends decided to drive up for LA for a full weekend of celebrating. (They only stayed through Friday, but then the whole group of us ended up driving back down to Southern California to celebrate Thanksgiving Take 2 with my parents, who were stopping through on their way back to New York, so we kept the party going. Right now I’m sitting at the kitchen table in my dad’s apartment in Pasadena while my kids eat Einstein’s bagels on the couch. It’s nice.)

The thing about this particular group of friends – Kendrick, myself, Paige, Francesca, and Francesca’s brother Mookie – is that we’ve all known each other for so long that there is virtually nothing that any of us could do that would come as a shock to the others. We’ve seen each other through some of our very hardest (and wildest) years, so I could probably wander through the house naked wearing a frog on my head, and no one would think that was especially out of character (it wouldn’t be, except I’d much prefer, say, a kitten to a frog if we’re talking animals being worn on one’s head).

So, for example, when Francesca decided that we needed to have a 1970s Keith Richards-esque dress code for the day (mostly because she had just bought sparkly silver bellbottoms and wanted an excuse to wear them)? We were all on board that boat in about two seconds flat. Full-on dance party to Bohemian Rhapsody? You better believe it. And when, for no apparent reason at all, I decided that doing the limbo sounded like a good idea and came out holding the long stick that has inexplicably been sitting in the corner of our garage ever since we moved in, just waiting for a perfect Limbo Moment?

Everybody limboed. Like, without breaking stride.

I love these people. Talk about your found family.

Jordan Reid in Zara faux fur sweater and vintage dress

This is what I came up with for my thematic attire: my grandmother’s one-shoulder sarongish thing and a large woodland creature wrapped around my upper body. (What you don’t see are the hot pink fluffy slippers that went on shortly afterwards because my feet were cold; I think they gave the whole look just that extra dose of crazy it needed.

Three women wearing vintage inspired outfits by a pool

Ooh that pool was cold.

Jordan Reid and friends by her pool at home in San Jose

I have no idea what’s happening here.

Thanksgiving holiday centerpiece with pink and neon colors

Wow, is this ever not a Thanksgiving-ish tablescape. Don’t care; the more neon yellow and pink the better.

Jordan Reid and daughter in '70s inspired clothing

Goldie’s outfit was truly inspired, I think.

Jordan Reid in purple dress and Zara faux fur sweater

Oh, just casually posing by the pool. In a gown and a Wookie coat.

Girls by the pool in 1970s inspired outfits

These girls are my everything.

Playing limbo at home during a party

Remember when I said a limbo party just kind of happened? Proof.

Jordan Reid and Kendrick Strauch in a photo taken by their son

This photo makes me happy. What makes me even happier is that Indy took it.

Friendsgiving in California

And now, allow me to present to you the very best group photo that I could find of the 10,000 that we took with a timer while actually seated around the dinner table. We’re missing two people, Paige looks like she’s thinking about eating Indy, and I look like I just saw Arnold Schwarzenegger wander through our dining room. Apparently this is the best we could do.

It’s a pretty good summation of the whole experience: ridiculous, messy, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Vintage Holiday

Retro entertaining at home for the holidays with Vintage Charm bowls

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we’re hosting a whole bunch of friends for a whole bunch of meals, which takes a little forethought. I don’t want to be standing in front of a stove making heavy meal after heavy meal, so what I decided to do for tonight’s dinner was pull a little inspiration from the warmer months. You know how during the summer it’s so easy to feed guests, because you can just whip up a bunch of salads, throw them in bowls on a buffet table, and call it a day? I did sort of a wintry twist on that idea, with heartier versions of the pasta salads and potato salads I like to make when it’s hot out.

For décor, I think a retro vibe is always fun when you’re hosting friends – and is a nice alternative to the fussier setups we so often see during the holiday season. I’ve always been a big antique/flea market/thrift shop comber, and one of the things I always keep my eye out for are serving bowls from the ‘50s. My grandmother had a bunch of the Pyrex ones – I’m sure yours did, too – and I love them; the retro flowers, the faded pastel colors, the mod stripes and spots, all of it. I have this picture in my head of my kids, years from now, “borrowing” (a.k.a. “taking and never returning”) my serving bowls to use in their own homes because they remind them of their childhood.

Here’s a little surprise, though: the bowls you see here aren’t actually antiques at all; they’re brand-new pieces created by Vintage Charm™ Inspired by Pyrex® to evoke the old Pyrex opal glass bowls from the ‘50s and ‘60s. I seriously cannot believe the degree to which they got the look of these things right, down to the colors and patterns and even the weight. (And FYI, if you’re looking for a fun gift, the sets of three also come in the cutest little hatbox-inspired containers.)

{ Giveaway! }

And and and! Because everyone could use some more serving bowls during the holidays, I’m giving away a set to one of you, hooray! Just go to, take a look at the patterns, then comment below telling me which one is your favorite. (My personal favorite sets are Rise ‘N Shine and Golden Days, but it’s honestly a tough call – I adore them all.) I’ll be notifying the winner on November 30 via email, so make sure to use your real email address if you comment as a guest; it won’t be used for anything else, promise. (U.S. winners only)

Vintage Charm retro bowls inspired by Pyrex patterns from the 1950s and 1960s

The Food:

Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce, Bacon and Peas (a.k.a. Crack Pasta, which was the first reader recipe I ever made on Ramshackle Glam, and which has been a wintertime staple in our house for five years now)

Not Your Average Potato Salad (a recipe that I started making in college, because it was cheap and fast and required exactly one pot, and that I still make today because it’s my ultimate comfort food)

For snacks, I just scattered around little bowls filled with some hi-low action: roasted hazelnuts, kettle corn, mini rainbow tomatoes with sea salt, mandarin oranges…and Cheetos. Because everybody likes Cheetos. (Except these are organic Cheetos from Trader Joe’s, so there you go: #fancy).

The Drinks:

Pinot Grigio and Palomas, please.

The Décor:

For serving, I liked the contrast between the simple, all-white dishes and crystal glasses and the colorful Vintage Charm prep and serve bowls (pictured here: Rise ‘N Shine, Birds of a Feather, Golden Days, Memory Lane, and Tickled Pink). For a centerpiece I filled white Mason jars with white hydrangeas, and put pink daisies and tiny yellow blooms into vintage milk glass bottles, then placed a couple of the vases on a white cake plate so the flowers would sit at different heights.

Best part? Cleanup consists of transferring the bowls (which come with plastic storage lids) filled with leftovers directly into the refrigerator.

Pretty, easy, done.

Jordan Reid entertaining at home for the holidays with retro decorVintage Charm retro bowls inspired by Pyrex patterns from the 1950s and 1960s Assortment of dishes for easy holiday entertaining in retro bowls Blogger Jordan Reid and son at home with retro inspired table decor

This is a sponsored post and was created in collaboration with Vintage Charm. Photos by Sue Hudelson.

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