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I Do Not Need These Things (And You Don’t, Either)

I spent the entirety of New Year's weekend living my very best life, by which I mean I watched all seven episodes of The Queen's Gambit while Marie Kondo-ing every inch of this house. You guys, my Tupperware is organized. WHAT. (Related: How is it that I have reached the age of nearly forty years old, and have only just realized that the tops of Tupperwares click together for easier storage?)

One of my favorite things about being single (and there are many, starting with shared custody that permits the aforementioned living of one's best life) is that I have total and complete control over what comes into this house, and what goes out of it. In non-toy-related categories, at least. K is a lot more sentimental about possessions than I am, so there was a constant push-pull over what could and couldn't be tossed. As an example, I do not keep my children's artwork. I keep *some* of it, sure - the really special pieces, to the tune of, say, ten per year per kid - but anyone who has ever had a preschooler knows that they regularly get sent home with foot-high stacks of "artwork" that mostly consists of paint splotches in varying shades of purplish-brown, which is the result you get when you're thinking less about color theory and more about mushing your brush into the paper as hard as possible.


Caviar, To Celebrate

I'll be alone this New Year's Eve, for the first time I can remember. I think for the first time ever, actually. I'm okay with that; I swear - Kendrick has always cared way more about New Year's than I do, and I never want to stay up until midnight anyway, so it just makes sense for the kids to go to his place for the weekend. Besides, even in "normal" years, oh my god do I ever not want to go out on New Year's - just the thought of it makes me want to nap.

But there's another reason I'm not only "okay" with being on my own, but rather actively looking forward to it.

When Kendrick and I divorced, I realized very quickly that I did not know how to be single. I’d moved fairly seamlessly from relationship to relationship my entire adult life (with a year-long foray into casual dating in my mid-twenties that I somehow survived, but probably shouldn’t have), so when my marriage ended I found myself completely at sea, and wanted someone – anyone – to save me. I wasn't sure I knew how to make myself feel better all on my own, because I’d never really had to do it.


Ramshackle Glam’s Most-Read Posts Of 2020

Most importantly, 2020 brought us Opal, the Mormon Church rescue kitten.

I already told you what the 10 most-shopped products of 2020 here are the 10 most-loved (or most hate-read, whatevs) posts of 2020. Turns out what you were most interested in this year (in Ramshackle Glam world, at least - I have a feeling what you were *actually* most interested in was whatever Steve Kornacki had to say) was beauty experimentation, homeschooling updates, and personal dramatics (always a hit).

Scroll down to find out what the Number One Most-Read Post of 2020 was. You'll be floored.


The 10 Products You Loved the Most In 2020

At the end of each year, I like to check in with my affiliate link analytics to see which of the products I recommended you ended up being the most interested in. It's especially fascinating to me because I'm not a "shopping" site, per se, so I feel like this gives me a lot of insight into *why* you come to Ramshackle Glam, and what kind of content you're looking for.

In 2020, it turns out, what you were looking for was exactly the same stuff I was looking for: Really, really boring shit that for various reasons ended up sparking genuine joy in this dumpster fire of a year. It's the single most 2020 shopping roundup I've ever seen, and I was DYING laughing looking through this.

Links to all the products I mention in the video are below.

Shop My Favorites


Santa Needs Some Cookies

I'm having a bit of a rough time getting into the holiday spirit this year. I know, YOU'RE SHOCKED AND HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

This candle helps quite a bit. And so does baking. Especially when your six-year-old has decided with 100% certainty that what she wants to be when she grows up is a chef ("because they get to eat a lot"), and wants nothing more than to perch herself on the kitchen counter with some carols playing in the background and help you roll out perfect little balls of dough.

This morning, she asked if coronavirus would still be around when she went to college. "No," I said, "but probably for another six months." ...And do you know what she did? Screamed - in joy! - at the top of her lungs. "Six months?!" she said. "That's NOTHING!"


Because It’s Christmas

All my son wanted for Christmas was a kitten. Literally. And I know, I know: Every kid wants a kitten...but I have never in my life encountered a human being so deeply connected to cats. I told him that Santa doesn't do kittens. I told him we have enough animals. I told him Mommy is all full up on responsibility.

...But it's Christmas.


Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff To Do (Because #Lockdown)

It's funny, how we can think back and divide the past year into super-distinct phases. There was the "spraying my vegetables with Clorox" phase. The banana bread phase. The puzzle phase. The Zoom learning-curve phase. Something involving fluffy coffee that I never quite got into. That moment when all parents made carefully color-coded wall calendars for their kids, only to abandon them within the week.

I made ramen.



Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Single Mom (Still in Quar)

holiday gift guide single mom quarantine

Hi, Olivia here! Every year I curate a special gift guide for Ramshackle Glam and when Jordan and I were brainstorming this year's topic, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. (Here's last year's guide for the work at home mom.)

Know what's more fun than living through a pandemic? Also going through a divorce during said pandemic! And by fun, I mean, it's not fun at all and is emotionally draining to the core of your soul. Happy Holidays!

If you have a friend or sister in your life doing the parenting thing on her own, it's high time to pamper the hell out of her - from a safe distance, of course. Below are my picks for the perfect little gifts for the divorced mama in your life.


Holiday Gift Guide: Maximum Coziness Edition

Give me all the sweaters and twinkle lights and in-bed dining trays and give them to me eight months ago

As I said in this post, I've personally really leaned in to the whole "never leaving the house again, ever" aspect of the past year. Because really: If you ask me to choose between Sugarfish in bed, as pictured above, and Sugarfish in a crowded restaurant filled with strangers wearing things like high heels and makeup...ummmmmm...


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