Reader Recipe: Four-Ingredient Chili Chicken Tacos

Which one do you want? That one. And that one. And that one.

Noritake China Blue Hammock Serving Dish

I do not eat tacos. I will, on occasion, eat a burrito (and only "on occasion" because if I were to eat burritos as often as I would like to, I would become a burrito myself), but hard-shell tacos aren't something that's ever appealed to me. Don't they, like, break apart into tiny, shard-like pieces which then a) hurt you and b) result in the deliciousness inside getting out, which, as I gather, is not the point?


Meet The Best Toothbrush In The Whole Wide World

Every once in awhile, you discover a new product, and cannot understand how you lived without it before. (You also wish you had invented it yourself, because then you would get to be a gazillionaire, and that sounds fun.)

Until now, my toothbrush/toothpaste situation has - like yours, I assume - been a total disaster. Between the four of us we have something like 30 different toothbrushes, all in various stages of disrepair. All of them are neon, with fussy little rubber finger-pads or elaborate chargers or pictures of Paw Patrol dogs on them. Our toothpaste tubes - we have four at the moment, and all of them are mostly empty - are all sort of jammed into and around the toothbrush holder in a big, sticky, the-cap-won’t-go-on-anymore-because-it’s-too-gunky mess. It’s gross.

In short: If you’re anything like me, no matter how pretty your bathroom is, your toothbrush situation messes it up.


Kendrick’s Father’s Day Gift Picks from eBay’s New Akron, Ohio Shop

(by Kendrick.)

I had nothing to do with the new eBay shop featuring small Akron, Ohio-based business. I promise! I know I work for eBay, but I had literally nothing to do with this. I just thought it was awesome, and thought Ramshackle Glam people might think so, too.

So. I look on eBay one day, because I work there, and because I have a bad habit of buying things on eBay (thereby gradually refunding my employer for my salary), and I see something about my hometown (technically I'm from North Canton, but nobody knows where that is, so I just say "near Akron"). And seeing something online about my hometown is weird, because people don't usually talk about Akron all that much.

Home Projects

Oh, My Patio

This is what my patio looks like this morning. It is not, however, what it looked like yesterday. Between the whole winter/rain situation (the one that also destroyed my outdoor table and benches) and the fact that it’s served as the equipment storage area and workspace for the renovations we’ve been doing for the past six months…

It was officially trashed.

It was so gross I’m embarrassed to show you, but I’m going to. Greater good, and all that.

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Parenting Guilt

The One I Can’t Forgive

I've made a lot of mistakes as a parent. I've written about most of them here - they range from tragicomic incidents like accidentally bringing my four-year-old to a verrrrrry adult haunted house and getting my entire family into a The Hills Are Alive situation, to having my head elsewhere when they need it to be right there with them.

Listening. I am so bad at listening.

I've also written over and over about the importance of forgiving yourself. About the fact that we are, all of us, flawed - and yet all of us are, of course, doing the best that we can. We love our children impossibly, and yet we make mistakes - sometimes the same ones, over and over and over. I know that dwelling on these mistakes helps no one. I know that you learn from them; you move on; you try to do better the next time.


Reader Recipe: Salmon & Spinach Fettuccine

When it came to comfort foods, I was an odd kid. I'd come home from school and dump a can of French-style green beans into a bowl, microwave it, and eat the whole thing (yes, just a bowl of French-style canned green beans. Delish). I'd stop at the deli across the street and buy a whole pickle - you know, the ones that you get from the big jars behind the counter - and then settle down in front of Duck Tales with a bowl of salt, into which I would dip the pickle.

And then there was my favorite dinner: a recipe that I'm going to credit to my mother that involved...wait for it...

Microwaved salmon.

Fashion Projects

Style Hack: How To Get the Vetements Look…At Costco

On Mother's Day morning, Francesca and I were laying in bed drinking coffee and scrolling through TheRealReal (because this is our favorite thing to do, especially when Kendrick indulges us by bringing us refills and also toast and then segues neatly into mimosa-delivery around 11AM), and I said, "Ooh, search for Vetements."

I love Vetements. I know I shouldn't, and I know I would never actually buy anything from the brand because I obviously cannot afford to, but I still find myself lusting over their stuff. If you're not familiar with Vetements, it's actually a Paris-based "design collective" with a largely anonymous design staff, and is sort of an experiment in what happens when "real clothing" is worn "in a real way" (distressed, DIY-ed, abandoned, etc). Think sweatshirts. With reallllly long arms. And logos. For $2k.

So depending on your perspective, what they're doing is either making wearable art, or blatantly taking advantage of impressionable fashion people and making a fortune while doing it, a la Derelicte. I am certain that my mother thinks everything Vetements makes is hideous. I am certain that it looks far, far better on people like Gigi Hadid than it would on me.


Ariane Moshayedi: California-Inspired Fine Art Photography

Three, by Ariane Moshayedi

Forever and a lifetime ago, an email landed in my inbox from a woman, Ariane Moshayedi, who said she was a reader of my site and knew I was expecting my first child. She was a photographer, she said, and she'd love to take our first family photos once the baby arrived.

The shoot did not start out especially fun. We timed it perfectly, of course: Ariane arrived at the exact moment that our son decided he needed to nap, and that if he was not going to be permitted to do so, he was going to make all the adults contributing to the non-napping situation as miserable as possible. Kendrick and I were mortified, but Ariane was patient, relaxed, and so much fun to work with that we eventually just all settled into letting the photos be whatever they were. We coaxed a couple of smiling-through-the-tears shots out of him, but most of them ended up looking slightly less peaceful-and-dreamy, and slightly more like...this.


Five Things Becoming A Mother Taught Me About My Body

I wouldn’t say that my relationship with my body has, historically, been an especially positive one. Not because I don’t “like” it, in the “do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?” sense (I do, more so on some days than on others, but generally I do), but rather because it’s always been a bit of a danger zone.

In my twenties I starved my body. I let it be used by others in ways that now make me feel like screaming. I analyzed every pore and follicle and strip of skin looking for things to fix, ways to make myself better. If I could just get skinny enough, pretty enough, perfect enough, maybe all the things in my life that felt wholly beyond my control would just...fall into place. (Such a simple solution to life's woes! Obsess over your body, and all the rest will work itself out!)

I think it's safe to say that my body was something that I thought about a whole lot. It was consuming. And exhausting.

DIY Projects

How To Make Your Trashed Outdoor Furniture Look Gorgeous Again

Winter can be rough on wood.

During the purchasing process for our home, the one thing I asked the former owners if they'd be willing to sell me was their patio table and benches (you can see the set here). It was rustic, and sturdy, and fit the space perfectly - but it was also clearly handmade, so I doubted they'd say yes. And I was right - they said no - but then we moved in a couple of months later...and there they were, waiting for us.

Yay, right?