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silver eye makeup

Before I was a parent I had different “categories” of clothing.

Weekend clothing.

Going-out clothing.

Professional(ish; I never was very good at that look) clothing.

And now? Now I just have clothing.

Because if there’s one thing you can say about motherhood, it’s that it’s unpredictable; it’s rare that a day goes by without one plan or another getting completely turned on its head. Yesterday’s plans, for example, involved a shoot in the morning and meetings all afternoon, but 9AM saw me and that lovely, high-heel-inclusive outfit that I had been planning to photograph sitting in my car on I-95, headed to Connecticut with a feverish baby (she’s OK now).

So you can get dressed for one activity or another, but you’re virtually guaranteed to end up doing something in that clothing that you didn’t intend to: crawling around in a sandbox in your favorite pair of heels, or suddenly having to meet with your child’s teacher in your grossest pair of sweatpants. And contrary to what you might think, that’s turned out to be very freeing: it’s made me start just wearing whatever it is that I feel like wearing on a given day, without worrying too much about things like…oh, I don’t know, occasion. What I think makes “sense.”

And the byproduct of this is that I’ve become much less precious about my clothing: I don’t save those “interesting” or “fun” or whatever pieces that are hanging in my closet for special occasions, because seriously: if I wait until my next big glamorous event to break out my favorite dress, it’s going to be hanging there a long (long long long) time. So I’ve stopped waiting, and have started just wearing those special things – those weird things, those things that maybe aren’t even necessarily the “correct” things to wear for a given situation - just because I feel like it.

And so if what I feel like wearing is a burgundy silk jumpsuit, blue high heels and silver eyeliner on a Thursday afternoon (for activities when a pair of yoga pants and sneakers might be a slightly more practical choice), on they go. And if I end up playing a sandbox and the shoes get dirty, so be it. It’s not clothing that’s precious; what’s precious is the things you do while you’re wearing it.

silk jumpsuit

boohoo jumpsuit

maroon jumpsuit


On Me: Boohoo Utility Jumpsuit; Tatiana Pumps ℅ Nine West; J. Crew Purse; Bobbi Brown Glitter Liquid EyelinerTom Ford Glasses (on sale).

T-Minus 24 Hours And No Costume In Sight?

Allow me to assist. Because if there is one thing I am an expert on, it is jerry-rigging your Halloween costume because you couldn’t get it together to actually shop for a real one.

Here we are in 2008, in costumes that serve as a perfect example of the aforementioned jerry-rigging: this year, we were Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. Except when I dressed up as Kate Moss I ended up just sort of looking like I’d done a better-than-average job of getting myself clothed, so I added cat ears and whiskers and called myself Pete Doherty’s cat (because, if you recall, at the time he was famous for being a completely atrocious cat owner, which made the whole concept pretty tasteless, but Halloween is a good time for tastelessness – maybe not this much, but some).


Let’s talk shopping your closet for Halloween costumes, because no one’s posting about that this week. Points for originality!

Buttercup and Westley: All he has to wear is a black outfit and one of those cheapie eye masks (or just cut eye holes in a piece of black fabric and tie it around his head). Sword optional. You need to wear a (preferably red) peasant-y dress, put your hair in beachy waves, smudge a little brown shadow on your face to act as dirt, and look distressed.

Atreyu and the Childlike Empress: I love this one, and all it involves on his end is a brown or black shirt and pants and a pendant that you can call an Auryn. For you, toss on a long white nightgown and stick a little sparkly thing in the center of your forehead. Slick back your hair and get all wide-eyed and wistful, and whenever anyone talks to you, reply with “Bastian…say my name.” Done.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy: Write “I Am Groot” on his sweatshirt if you didn’t think to buy one ahead of time, and paint yourself green and wear some black clothing. Boom: you’re Groot and Gamora.

Aaaaand some cripplingly obvious choices that still, for me, fall into the category of Oldies But Goodies:

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Party Hack: Lazy Lady Sangria

A suggestion for this weekend’s festivities: be lazy.

So lazy.

Look, I love making sangria from scratch. Mostly I love how it tastes, but it’s also fun customizing your own blends with whatever fruits are in season at the moment. But when you’re talking about serving in bulk, sangria transforms from “adorable homemade touch” to “enormous pain in the butt.”

Presenting: Lazy Lady Sangria.

lazy sangria

Here is what you do:

1. Get yourself to Costco, and buy a couple of those ridiculously large jugs of Lolailo Sangria that they sell for $6.99.

2. When you get home, pour them into pretty pitchers (see: deception), and add sliced apples, oranges and grapes. Throw a little seltzer water on top, if you’re feeling energetic.

3. Serve to guests, and when they compliment you on your sangria-making skills (because they will), lie your lazy little face off (“Oh, it took me houuuurs“), and then go congratulate yourself on having served a specialty drink with no effort save for that required to steer clear of the jumbo-sized jars of chocolate-covered nuts that they also, unfortunately, sell at Costco.

How To Streamline Your Small Space (And A Giveaway!)

I have a long history with figuring out how to best organize a small living space. For years, we lived in a 350-square-foot apartment, before upgrading to what felt like a sprawling mansion: a 700-square-foot apartment. Now we live in a house, but it’s a hundred-year-old Colonial, which means that it comes with its own space issues: teeny bedrooms, narrow hallways, and next-to-no closet space.

But something I’ve discovered over the years is that there are ways to make small-space living not just workable, but lovely. It’s all about smart choices: looking for compact home items that pull double-duty and choosing decor elements that emphasize light and create the feeling of a wide-open space. Here’s how I’ve been adding a few easy updates to our home to make it more beautiful and more functional.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.23.12 PM

living room mirror

- In your living room: Celebrity interior designer Robin Wilson’s tips for how to maximize your small space include two of my own personal favorites: installing a single oversize mirror in your living room, and choosing seating options that are elevated a few inches off the floor (and don’t have skirts on them).

panasonic toaster

- In your kitchen: Use trays to organize groups of items, and look for products that let you minimize the amount of gadgetry strewn about on your countertops.Panasonic’s NB-G110P FlashXpress Toaster Oven pictured above) functions like an oven and a toaster, and doesn’t require any pre-heating. It’s also nice and compact, but roomy enough inside to cook everything from my son’s beloved waffles to frozen pizzas. Another idea for small spaces: try to introduce some greenery to make a stuffy room seem more “alive” – I bought some new (faux) plants for my kitchen, and it immediately felt more welcoming.

statement mirror

- In the bathroom: Go for light shades on the walls to create the illusion of a larger space, and add color with your accessories (I picked up some bold towels and a statement mirror to brighten up my pale-grey walls).

panasonic link2cell phone

- In your home office (mine is on my dining room table, because such is life): Use a pretty tray like this green faux-marble style to organize your papers and other necessities, and streamline your technology. I am completely obsessed with Panasonic’s Link2Cell Digital Phone with iPhone5 Integration and Answering Machine KX-PRL262B 2 Cordless Handsets - obsessed – because they let you sync your smartphone to your home phone, no landline required, and have USB ports that allow you to charge your cell without having to locate the cord that immediately gets sucked into a black hole the second it arrives home from the store. (For real: the fact that Kendrick and I are both completely incapable of monitoring the location of our phone cords is one of the major sources of conflict in our marriage, because we are both completely convinced that that one – the only one in the entire house – is MINE.)

The phone dock also replaces the need for an audio system, because you can just stream music straight from the phone through the built-in speakers, so there you go: one less thing cluttering up your desk.

storage under crib

underbed storage

- Throughout the home: Minimize clutter as much as humanly possible. Every season, go through your drawers (especially your kitchen drawers and closets) and get rid of everything that you just don’t use…and then store off-season items in out-of-the way places, like in under-bed storage cases (my lovely new ones are pictured above).

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.22.34 PM

One RG reader will win both the Panasonic FlashXpress™ Toaster Oven and the Panasonic Link2Cell Digital Phone (available for both iPhone and Android devices). To enter, just post a photo of how you maximize your space on Instagram and/or Twitter, tagging @HomePanasonic and including the hashtag #SpaceToTheMax.

Winner will be chosen at random. Panasonic is a sponsor of Ramshackle Glam and provided compensation and product for this post. All opinions, as always, remain my own.

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