The glam | camp Summer Bummer Sale Is Live!

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We're clearing out inventory for the start of the new season (and because Erin would like to be able to be able to turn around in her office), and that means it's time for a big old end-of-season sale: 20% off of everything from now through September 5.

What's On Sale

 Blankets! I take these blankets with me everywhere. I use them as throws in the winter and beach blankets in the summer. I leave one in the car to cover my kids with if they get cold or if some blanket-requiring disaster occurs (which happens more than you'd think). This one is covering a white futon in my daughter's room that I don't feel like cleaning every thirty seconds. I've even started taking one or two with me when I travel, because they're so soft that they make even the scratchiest, most miserable hotel bed cozy. (I really do this. I know it's a little weird.)


Links & Love & Stuff

denim outfit canadian tuxedo with bellbottoms

These past few days there's been a chill in the air during the walk to school, and so I've actually been wearing...wait for it...pants. (I KNOW. I also know that it's debatable whether jeans count as pants, but in my world they're basically a tuxedo.) The ones I'm wearing above are no longer available online, but I found a bunch of really great bellbottoms, below.

I tried this sweatshirt on in a little shop in Carmel last weekend, and it is lightweight and cozy and soft and makes me laugh even though I don't quite get it. It's honestly the best sweatshirt ever (well, okay, maybe second-best, after this one), and I seriously wish I had just bought the thing (although...I guess I still can, because of this thing called the Internet).

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The Master Suite That Doesn’t Exist

rustic sliding barn door for a bathroom

Me in my bedroom, about to embark on this project

Button-down | Shorts | Barn Door

In our neighborhood, all the houses are from the '60s, and most are one of two floorpans: either a two-story with an arched front porch, or a one-story with a brick front. Ours is the latter - you can see what the exterior looks like in this Design Sponge article about our xeriscaping makeover - and obviously the smaller of the two. While our home feels bigger than it actually is thanks to the amount of time we spend in the's small. And as the kids get bigger, it's going to feel smaller.


How To Make An (Inexpensive) Bubble Chandelier

When Elise and I got together a few days before the Mermaid Party to work on the decor and she told me that we were going to make a bubble chandelier, I kind of went "mmmhmmm yeah sounds great!" and then returned to hot-gluing starfish to sticks, because obviously we were not going to make a bubble chandelier. Because in my world, that is not something that people do. It turned out that I was right (that day at least): after hot-gluing many, many starfish to many, many sticks we ran out of time, and no bubble chandeliers were made. And so I forgot about the whole thing, figuring Elise had realized that trying to make one of these things was way more labor-intensive than anything created for a two-year-old's birthday party should rightfully be.

Then, on the morning of the party, Elise showed up an hour early to help me set up (I've said this before, but helloooo awesome friend), sat down at my dining room table, and said: "OK, let's get started on the chandelier."

Excusemewhat? Do you not see I am presently pouring frozen meatballs onto a sheet of aluminum foil and not exactly ideally situated for a four-hour plastic bubble extravaganza?


Suited Up

the perfect black bodysuit

I swear, Lucy is a very happy dog. This is what she always looks like. 

Bodysuit  Skirt  Hat c/o  Sunglasses  Bag c/o

I have never understood the point of a bodysuit. I think they're chic and look great on other people, but then I put one on myself and think, "Hmmm, this is extremely tight. And in order to go to the bathroom I have to get completely naked. And I could probably get the same effect minus the nudity with...drumroll...a tucked-in shirt." And when I arrive at that conclusion - which I do, every time - the bodysuit goes back on the rack and I escape with my wallet and dignity intact.


The Memory My Daughter Gave Me Back

Jordan Reid and dad

Me and Dad, 1983

In an almost exact replay of last week, I am having All The Feelings this morning. Well, technically "afternoon" - this morning was spent trying to fix the not-especially-minor email-returning issue I mentioned last week and my first cup of coffee has yet to be ingested, which is a problem that seriously needs to be rectified immediately.

Hold on.




Soooooo you know how I get Botox to correct my eye asymmetry? And you know how Botox detractors say it leaves you unable to communicate emotion like a for-real human being?


P.S. I think this is the funniest problem I have ever had in my entire life (and also entirely my fault, because I forgot the cardinal rule of injecting poison into one's face: thou shalt not permit thineself to be distracted, lest thou endest up unable to smize).


Sorry, What?

The Renaissance Faire in San Jose

Renaissance Faire Downtown San Jose

Sometime around the end of 2015, I wrote a post in which I talked about just how much of a walking, talking, brain-free medical experiment you are in the months after you give birth, and my recent discovery that this situation unfortunately does not come to an end for...well, for a long time. I honestly have no idea how long it lasts, because I went straight from being a mess with one kid to being a mess with two kids, and I'm still a mess, and presumably I won't be at some point in the future, but for now?


That Time Donald Trump Wrote His Name On A Nine-Year-Old’s Face

Donald Trump wrote on a child's face with permanent marker


Pictured above is my grade-school friend Rachel at 9 years old, with Donald Trump's name written on her forehead. When this photo first popped up in my Facebook feed it gave me some serious pause, because I've known Rachel for a long time now, and I cannot imagine a universe in which this makes sense - even given the fact that this is a photo of her when she was in elementary school, and at the time Trump was only a real estate developer (if a polarizing one).

The story behind this photograph really needed to be shared, so I asked for Rachel's permission to share it here.


Home Run

san jose giants minor league baseball stadium

The first time I went to a minor league baseball game, I was ten million months pregnant, living in temporary housing in an unfamiliar city, and seeeeriously unexcited about spending a couple of hours parked on a hard bench watching other people drink beer (although I was very much excited about the garlic fries situation). Let's just say Kendrick had to do some convincing.

Flash forward two years, and I'm the one googling the San Jose Giants' schedule to make sure we get to a game or two every year, because let me tell you: minor league games are fun. They're all the good parts of major league games (hot dogs, beer in plastic cups, generalized camaraderie, possibly fireworks, et cetera et cetera) except hot dogs aren't eighteen dollars, the parking is across the street, not twenty miles and a shuttle bus away, and there are bouncy castles. With no lines, so your children can actually bounce on them. You just park, walk across the street, bounce a bunch, whack a few whiffleballs, grab some food, and go sit down wherever...because there is plenty of room.

Basically, going to a minor league baseball game feels like making a friend who really likes you and wants you to like them back, as opposed to trying to get to know that kid who's way popular and unattainable and such, and who you have to put a bunch of work into getting to know before you get to get to the part where you have fun.