Sartorial Joy, Ahoy

Nordstrom's annual anniversary sale best picks

Sick and tired of summer clothing yet? (Me neither.)

I'm about to make you feel way better about the approach of fall: Nordstrom's most massivest (yes that's a word) sale of the year has arrived, and it is even better than I thought it'd be (and I thought it'd be pretty freaking great).

Because I know you have better things to do than sit in front of a computer this weekend, I went ahead and did the deal-hunting for you. I culled through the entire sale (and trust me, there was a LOT of stuff to cull through) in search of the very best pieces at the very best prices...which means that now all you have to do is pick which boots or wrap coat or jeans you want to be the centerpiece of your fall wardrobe.


A Bathroom Tile Makeover…With Paint

how to make your bathroom tiles white with paint

Remember my little run-in with a full jar of gold leaf a few weeks ago? (Not one of my finest moments.)

But honestly? I wasn't all that upset about the fact that I'd just completely destroyed my floor with a permanent paint-splatter. Because I'd already decided that I was going to (finally) do something about the terrible, dark-grouted, 1970s-style tile in our master bathroom. And the solution that I'd come up with would mean that I'd be able to fix up the floor (which was tinted a lovely shade evoking a 1981 urinal) as no additional cost.

Stay with me.

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The Publicity Photo Mini-Makeover

SECOND_4 (1)

Love this photo...but mostly love this girl

While I was in the city last week, Erin and I decided to tick off one of our to-dos and shoot some photos to use for book publicity purposes – like for press releases and such, since people tend to request a photo to go along with the text. Obviously I’m not exactly in short supply in the photo department, but we strangely don’t have any shots of us together (save for one or two massively, massively awkward ones, which I love quite a lot but are mayyyybe not exactly what people are referring to when they request an “author photo”).

So we booked a photographer, chose outfits that were respectably non-clashing (I wore the same thing that I wore in this post because I shot both at the same time), and tried to stand next to each other and simultaneously look like normal-ish human beings (which is not as easy as you might think). First, though, we got our hair done, because who doesn’t want to have pretty hair for a photograph? Nobody, that’s who. And when you’re dealing with Manhattan-in-July heat and humidity, sometimes it’s nice to get some professional help.


I Gave My Daughter My Last Name, And This Is Why

The women in my family are great deniers of their own worth. They are whip-smart, loving but self-denigrating, victims of the circumstances of women generally for their respective times. My maternal grandmother was a college student when she got pregnant with my mother, and dropped out to raise a family. My father’s mother lived to serve others until the day she died, making virtuous practice of self-denial.

New Release: ‘Deep Blue Dream’ by Sabine

Sabine Deep Blue Dream with Francesca Vannucci photographed by Jordan Reid
A couple of months ago, I headed into the desert to shoot some images to accompany Sabine’s new release cowritten by Darian Zahedi, and I can finally share the song with you. Click through to check out ‘Deep Blue Dream’ on Soundcloud (where you can also download it from iTunes or listen to other songs by The Sabine), and see an exclusive first look at the cover image for the single. (THE IMAGE IS NSFW, so please be aware before clicking through.)

Riding In Cars With Kids (And Why I’m Not As Crazy As I Look)

how to day trip with kids stress free

(Relatively) stress-free day trips with kids are totally possible 

As a family, we are very, very bad at staying put. Even when we fly off to some faraway destination together, we have a tendency to hop into our rental car and explore other places –  even if it’s only for a few hours here and there. It's partially a desire to really get to know a place beyond what you might "expect" to see - but I think it's mostly just that we really love being in the car together.

But we do have two children under age five, and trust me: plenty of our friends have expressed confusion about the fact that my husband and I actively seek out time in the car. “But Jordan,” they ask, “isn’t that…kind of…the worst?”


Late To The Game

Ramshackle Glam by Jordan Reid instagram feed

IG : @ramshackleglam

Sometime around the beginning of high school, my father told me about this thing called the Internet and asked me to sit down so he could show it to me. I rolled my eyes and said it was obviously not going to be a thing, and besides, I had a Melrose Place to watch. 

Twenty or so years later, my manager and I were sitting together at lunch and she took my phone from me and physically downloaded Instagram from the app store, because despite the fact that most of my colleagues had signed up a solid two years earlier, I would never, ever have done it otherwise.