How To Wear Red, White & Blue (Without Looking Like An American Flag)

crocs style

Just because it’s not July 4th doesn’t mean you can’t wear red, white & blue. (I mean, if Reese Witherspoon can do it…right?) It’s tricky, though. If you’re trying to show just a touch of patriotism (or are simply into this particular color combination) but don’t feel like going the full-on Party Like You’re An American Flag route, here’s how to do it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.01.36 AM

- Build the outfit around a single color (red, white or blue – I went for blue here) and use the other two shades as accents.

- Stick to only one piece that’s all three colors (like these loafers) per outfit – this goes double if the piece in question is an actual American flag print.

- Speaking of American flag prints – these are for super-casual excursions only, so if beaches and beers aren’t on the menu look for pieces that incorporate the color trio in more sophisticated ways (small-print plaids and polka dots, stripes, et cetera).

- Incorporate black-and-white elements (like a striped tee, or the band on the hat pictured here).

- Add a little heather grey (like this tank) to soften up the other colors in the palette.

- Use accessories (chunky gold jewelry, scarves, hats and vests) to layer in texture and make the look feel a little less BBQ-only.

straw hat

crocs loafers

grey maternity tee

third trimester casual style

On Me: Georgette Blazer ℅ NYDJ; Splendid tank from Destination Maternity; Women’s Walu Canvas Loafer ℅ Crocs; Hat Attack fedora; Sunday Somewhere Yetti sunglasses; Folli Follie watch.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.49.58 PM

And That’s The End Of That

Cheersing with a milkshake

Cheersing with a milkshake

Just arrived in the mail: a check reimbursing me for the funds that I used to recover my website when it was stolen a few months back (this is the money that I wire transferred to the hacker who had taken my site via – who, I have to say, were amazing through all this – and then had frozen before he could cash it).

The truth is, I honestly didn’t expect to ever see this money again. I figured it would be tied up in legal channels more or less forever – and having this kind of resolution…it’s not only nice (obviously), it’s cathartic. The chances of this crazy situation working out the way it did – which is to say, well – were so unbelievably slim, and the fact that we were able to resolve it is such a testament to how much time and effort all the people involved put into helping me. I don’t just owe them a “thank you”; I owe them my livelihood, and my family’s security.

It’s such a good feeling to know that sometimes things really do turn out OK not “just because”…but because people care.

(If you missed this the first time around, read the full story here.)

Five Things I Totally Didn’t Need

On Monday, I wrote about five things I was really glad I brought along with me this summer.

Now, let’s talk what I lugged all the way across the country…only to have sit unused in my closet, making me crazy (because when I look at the items listed below, all I can see is the potential for Overweight Luggage fees coming my way upon our return trip).

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.07.35 AM

silver pumps

Fancy Anything. I didn’t pack cocktail dresses, obviously, but seriously: anything more dressed-up than jean shorts feels a little ridiculous out here (and especially given our summer agenda, which involves things like petting zoos and strawberry fields, not late-night parties at cool bars). Even something as barely-fancy as a structured day dress feels…I don’t know, like too much. And metallic pumps? I don’t think so. (I actually put the ones pictured above on for dinner in Saratoga last night just because I was so annoyed that I’d lugged them out here…and then had them off and my fringe booties back on five seconds later.)

AppleTV. How smart of us was it to think of bringing our AppleTV out here?! Smart. Less smart, however: not bringing the remote, which is the only way to make the thing function.

library books

Books. Making our son feel a sense of stability was my number-one priority when we arrived, so I made sure to pack a bunch of his favorite toys and books from home. One trip to the local library later, I realized we could have completely skipped this; I stocked our place with twenty or so children’s books (both old favorites and new finds)…plus two books for me (Mr. Mercedes and The Mists of Avalon, which I’ve read six or seven times but still feel like reading again). I didn’t grow up going to libraries much – they never felt as accessible in the city as they do now that we’re in a small town – but I’m such a convert. Library books are the best.

A Flat Iron. I had forgotten this from my L.A. days: my hair is DELICIOUS in California. The low humidity means that all I need is a quick blow-dry, and I’m good all day long – no bangs running off in weird directions thanks to the frizz. I love this so much.


Fussy Makeup. At home, I’m a big play-with-products person; I like trying out a weird eye shadow color, or a different blush, or a bright lipstick. Here, not so much: I’ve been sticking to my basic routine (MAC Studio Fix powder, a little blush and bronzer, Sephora liquid eyeliner, mascara, and Smith’s Rosebud Salve) pretty much every day. Except now I’ve added one more product to the Everyday Roster: eyebrow powder (I’m lazy, and this feels easier to apply than liner). I’ve always heard people saying what a big difference it makes, and so I started wearing it as an experiment, and now I feel totally naked without it. Who knew?!

Summer #Shelfie

Want to see what’s on my shelf out here in CA?


This, basically.

When traveling, my beauty product priorities are two-fold:

1) Maximize Multitasking. I’m a big product-experimenter, and love playing around with different formulas…but when I travel? No thanks: I’ll take exactly the items that I know I’ll actually use, no more and no less. And if those items pull double-duty (like the SPF-containing moisturizer), so much the better.

2) Minimize Lugging. I know we’ll acquire a bunch of stuff while we’re here, so when I was packing I tried to bring the exact amount of product that I anticipated actually using…that way I can just toss what’s left, if anything, at the end of the summer and free up some space in our already-overstuffed luggage.

A rundown of the items shown, from L to R:

1. Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne. Selected because I thought the shot-glass sized bottle was about two months’ worth of fragrance, so I won’t have to tote it back East.

2. Simple Skincare Eye Make-up Remover Pads. I stick these in my bag for day trips, and will also be bringing them with me to the hospital when It’s Time.

3. Bright-pink blush and medium-dark bronzer. These are summery shades, so I can use ‘em now…and lose ‘em come September.

4. First aid kit. Rather than bringing along individual boxes of everything I thought I might need, I packed medications, band-aids, and other necessities into a single travel-friendly case.

5. Simple Skincare Eye Make-up Remover. I figured two bottles would be exactly the amount I’d need for two months (I love this stuff so much I cannot tell you, and use it every single day), and based on what I’ve gone through so far it looks like I was right.

6. Simple Skincare Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15. I put this lightweight moisturizer on under my makeup every morning; it’s got a lovely, summer-friendly texture, and I can just add extra SPF on top if I’m headed to the beach or somewhere especially sunny.

7. Simple Skincare Nourishing 24 Hour Day/Night Cream. Super-soothing on my sensitive skin, and a nice pre-bedtime ritual (I use it on my son, as well, since it’s fragrance, paraben and additive-free).

8. Two classic Essie polishes. Clambake and Licorice, specifically.

Links & Love & Stuff

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 3.33.35 PM

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:)  These toddler sweatpants (12 mos-5 years) are phenomenal - soft, great fit, and on sale.

:)  My friend Nadine Jolie (whose blog is a daily must-read of mine) just created a very cool new Cosplay app for superhero fans – it’s a great way to check out the goings-on at Comic-Con. Check it out here.

:) Everything you need to know to open your very own hipster bar (via Caro).

:)  Who is buying J.Crew’s new XXXS clothes, deemed “a whole new level of crazy” by Racked? The reason why the company went in this direction may surprise you (via Gala).

:)  Affordable mid-century-style wall sconces, yes.

:)  This NY Mag article “Why Not Admit We Didn’t Wake Up Like This” lays out pretty clearly why everyone is so annoyed with sites like Goop and Preserve (Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site)…and positions Kim Kardashian, by contrast, as “refreshingly honest.”

:)  My high school classmate Kenji Alt (who writes Serious Eats) posted a description of Singapore’s signature breakfast that makes me want to get on a plane right now.


:)  I don’t think I’ve ever lusted over a toaster before. This line, Smeg, is ridiculously good (and includes the best refrigerator in the world, oh my).

:)  Completely perfect black work-to-weekend tote.

:)  This article about what a restaurant found out when it investigated why customers were complaining of “slow service” is depressing. Speaking of the over-use of cell phones (and especially phone cameras), I like this list of rules one mom gave to her teen along with his first phone. A lot of it is common sense, but there are some excellent reminders in there for all of us – not just teens.

:) Weed weddings are a thing??

:)  I could never in good conscience recommend spending this kind of money on a towel. But still. STILL.

:)  Best jeans? Best jeans.


:)  I am so excited that Taylor Swift confirmed my rock-solid belief that leggings can and should be worn as pants. With heels. And maybe with that top (I found it for you). I was never a huge fan of the ’50s-girlie thing she used to do, but her style lately, my goodness I like it.

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