On Break

lands end plaid

One especially fun thing about having a husband in business school: school breaks.

Remember those? They’re AMAZING. You get to sleep in and eat junk and have literally nothing to do except for catch up on House of Cards.

Except when you have kids, and then you don’t really get to do those things. But because Kendrick definitely deserves a little time-out, we’ve been finding ways to make these past few days feel like as much like a for-real vacation as possible: ordering in Chinese and pizza, watching lots of holiday movies, and going on little mini-dates that involve walks through our town and eating sushi at our favorite Dobbs Ferry restaurant.

What I wore for our mini-date yesterday: comfortable jeans and a floaty silk blouse paired with stacked-heel boots and what seriously might be the coolest vest EVER. It’s practical (600 fill down) and lightweight (read: highly packable for wintertime trips), which is nice…but obviously the reason I love it has nothing to do with practicality and everything to do with the fact that it looks like it just arrived from 1976.

lands end style

jordan reid lands end

ramshackle glam lands end

land end plaid vest

On Me: Lands’ End Plaid Down Vest; NYDJ Blouse; Zara Jeans; Nine West Boots (similar); Tom Ford Sunglasses; Vivienne Westwood Purse; Pendant c/o Lagos; Ippolita Lapis Earrings; Knit Head Wrap; Dogeared Double Finger Ring.

This post was created in collaboration with Lands’ End.

The Ramshackle Glam Gift Guide For Kids

christmas ornaments

Obviously the most fun list to put together, this list is a whole bunch of things that I feel confident my children would obsess over…plus a few items that the moms on your list will most certainly be into (gold Wookie slippers and ’70s-print headwraps, anyone?).

1. What. Are these. (Things that I can’t believe I don’t already own, that’s what they are.)

2. Every cool little girl needs a cool leather jacket (and this one is red, making it even cooler).

3. Take your kid’s lunchbox style up a notch or twenty with this vintage-inspired print.

4. If you have a new mom or a mom-to-be on your gift list, I insist you get her the 4Moms bathtub. For real: it’s the coolest product ever, and makes bathtime unbelievably easier (click here for my review).

5. For a boy, for a girl, for whoever: these sneakers are just super cool.

6. Our son is super into floor puzzles and dinosaurs, making this puzzle is a perfect storm of joy.

7. Ride-ons are always a big hit…but this retro scooter will be a big hit with parents, too, because it can double as decor and thus will not be banished to the basement/yard/attic between uses.

8. Haba fabric books make super-sweet gifts for newborns.

9. Tiny little broken-in motorcycle boots? OBVIOUSLY.

10. A globe…made out of chalkboard, so your child can create her own world.

11. A head-wreath is not something that your child will ever actually wear in real life (or at least not something that mine will), but if you can get her to leave on this wreath of butterflies, flowers and leaves for long enough to take a photo, that’s clearly a win.

12. What we got Indy for Christmas (ssh): a kid-friendly digital camera of his very own (because he’s shown a probably-not-unsurprising early interest in taking photos).

13. A baby blanket may seem like an obvious gift, but this one is crazy unique and completely awesome. I love it.

14. Baby (or little girl) headwrap! Obsessed with that ’70s print and palette.

15. For an extra-special little girl gift: her first pair of fancy earrings (with kid-friendly screwbacks and sizing).

16. My favorite thing about this graphic teepee is that my son would freak out over it. My second favorite thing about it is that I would, too, and I’d totally let it sit in our living room and double as decor.

17. Indy’s favorite recent acquisition: this drill set, which may not seem especially exciting but is good for hours and hours of intensely focused play. Go figure.

18. And finally: a growth chart that’s stylish enough that you won’t feel the need to hide it behind a closet door.

The Ramshackle Glam Gift Guide For Girls

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 8.23.34 PM

Presenting: a gift guide consisting mostly of stuff I just really like. We’ve got gifts on here for your best friend, for your mom, for your sister, and for your co-workers…plus a few things that you may want to send gentle hints about to your significant other (or just go ahead and pick up for yourself; it’s the holidays, and a little indulgence is totally acceptable).

1. Black leather gloves are always a good gift. When you add fringe, they are GREAT.

2. The sweetest bracelet-for-two ever (and totally acceptable for grownup BFFs).

3. A cape is very right-this-moment, but the shape and color of this one make it a classic.

4. Kendrick says he wishes he put this gramophone iPad amplifier in the Guy Gift Guide. Nothing like a gift that makes both halves of a couple happy.

5. For the apartment gardener: a totally unscrewupable (seriously, it could not be more low-maintenance) way to grow fresh basil.

6. Does anyone use a laptop desk? Not really. But I bet if they owned a fur one they would.

7. Cozy slipper socks make an excellent Secret Santa gift (or stocking stuffer).

8. Returning to the fact that fur on anything makes it better, I present to you: faux fur eye masks. YES.

9. Just the best blanket ever.

10. These asymmetrical Ben Amun earrings are holiday-perfect, with a delicate stud for one side and an ear crawler (that’s actually what it’s called; I looked it up) for the other.

11. We already know I have quite the thing for Stuart Weitzman boots. These? Have FRINGE. (They’re also eight hundred dollars, but maybe you’re in the market for a little luxury, who knows?)

12. In the more affordable (but still very chic) footwear category: a pair of jelly slides inspired by the classic Jack Rogers style made famous by Jackie O (great for the lucky girl who’s headed off for a tropical vacation this winter).

13. Simple studs are a universal crowd-pleaser, and this bolt-inspired pair is extra cool.

14. Buying makeup for someone else can be tricky, but Chantecaille’s lip glosses are flattering on everyone and luxurious enough to be gift-able.

15. For your best friend or mom: a pair of initial earrings she can wear everyday, with everything.

Thanksgiving Side Dish: Citrusy Quinoa Salad With Pomegranates And Cranberries

quinoa cranberry salad

I don’t typically pepper my diet with items that could be referred to as “superfoods.” I mean, I know I should, but I just…don’t. Because when I hear “healthy grain” what that translates to in my head is “cardboard.” And cardboard is not especially delicious.

But the thing about these superfoods – and quinoa, which is full of protein, fiber, iron, and lysine (essential for tissue growth and repair, making it a big skin-health booster) in particular – is that while they may not be something you’d want to eat a huge bowl of on their own, they’re excellent delivery systems for much more delicious things. My favorite additions: a citrusy vinaigrette and an assortment of fruits (antioxidant-rich pomegranate seeds and cranberries and vitamin C-filled orange) that are both good-tasting and good for you.

Bonus: this makes for a very, very pretty autumnal side dish, and an unexpected (and super-healthy) addition to your Thanksgiving table.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.26.16 AM

What You Need:

1 cups dry quinoa

2 cups water

1 cup orange juice

½ tsp lemon juice

2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

½ cup dried cranberries

½ cup pomegranate seeds

½ cup orange slices, cut in half (or use mandarin oranges)

2 tbsp fresh chopped mint

Sea salt

What You Do:

  1. In a medium saucepan, combine quinoa, water, and a pinch of salt. Bring to a boil, then cover and turn down heat. Simmer for about 15 minutes (or according to package instructions), then remove cover and fluff with a fork. Set quinoa aside to cool.
  1. Meanwhile, simmer the orange juice until it reduces by half. Let cool, then whisk in the olive oil and lemon juice.
  1. In a large serving bowl, toss together quinoa, dressing, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, orange slices, mint, and salt to taste. Serve chilled.

quinoa pomegranate salad

citrus quinoa

quinoa salad

‘Tis The Season

christmas decorating

It’s heeeere!

This holiday season is basically Intense Emotions Central around le casa de Reid-Strauch: between the fact that it’s Goldie’s first Christmas ever and the fact that it’s our last Christmas in our first house (and our last Christmas on the East Coast for the foreseeable future)…

–> emotions.

All of them.

So this holiday season is about to get milked for all it’s worth. Trips to Rockefeller Center, excursions to holiday fairs, ice skating, cookie-baking…it’s all happening, starting with The Grand Tree Decorating. (Which was slightly less grand this year because apparently the box with all our favorite ornaments was lost to our little incident last summer. No matter, though: it’s just stuff, and gives us an excuse to hit up the Christmas shop in Nyack for more ornaments next weekend.)

I may even craft. (We’ll see.)

setting up tree

christmas tree setup

This part was like the start of a very bad joke: how many fully-grown adults (and partially-grown children) does it take to locate a Christmas tree plug?

(This is the tree we went for, by the way; I really like it if you’re in the market – the faux water droplets on the ends of the branches aren’t nearly as tacky as they sound and add some nice sparkle. Also, while it was quite expensive for me it will not be nearly as expensive for you, because it just went hugely on sale.)

christmas carols

Anyway, we eventually got it lit. And decorated.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.43.53 AM

(Somebody borrowed Mommy’s Santa hat.)


On me: Sanctuary Denim shirt (similar); Heathered Easy-On Shoe ℅ Crocs; Hanes Leggings; Leopard Santa Hat.

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