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Pure Grace and Elegance

Hatch Dress (yes, it's maternity; no, I'm not pregnant) | Sunglasses | Sandals | J. Crew Purse

See how this dress is pretty demure? Yeah, yeah, it's short, I know, but it has that high neck and that loose fit and those mid-length sleeves, so it's always made me feel genteel and graceful, like someone who'd carry a structured handbag and who probably stores her hats in actual hatboxes as opposed to where I store mine, which is in a stack on the floor of my closet, underneath my cat.

It turns out that even a dress this pretty and demure stops being pretty and demure in certain situations. Like, say, when you are spread-eagled on top of a pile of rocks and wet sand (mud), having just been dropped from really quite a significant height by your husband, and especially when the rocks and wet sand (mud) that you have found yourself laying on top of happen to be located directly in front of a restaurant where all the patrons are seated facing towards the beach, making the precise spot where your husband deposited you effectively a stage upon which you now find yourself performing the grand old tragicomic classic, "Hey Everyone, Check Out My Underpants!"


Mother’s Day Giveaway: The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People (And More, Of Course)

In celebration of THE BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR (which, in case anyone named Kendrick has forgotten, is on SUNDAY, MAY 13)...a giveaway for you! What you can win (and there are lots and lots of ways to enter, so make sure to check them all out below):

Yay Mother's Day! Yay giveaways! Yay spring! Yay.

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The Most Fabulous (And Flattering) One-Piece Swimsuits For Summer 2018

Summersalt Swimsuit; Similar (very on sale) Towel

It was 75 and sunny yesterday, so I have officially decided to start writing about summer and summer-related things, like beach attire. Mostly because I'm bored of talking about - and wearing - sweatpants.

Can we all agree that it is WONDERFUL that one-piece swimsuits are not only "back," but so back that it seems like amazing new styles are coming out every single day, and in every single price range? I'm not in an especially stomach-baring mood - for whatever reason my surgery completely destroyed any muscle tone I might have had, and that plus paleness is making me a little shy at the moment - but even if I was, I'd wear these anyway (and plan to, starting on Cinco de Mayo, which will find me poolside even if it's fifty degrees out).


Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas, Apples & Feta

In this post: Noritake Blue Hammock Dinnerware; Hearth & Hand Table Runner

While I was in the Caymans with my parents, I developed a burning desire for salads. I know: weird. But I couldn't get enough of them; I ordered salad a minimum of once a day while I was there, and usually twice. (Granted, it was usually Caesar salad that I was ordering, so please try not to be too impressed by my virtuousness. But still: salad!)

This sudden craving for leaves - which continued after I returned home, and continues still - is bizarre enough that I should probably consider the possibility that it results from a hormonal imbalance or some other shift in my biological makeup. I mean, yesterday I made this quinoa salad from a reader-submitted recipe (thank you, Anya!) and I'd already eaten lunch, so I planned to photograph it, take a bite or two so I'd have something to say about it, and put the rest into the refrigerator for the next day...but then I couldn't stop eating it.

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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide That Has Nothing To Do With Being A Mother

This Mother's Day, you know what I want? Something that has absolutely nothing to do with my children or my status as a parent. In other words: if there is an item that explicitly expresses the belief that I am the best mother in the world, I do not need to own it. What I need is confirmation of this fact via jewelry and/or the elimination of muscle tension.

In case you're looking for some inspiration, or just need a handy link to forward to the person in your own life who definitely should be reminded that Mother's Day is SUNDAY, MAY 13, and that you are perfect and spectacular and eminently deserving of presents and mimosas in bed (write it down, set an alarm, make it happen)...

Here you go.


It’s Supplementary

You will actually never guess what's in that glass. 

Before having children, poop (and situations related to poop) was not a topic I was particularly fond of discussing in public. And then I had children, and now I talk about it (and deal with it) multiple times each and every day of my life. My kids’ poop. My dogs’ poop. My cats’ poop. My poop!



How To Incorporate Stained Glass Into Your Home Decor

Our bathroom is a dark, depressing cave. Both of them are, actually. When I decided to renovate them (and yes, I decided to renovate both of them at the same time, OBVIOUSLY, because why have one non-functioning toilet when you can have two?! WHEEEEEE), one of my major goals was to make them feel...well, like places I wanted to spend time in. As opposed to dark, depressing caves.

Which is to say: there is, at present, a large hole in our bathroom wall.

Before & After Renovations

Tiny, Easy Update: Hallway Accent Wall

My hallway before I made it awesome.

I painted my hallway green before we moved into our house (or even saw it in person). I did this to a lot of things in my house, actually - painted them, tore them out, replaced them, et cetera - before we first stepped foot in it, because we bought it over FaceTime and I wanted to get as many of the bigger projects as possible done before we drove across the country and had to actually live in the place.

Sometimes this remodeling-via-WiFi turned out pretty well for me - with our light-grey floors, for example, which I continue to love - but the green hallway I regretted almost instantly. The color, which I'd envisioned as a cool mint, was a touch pea-soup-y in the non-existent light, and worked much better in my daughter's room - the spot I'd initially chosen it for.


October In The Redwoods: A MTHR Collective Retreat

Happy Thursday! I wanted to tell you guys about something I'm doing this October, on the off chance that some of you might be interested in attending a weekend of yoga, meditation, essential oil workshops, vintage Airstreams and such in California's Wine Country (I know; it sounds terrible). MTHR Collective's 4-day, 3-night retreat in Russian River - at which I'll be one of the speakers - is specifically for mothers who are interested in exploring their creativity in an intimate, informal environment...that just so happens to also be one of the coolest campgrounds (if you can even call it that) I've ever seen.

What the long weekend - October 11-14, 2018 - includes*:

  • 3 nights in a luxury tent or vintage Airstream
  • All food and drinks
  • Guided meditation and morning yoga
  • Oils workshop
  • Maker's Pop-Up (where you can bring your own work to showcase or simply browse others')
  • Campfire chats (!)
  • A portrait session for those in need of new marketing imagery (or just because getting your photo professionally taken is fun sometimes)
  • An actual, written-down-so-it's-official 10PM "Lights Out." And you better believe this is my favorite part.

*Aside from speaking at the retreat, I'm not affiliated with or sponsored by MTHR Collective, just FYI.

My Looks

Wild Horses

Dress | Cropped Sweater (similar) | Sunglasses | Boots (similar)

Am I showing my age when I tell you that Reese Witherspoon and Marky Mark (who I'm preeeeetty sure was still called Marky Mark at the time, and if he wasn't, he should have been) in Fear were like the ultimate in hot couples? You know - spoiler alert - prior to him going insane and killing her dog and trying to kill her family, I mean.

The rollercoaster scene, oh my god. I am sitting alone in front of my computer and blushing at this very moment.