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Camilla Confetti Frame Chain | The Drift Handmade Ring

You know how you're always either hanging your glasses off the front of your shirt (and then bending over and having them slide out and break, blech), or just putting them down somewhere and just losing them altogether? Me, too. You need to know about Rakas frame chains (which also happen to be unexpectedly adorable).

When I wrote about my rediscovered fascination with press-on nails, a reader recommended I check out Static Nails, and YES. I have these on my fingertips right now and could not be more obsessed.


I Think It’s Just What We Needed

Omni Hotel & Resort | Rancho Las Palmas

I chose the location for our mini Spring Break-within-a-Spring-Break more or less randomly: I googled "best hotels for families in Southern California," which led me to learn about what a Lazy River was, which led me to the website for the Omni Hotel in Rancho Las Palmas - right outside Palm Springs, and just a three-hour drive from our house.

So I booked two nights at the Omni, and now I am going to tell you all about this place, because it's glorious. I had such a good time, in fact, that I took only a handful of photos - hence the sadly sparse photo coverage below. But I think, on balance, that speaks (very) well for the place.


A Sign, If I Ever Saw One

I'm in Palm Springs for two days with my kids - the "vacation" part of our Spring Break. I woke up early to get a few emails out before they wake up, but just sat down at the desk to find a computer with 1% battery, and a phone with not much more.

Did I remember to bring chargers? Like, any of them?

I did not.


My Box Shop: The Toxin-Free Period Subscription Service Of Your Dreams

rag & bone pajama top | Current/Elliot jeans

Tampons are down there in the rankings of "Things I enjoy buying" with sports bras and antibacterial hand soap. I know it's not a big deal to buy them; I know next time I want them I will very much wish I had thought ahead; I just hate doing it. And what that means is that I do the "fffffff I'm out of tampons" dance on the regular (you know exactly the one I'm talking about).

File my new discovery under "How did this not occur to me (or everyone) before?"


Noritake’s New ColorTex Dinnerware Gives Me All The Beachy Feels

Reformation Maxi Dress

I’ve been mixing and matching Noritake’s dinnerware for years - my first collaboration with them dates back to my Upper East Side days (#memories) - but my adoration of their new collection is so complete that I wanted to showcase this one solo. It’s just so simple and sculptural and fresh-feeling - and I’m obsessed with the fact that all the pieces are modular, with each plate being matched in size to serve as a lid for one of the bowls (coooool). 

The best thing about the ColorTex dinnerware, though, is how versatile it is: You can dress it up, dress it down, and make it feel seasonally appropriate whether it’s snowing or sunny. What I decided to do here: Create a simple beach-inspired tablescape using whatever beachy bits and bobs I had laying around - some driftwood, shells, and little vintage candleholders that I use as miniature vases - and layer the dishes in whatever ways made sense for each person sitting at the table. 

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