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A Little Bit Like Magic

This girl never gets sick. I mean it: never. She’ll occasionally do something like throw up out of nowhere, with literally zero warning (which is, as you can imagine, wildly exciting) - but then five seconds later she’ll be A-OK and back to bouncing around like a maniac.

“Are you ok?!”



New Release: Gray Malin at the Coral Casino

I've been looking for an excuse to post these images from Gray Malin's brand-new Coral Casino collection (first seen and obsessed over during my stop into his office last time I was in LA), and I can't find one. So apropos of nothing, really (apart from the fact that I guess they're semi-thematic, being as I am currently on a scuba diving trip and there is water in these shots, too)...

Here are my favorites. (Oh that beachball one.)

P.S. You get 20% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter, just saying.


Carnival Cruisin’: A Cruise Virgin’s Review

The Pro Portrait Studio was clearly money well spent.

I have never been on a cruise. This is mostly, I think, because I grew up with parents who - based on literally zero first-hand experience - were absolutely positive that cruises were terrible in every way. And so I, too, spent more than three decades believing in the depths of my soul that cruises were, indeed, terrible, and swore that I would never waste my hard-earned money on one. And then one day a few months ago, a friend of mine explained cruises to me in the following way:

“They’re like Club Med,” she said. “But on a boat.”


Why HELLO There

Well HELLO there. Long time no see.

I’d like to say that I was all zen and “well, there’s nothing I can do about the total and utter absence of communication with the outside, Internet-having world” that I probably should have expected to have for the past few days - being, you know, in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN - but nope: I was a lunatic about it, and spent a minimum of two hours every day wandering aimlessly around the ship and riding glass elevators up and down from the bar at the bottom of the ship to the bar at the top of the ship, desperately seeking a spot that would let me do anything at all other than watch the rainbow wheel of death take another spin around my screen. Every time I saw a person whose WiFi appeared to be working, I hated them, even if they were a sweet old grandma.

I tried to be all chilled-out and it’s good to get off the grid; I’m on vacation!, I swear - but every time I got even a whisper of service all it did was let me see tiny glimpses of things like important client emails, or contractor updates, or massive Anthropologie sale alerts (kidding, kidding; Anthropologie’s sales are never massive). So I’d see these glimpses and become vaguely aware of their existence…and then, like the devil himself, the Oceanic Internet would SNATCH THEM AWAY.