A Very Ramshackle Glam Holiday

Well, THIS is fun!

Duckbill - the personal assistant service I've been going on and on about these past few months - has started offering "bundles": Basically, groups of related tasks that you can request to have completed all at once. And! They invited me to create my own little holiday bundle - aptly titled A Very Ramshackle Glam Holiday - with everything from book recommendations to read by the fire, tablescape ideas using whatever you've got around the house, festive-but-uncomplicated beauty picks, and more.

You can sign up for a free month of the service using code RAMSHACKLE, and request my The Very Ramshackle Glam Holiday bundle here.


The Ramshackle Glam Gift Guide for Teacher People 2023

I get a little stressed out about what to do for my kids' teachers around the holidays. I want to make sure that they all feel appreciated…but I also very much don’t want to offend anyone (by, say, skipping someone I really should have given a gift to, or giving something that I think is thoughtful but that isn’t especially welcome).

So I went straight to the source, and asked a former elementary school teacher, Olivia (now the founder of Fresh Starts Registry) to tell me the honest truth about teachers and holiday gift-giving.

P.S. It goes without saying that the number one gift pick for teacher people, IMO, is this.


10 Ideas For Locating Your Christmas Spirit

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Christmas is almost heeeeeeeere! (Ok, there's still about a week to go, but I have two children who are doing an excellent job at keeping me posted on exactly how many days we have until Christmas. We're talking hourly updates.)

I always have a bit of a rough time getting into the Christmas spirit, and this year is something extra. I want to be all blissed-out in front of a fireplace, feeling cozy and joyful and safe, but it's 70 degrees outside and the world is falling apart around our ears and there's so much to do every day that fireplace bliss doesn't feel like a solid use of my time, and...

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