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@extraontop drew me in my natural habitat. Love it; love her; love her work.

Serious question: I'm working on an interesting new project, and am hoping to connect with people who may have worked with or for Ivanka Trump's company at any point in the past (in any context at all). If you or someone you know fits the bill and would be willing to chat - anonymously, if preferred - I'd really love to connect. (You can email me at

NYT food columnist Melissa Clark on her morning routine: "I don’t do yoga, I don’t have a restorative turmeric beverage and I don’t do any meditation." I want to be friends with this woman. (How I Get It Done: Melissa Clark, via The Cut)


Totally Cool With You Calling Me Crazy

emergency preparation kits and how to put one together

Maybe time to toss those rose-colored glasses? (via)

OK, so warning: this post is going to sound very "end of times," and perhaps more than a little...ah, crazy. But bear with me, because I'm not going to tell you to invest in an underground bunker (obviously I already looked into this, and alas, they're distressingly hard to come by, not to mention really quite pricey).

Truth: in my heart of hearts (and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary), I do not believe that anything really bad - in the vein of a serious natural disaster or a terrorist attack - can actually happen to me. Because, of course, I am invincible. And even if something did happen, everything would probably be fine in the end...right? Isn't that how it works?


Cracking Up: The Story of My Divorce (Part One)

Very few people are capable of talking openly and honestly about crises in their lives, and even fewer are willing to explore these crises while they're in the thick of them. This has always been a particular sticking point for me: I've never been able to write about a major issue in my life until it has been resolved. It makes me feel too vulnerable. 

My friend EB is braver than I am, and offered to tell the story of her divorce even as it's unfolding.

- Jordan


Links & Love & Stuff

How great is that suit?!?! Summersalt - the swimwear company I've posted about a few times lately (they make eco-friendly styles that are all under $95) - just began offering The Pack: a service that lets you order up to four suits, try them on in your own home minus the horrifying overhead fluorescent lights, and then return whatever you don't want (you only pay for what you keep).

New sneaker obsession: Joshua Sanders. Pom-poms! (Here's a pair on sale if you get lucky with your sizing, and here's a more affordable version.)

"My husband is a good man, and a good feminist ally...He said he’d try to do more cleaning around the house to help me out. He restated that all I ever needed to do was ask him for help, but therein lies the problem. I don't want to micromanage housework. I want a partner with equal initiative." This this this this this SO MUCH THIS. If you are a woman in a partnership with a man, read this article immediately. (Women Aren't Nags - We're Just Fed Up, via Harper's Bazaar.)


A Few Pretty Great Things

Last night, I had an extremely long and involved dream about chocolate milk. I really, really wanted some, you see - like, needed some - but I was at my mom and dad's place, and they didn't have any. I was sitting with my mom at her dining room table absolutely panicking about how I was going to go about finding some chocolate milk, because it was an actual emergency, and you know what happened next?

I woke up, still upset about the chocolate milk situation, and then - in an single, glorious flash - remembered that I am an adult now, that I live in my own house, and that I always keep chocolate milk in the refrigerator. So I got out of bed, wandered through my pitch-black house, and stood in front of the refrigerator drinking chocolate milk straight out of the carton.

That was pretty great.