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Book: Dropped.

Aaaaaaaand: It's out! As of this morning, you can buy a copy of The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People here and here and here and here. You can buy it  here and here if you live in the U.K., and here if you speak Polish, and someone is selling it on eBay (which makes no sense because it only came out two hours ago but that's okay) and someone else is making YouTube videos about it set to a way-chillaxed slow jams soundtrack. (Please be aware that that last discovery just made my day.)

In short: You can find TBFAB anywhere books are sold, both online and out there in the real world, where you have to interact with people and stuff. (Hey, remember Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail?! Go to your local bookstore and make Meg Ryan's day.)

I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I saw that this is without a doubt my favorite project I have ever worked on. And - am I allowed to say this? - it mayyyyyyyyy also be one of the funniest books about pregnancy ever, thanks entirely to my impossibly hilarious coauthor Erin Williams, and an editorial team that was inexplicably willing to let us curse like sailors in a book about unborn babies. Also, the cover art includes Ice T, Alexander Hamilton, Sinead O'Connor, the Olympic gymnast who was Not Impressed, and that jackass who cut you off in traffic because he was talking on his Bluetooth. All of this seems to me like a very good thing.


Next Week In NYC: Book Tour, Whee!

For those of you in the NYC area: I wanted to post some information on what Erin and I will be up to next week, in case any of the events sound like something you'd want to come to (which obviously would make me the happiest ever).

Thursday 4/27 at 7PM: Housing Works Panel, "Writers on Pregnancy & Parenting" (Manhattan, N.Y.)

The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People officially comes out next Tuesday (!!!!! dying), and on Thursday at 7pm Erin and I will be appearing at a panel at Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe (a super cool venue, for those of you who haven't been there before). We'll be there with phenomenally successful writers (and generally fascinating women) Emily Gould and Ylonda Gault Caviness to talk about what it's like to be a writer and a mother. I have a feeling it'll be a hell of a discussion, and I'd so love to see you there.


Some (Very) Bad Takes On Some Pretty Cool Trends

Love the look, but methinks the coat is only cute on Gigi.

There are few things more fun than looking at truly terrible interpretations of the latest runway trends. Below, a few of my personal favorite you-probably-should-not-wear-this finds from the new spring a take on each trend that you might actually be into (just click the "Shop" button under each image to see how I'd wear the look).


Just A Few Tattoos

The stories behind all my tattoos are here, if you're interested.

I'm not particularly feeling a new tattoo at the moment - I went through a rash of tattoo-and-piercing-getting a few months back, and think I probably need to slow it down for a minute - but I'm always thinking about what I might want my next one to be. And since my birthday gift to my dad was a session with an amazing NYC tattoo artist (which ahem ahem ahem I kind of thought was the coolest gift ever), I spent a lot of time scrolling around on the internet helping him search for ideas. In the process, I found oh, so many ones that weren't quiiiiite what Dad had in mind - he ended up going for a fine-line drawing of his 1963 Fender bass guitar - but that I saved to my Pinterest anyway. You know, for later.

...And now I kind of want a new tattoo.