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Me and my hair and that dress I said you should buy the other day.

You know how I've been collaborating with Rogaine for awhile now? A big part of the reason I partnered with them was because the stigma surrounding women and hair loss is, like most stigmas, unnecessary and damaging. Thinning hair can be embarrassing, sure (speaking from experience)...but it’s also Completely. Normal. Click here for a link to a special offer from Rite Aid if you'd like to try Rogaine for yourself.

Ugh, now I want new pajamas. (The rainbow stripe ones, obvi.)


The Next Book! (And A Question For You About The NEXT One)

Presenting: the cover of The Big Activity Book for Anxious People, coming from Tarcher Perigee in May. I literally could not be more excited for this one to come out, and am already thinking ahead, because it takes six thousand years for books to go to print, so I might as well start percolating on the next one now.

Which brings me to my question for you: What kind of activity book would you like to see next? One for Awesome Women? One for those in need of a Digital Detox? One for The Newly Separated (ahem)? ...One I haven't even thought of, but is completely genius and snags you a big old thank you in the book acknowledgements, and also my eternal gratitude?


Just A Little Career Evolution

As a wise woman once said: Let's do the damn thing.

...Because why change just one part of your life, when you can change them all? Simultaneously!

So here's my news for today: I'm starting (technically *have* started) a new business strategizing and developing content for consumer brands. I've been circling the idea of pulling the trigger on this for a long time - a couple of years, at least - and finally decided to go ahead and do it. And I have to say: I'm PSYCHED. Because RG has been my focus for nearly a decade now, and I love it so, but I also feel like I've learned a whole lot from running this site, and it's time to expand and learn something new.


Come Glamp With Me

For those of you who've thought about coming to the MTHR Collective retreat this October, excellent news: they're having a flash sale through Friday night offering Bunkmate Passes (basically: bring a friend to bunk with in a luxury Airstream settled in the Northern California redwood forest, and save money).

As a recap: MTHR Collective’s 4-day, 3-night retreat in Russian River – at which I’ll be one of the speakers – is specifically for mothers who are interested in exploring their creativity in an intimate, informal environment…that just so happens to also be one of the coolest campgrounds (if you can even call it that) I’ve ever seen.

What the long weekend – October 11-14, 2018 – includes:

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