Noritake’s New ColorTex Dinnerware Gives Me All The Beachy Feels

Reformation Maxi Dress

I’ve been mixing and matching Noritake’s dinnerware for years - my first collaboration with them dates back to my Upper East Side days (#memories) - but my adoration of their new collection is so complete that I wanted to showcase this one solo. It’s just so simple and sculptural and fresh-feeling - and I’m obsessed with the fact that all the pieces are modular, with each plate being matched in size to serve as a lid for one of the bowls (coooool). 

The best thing about the ColorTex dinnerware, though, is how versatile it is: You can dress it up, dress it down, and make it feel seasonally appropriate whether it’s snowing or sunny. What I decided to do here: Create a simple beach-inspired tablescape using whatever beachy bits and bobs I had laying around - some driftwood, shells, and little vintage candleholders that I use as miniature vases - and layer the dishes in whatever ways made sense for each person sitting at the table. 


The Five Products You Absolutely Need To Own If You Travel, Like, Ever

The Trtl Pillow

Alright, so confession: This pillow is 99% of the reason this post is being written. YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT. (But then I realized that a Travel Essentials post sounds like a better idea than a You Need To Know About This Pillow post, hence the four other truly phenomenal items listed down there.)

Let's get to it.


The Big Activity Book For Anxious People…Now Available For Preorder!

“Smart, sassy, and absolutely genius.”*—Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Is This Tomorrow

These days, anxiety is simply part of the human experience. That's unfortunate, but on the plus side, the second book in the Big Activity Book series - The Big Activity Book for Anxious People - is now available for preorder! (The first book in the series, if my 10,000 mentions over the years slipped past you, is The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People, now in its SIXTH PRINTING - what?!! - and the third is in the process of being written right this very moment.)

Part journal, part coloring book, part compilation of weird coping mechanisms, and part compendium of soothing facts, The Big Activity Book for Anxious People is an outlet for anyone who wants to take a break from reality, laugh through their fears, and realize with every page that they're not alone. It's also there to help you figure out what to do when it’s 3AM and you're wide awake worrying about whether you cc’ed the right “Bob” on that email. (You did. Probably.)


Links & Love & Stuff

Reblonding at Chris McMillan

Supporting evidence for my ongoing insistence that you should try Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: this photo. Spoiler: My skin does not look like this when I wake up in the morning. (I wear shade 5.5, if that's helpful.)

For those of you with elementary school-aged kids: My son just tore through the Goosebumps and Press Start series, and is moving on to the Notebook of Doom series, which came highly recommended by a friend. Any other really great early reader series recommendations would be amazing, if you have them!

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