Influencer Scandals, Horrifying Search Histories, and Drunk Amazon Purchases (And More!)

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In last night's virtual book party hosted by Diesel Bookstore, Jamie Stone and I got into alllll the fun topics - and it was live and broadcast from my kitchen, so you know shit went wrong (omg my dog, omg my children). Check it out above (you can easily sign in using Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter if you don't want to register with Crowdcast).


How To Stay Online Without Losing Your Sanity

The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox is out TODAY! 

Like so many of us these days, I am in the midst of a love affair with my phone. It’s gone from being a source of guilt—thank you, screen time app, for letting me know that I spend hours every day staring at Instagram accounts starring overweight cats and various Jenners—to my lifeline to the world.

But just because technology is proving itself to be an uplifting—even vital—way for us to get through the current moment doesn’t mean that being dialed in 100% of the time doesn’t have a con or fifty. To put it in context, a hundred years ago our brains were just starting to handle the idea that we could move at a speed faster than “horse.” Fast forward to now, and we’re holding virtually unlimited information in the palms of our wildly unqualified little hands, printing 3-D body parts, and diving into the ocean from our living rooms. 


Come To My Virtual Book Launch Event!

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This Thursday at 6:30PM PST, I'll be live on Crowdcast for a chat hosted by Diesel Bookstore and hosted by the charming, hilarious OG beauty blogger Jamie Stone (she and I go wayyyyy back to 2009, when we were both running around to various events reviewing lip glosses and such). The topic: My new book cowritten with Erin Williams, The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox,...which comes out TOMORROW (eeee!).

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