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Why HELLO THERE. #Dying (46 Things That Made Me Say, 'Why Don't I Own That Already?' via Buzzfeed.)

Mott & Bow's hi-rise stretch jeans are actually, literally perfect (lightweight, comfortable, amaaaazing cut), and actually, literally maybe the only thing you'll wear all autumn (and winter, and year) long. Could not recommend more highly. Go for the dark grey raw hem.

Currently test-running Mesolyft's microneedling pen, and I am into it. It doesn't hurt - promise; it's a little prickly but not painful - and I feel like my skin texture improved almost immediately.


Don’t Make Kids Feel Bad For Growing Up

Especially when helping them grow older is literally our job.

by Claire Zulkey

I saw a post in my Facebook feed not long ago featuring a mother asking for ideas as she put together a bakery-themed “Donut grow up” party for her daughter. It was the child’s first birthday. I thought—oh. Baby’s first guilt trip.

I personally can’t imagine wanting a child to remain 1. I think it’s the hardest age, combining physicality with lack of rationality. But aside from that, I don’t identify with the parental notion that children must be frozen in time, and anything less is a tragedy. Life has gotten easier as my boys get older. To shed the paraphernalia of babyhood, to gain back time and energy as my kids get old enough to pitch in, to lower my guard more in public places— it feels like an achievement.

Yet there are classic tales, new and old, wherein a child leaving the nursery is seen as a tragedy: Peter Pan, TheVelveteen Rabbit, Toy Story, Inside Out, The Polar Express. The moral of these stories, to quote The Breakfast Club, is that when you grow old, your heart dies.


Everything You Need to Get In That Halloween-y State Of Mind

This year, the Halloween plan is four all four of us to do...something. Involving trick-or-treating. (I know; I've given it a lot of thought.) Our son will be Wolverine, and our daughter will be Lydia Deetz, and I will maybe be a gumball machine (more on that later) but will probably be a cat.

Before we get to the roundup of all the things you need to get yourself into the spirit of the season, let's do a little retrospective of Halloweens from Years Past.


When You Pull The Death Card

Tarot Contributor Jessica Jernigan talks daily rituals...and why Death can be our friend.

Drawing a single card each day can be an enormously helpful morning ritual. This practice invites you to slow down for a few minutes and check in with yourself before you embark on the day ahead. 

That, all by itself, is powerful. 

You might discover that the card you pull in the morning provides a set of metaphors that give symbolic shape to your day. And if you’re interested in developing a deep relationship with Tarot, this is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the cards. 

While you’re getting to know a card a day, I’ll be introducing you to a card each month - but it's important to keep in mind that the interpretations I offer aren’t intended to be definitive. I’m sharing what I know about Tarot in the hope that you will want to get to know Tarot yourself. And, in any case, my own relationship with Tarot is ever-evolving; if I didn’t keep learning about the cards each time I draw them I would have gotten bored with Tarot by now. The analyses I’ll be offering are simply distillations of what I know about each card right now, along with some questions you might ask yourself when faced with that card yourself. 

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