The Ramshackle Glam Gift Guide For Kids (That Parents Won’t Hate)

I can be very Grinchy when it comes to my kids' toys. It's one of those "Well, when I was a kid..." things - because when I was a kid, you know what I had? A cabinet for my toys, and exactly the number of toys that could fit into that cabinet. Maybe it was the fact that we lived in a small apartment or maybe my parents were just Grinchy, too, but I'm totally of the school of thought that when it comes to toys, less is more. You spend more time with each one; you get more creative with how you play; you create actual relationships between yourself and your possessions, a la the Velveteen Rabbit (sob).

Which means that the overflow of stuff that my kids get every Christmas, what with the multiple Christmases celebrated at multiple locations throughout the country with multiple pockets of relatives makes me, like I said...



This Holiday Season, Make Space For Solitude

Tarot contributor Jessica explains why the holiday season is the perfect time to go deep - even to the places that you fear the most.

If your life is anything like mine, Halloween kicks off a couple of months of festive decorating and nonstop socializing. It makes sense that we want to gather with friends and family to beat back the long, cold nights with hot toddies and tinsel, but I'd like to encourage you to carve out some time and space for quiet solitude. Since I’m a bit of an introvert, this is just a necessary part of self-care for me.

There’s more to my suggestion than that, though. Winter is the perfect time to cultivate—or rekindle, or rehabilitate—a relationship with darkness and silence. 

Let The High Priestess be your guide. The third card in the Major Arcana, The High Priestess is unafraid to travel wherever her search for knowledge takes her. She trusts her own inner wisdom, and it’s through knowing herself that she gets to know the universe. 


The Work At Home Mom Gift Guide (AnyMom-Approved)

Hi all, RG Editorial Director Olivia here! I've been running my own business from my kitchen table for the better part of a decade now, so I've grown quite accustomed to the work-from-home lifestyle. I love working from home, but often find myself wearing the same black leggings and Old Navy sweatshirts day in and out, so I've rounded up some of my personal fave work at home outfits, plus a few accessories that make working from the kitchen table a little more...elevated? Sure.

Little caveat: These products also make great gifts for any mom in your life - because for real, is there anything better than rocking some cute slug-life clothing to school pick up? There is not. (Jordan can attest to this.)

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