Five Friday Favorites from Olivia

Hey everyone, Ramshackle Glam's Editorial Director, Olivia here, and happy Friday! Jordan is finishing up her week at the digital detox and I figured I would pop in and share some of my favorite stuffs from the week. What are you digging lately? I'm always on the hunt for new podcasts, so leave your current fave in the comments, plz.

Favorite Parent Hack of the Week: Any parent knows what a struggle it is to brush your kids' teeth; I have a pretty easy-going 6 year old and I dread morning and night teeth brushing because it stresses me out  - that was until we discovered Chompers! Chompers is a 4 minute morning and nighttime podcast from Gimlet Media. Each episode features interesting facts or stories, and during the podcast, reminds the kiddo to brush in different areas of the mouth. It's fun, interesting, and gives us something to look forward to during tooth-time. Pro-parenting hack: don't forget that Quip makes brushes for kids, too!

Favorite Podcast Episode of the Week: I'm a huge Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fan, especially her standup acts in the show. I absolutely loved the episode of The Good One with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino in which they discuss the very intricate way they crafted the standup scenes in the Catskills episodes of Maisel. It's a fascinating look at TV and comedy writing, especially in that niche area of the show. The Good One breaks down comedian's jokes step by step, so if you're a writer or a lover of comedy, it's a must-listen.


In The Afternoon Of The Year

Last year, right around this time, I published this extremely sad post. It's a new year, and a new season, and I'm (very) happy to report that things are looking up - personally, professionally, the whole deal. I'll share about all the hows and whys soon, but in the meantime let's take a moment to enjoy the fact that it's juuuust about sweater weather.

I mean, not in California; it's like 90 degrees here. But maybe for you.


A Beginner’s Guide To Tarot (Skeptics Welcome)

Meet Jessica, RG's brand-new Tarot contributor. I've always been a huge fan of Tarot - you can check out my post about a reading Jessica did for me here - but don't know a ton about how it So I thought it'd be fun to ask Jessica to help us figure it out together. She'll be doing a series on Tarot in the weeks to come, so if you have any questions for her, now's your chance :) - Jordan

Let's get straight to the point: It's entirely possible that you think Tarot is bullshit. And you know what? That’s all right with me. But I would love the chance to change your mind. 

Sure: The fact of the matter is that Tarot, like every other deck of cards you’ve ever held in your hands, is nothing more than a collection of pictures printed on paper. Although there are records of Tarot cards being used for divination as early as the 18th century, these cards were mostly used for games, not cartomancy. It was the publication of the Smith-Waite deck (the one that's likely the most familiar to you) that popularized the use of Tarot as an occult tool.


Portobello Pearls: A Quietly Stunning Collection by Kim Butan

My dear friend Kim of Cloth & Stone Photography - whose beautiful work you've seen on this site - is up there in the top five most stylish people I've met. She's just effortless - the kind of woman who can throw on a pair of sneakers and a button-down and look like a laid-back Jackie O circa 2019, just popped out for a quick stroll through the farmer's market. Something I noticed about Kim virtually within minutes of meeting her: She always has the most perfect jewelry on. The pieces she chooses are without fail simultaneously subtle and eye-catching - as in, you notice them, but what you notice even more is how she wears them. They always somehow seem like a part of her.

Kim's had a secret project in the works for awhile now, and I'm so excited to be able to share it here: She's curated her first collection of carefully-selected vintage earrings, and each and every piece has that same quiet-yet-stunning quality that Kim brings to her personal style. The collection sold out almost entirely within 24 hours - but the pieces pictured here are still available (for now), so if you see anything you like, message Kim @clothandstonestudiophoto to enquire.

...And if you miss out on these? Don't worry: there are more collections to come.


Shame On You

Yujiro Tada

I've been writing Ramshackle Glam for nearly ten whole years - which means that there is a LOT of good stuff hanging out in my archives. So each Friday, we'll be doing a little throwback to one of my personal favorites. This week, I got to thinking about sex and shame. I've recently rejoined the world of dating, and am finding that the rules have changed - a lot. Ghosting, breadcrumbing, the tendency towards extreme flakiness that comes along with the virtually limitless number of options (that are right! there! at your fingertips!) presented by dating apps. These are all brand-new to someone whose last experience being single transpired during the MySpace area.

One thing that hasn't changed, as far as I can tell: The shame that women so often feel when confronted with their sexual history, regardless of where it lies along the spectrum of human experiences.

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