Hostess Gifts That Aren’t Soap

Happy December, a.k.a. the month in which you *actually* shop for holiday gifts, despite the fact that your feed has been filled with gift guides since September. First up: Hostess Gifts That Aren't Soap, because while sure, these are excellent non-soap options for the next party you attend, they also work for kiiiind of everyone. Friend, neighbor, mom, in-law, office party Secret Santa thing: Done.


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I'm in New York. First order of business: Stealing my mother's favorite H&M sleep shirt to wear with my leather jeans.

We joke a lot about moms and wine (mommy juice, etc etc) - but coping mechanisms associated with the stresses of parenthood are real, and serious, and look different to everyone. This is a fascinating piece on food addiction and motherhood. (My Food Addiction Helps Me Survive Motherhood, via Not Safe For Mom Group.)

All I want for Christmas is a pair of quill earrings from Meghan Markle's favorite jeweler. Eeeeee.


Freezy Freakies Are Back…And Now Available In Kids’ Sizes

Last year, right around this time, I was walking downtown on my way to visit her mom at her office, and wandered by a little pop-up holiday shop. I hadn't really been planning on browsing, but then I saw what one of the booths was selling, and instantly screeched to a full stop like a Bugs Bunny cartoon (or, if we’re being generationally thematic, a Tiny Toon Adventures character).

If you did not grow up in the Northeast during the 1980s, there is a decent chance you have no idea what Freezy Freakies are. But if you did, you are PUMPED right now. I have so many feelings about these things. We’re talking intense, visceral sense memories, wherein I can actually physically revisit the joyful experience of watching the invisible unicorn appear out of thin air. (Freezy Freakies are made using thermochromic ink, which is translucent when warm, and turns bright colors when cold. But we can pretend it’s just straight-up magic; that’s more fun.) But your memories are also likely filled with intense longing and angst - even rage - because your parents probably thought they were expensive and wouldn't buy you a new pair when you left one in the park, except Cynthia had TWO pairs and it WASN'T FAIR.

Guess what?

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