How To Traumatize Your Children


The woman who lives across the street from me passed away yesterday. She was sweet and lovely, and every day when I walked the dog past her place I’d see her listening to the radio at her dining room table, and wave at her. She was very, very old, though, so when a bunch of police cars and an ambulance pulled up at her house with their lights on, but no sirens, I was sad, but not surprised.

I thought about her all day, and when I fell asleep last night I ended up dreaming about her. In my dream, I opened a door in my bedroom that I’d never noticed before, and on the other side was a huge, dark field, with the woman standing in the middle of it. So when I was awoken by the sound of something very, very large banging against the side of the house, I was already primed to be freaked the fuck out.


In Case I’m Wrong

I kind of figured that most of the people who read here are more or less in alignment with my own political beliefs. But then it occurred to me:

...I could totally be wrong.

And even if there's just one person reading this who isn't sure whether they're going to vote, or who's planning on voting for Trump but doesn't feel quite right about it: That's a person worth talking to.


Links & Love & Stuff

Chrissy Teigen posted about our book, NBD. Update: Utterly heartbroken to hear of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's loss. I'm sure the news is triggering for so many; please go here for resources if you are suffering.

This is my new favorite shade from Static Nails - it makes your fingers look miles long. (And I agree, it makes literally no sense to wear faux nails right now, but it helps me tame my terrible, horrible cuticle-picking habit.)

Plaid fleece jacket by Carve Designs, yes.


Adventures In DIY Highlights (Alt Title: Oh My God, I Ruined Erin’s Hair)

A couple of weeks into lockdown, I did a bad thing.

I highlighted my own hair.

Even as I opened the box I could hear my colorist yelling at me from all the way across the city, but I couldn't help it: I'd already been badly in need of a touch-up when the world shut down, and whatever, I was bored, and still in the moment of quarantine when it felt like an opportunity to try new things (puzzles! bread! ...remember when we still had energy?!). And highlighting my own hair sounded kind of fun, or at the very least perhaps an opportunity to generate Content (tips and tricks! fashion roundups! ...remember when we still had an iota of bandwidth left?!).

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