So THAT’S How You Make Ribs

I wouldn't say that BBQ is my forte. Or grilling. I'm not as unfortunate as I used to be - I specifically recall a camping trip with my college boyfriend where I flipped all four of the burgers we had brought, and with each flip somehow completely missed the very large grate over the fire and sent them directly into the embers, leaving us to subsist on boxed wine and cheese slices - but since it's not something I did much of until we moved to California, the learning curve has been a steep one.

Like with ribs, for example: I make decent ones, but they're not great. My friend Alisa makes great ribs. So I asked her to teach me her secrets.

Apparently it all starts with the rub.


Into The Woods (With Burritos)

Every day - and I mean that, every day of my life - my daughter whispers to me that she has a secret to tell me. I lean in close to her mouth, and she says this:

"Soon we're going to go camping and we're going to go trick-or-treating and we're going to go camping."

Apparently camping made quite the impression on her. (And apparently so did trick or treating, but that's not exactly surprising.) Last time we went camping - our first time as a family - my phone died, and wouldn't recharge no matter how long I left it plugged into our car, and so I just...sat. And read gossip magazines.


The Perfect Homemade Pizza

I miss New York City pizza so much. Whenever I go back to the city, I head straight to Claudio's on 10th Avenue not because it has amazing pizza...just because it's right there next to my parents' house, and even non-amazing New York pizza is amazing. (It's a cliche, but an absolutely true one. Even the 99-cent pizza you get from the random kiosk outside the Port Authority Bus Station? Amazing.)

Pizza in California is not amazing. I've found a few places that are good - even very good - but they're all of the personal pizza variety, and tend to be fancied up way more than I want my pizza to be. I need a medium crust. And red sauce. And a lot of drippy, melty cheese. That is all.

So I started making pizza myself, and you know what I discovered?


Disaster Management (And A Smoothie)

My diet these days is, if we’re being completely honest, a bit of a mess. On the plus side, I take vitamins (and yes, I 100% feel entitled to medals for this) and generally enjoy balanced-diet-type foods. But these small wins are massively outweighed by the fact that much of my food consumption comes via whatever is left on my children’s plates.

Why? For two reasons.


When That 2009 Mason Jar Obsession Comes In Handy…

Hey, remember a few years ago when pretty much every post I wrote included a Mason jar in one way or another? What that time period resulted in was me owning a lot of Mason jars.

Which is fortunate, because now - thanks to Diana Snyder's Young And Hungry: Your Complete Guide To A Delicious Life, which I'm slowly making my way through both for the easy recipes and just because it's so sweet and funny and reminds me of my early 20s - I am aware that I can use my Mason jars to send Kendrick off to work in the morning with homemade ramen. And homemade ramen is the kind of thing that earns me points in the "Who Wakes Up Early With The Kids On Saturday" tally, which is kiiiiiiind of everything.

Thank you for the extra hour of sleep* this weekend, Diana Snyder.