How I (Finally) Got The Closet Of My Dreams (Video)

I have spent years – yearrrrs – whining about my closets. From New York City apartments to Colonial homes (which notoriously have zero closet space for some historical-but-unknown-to-me reason), I’ve just never even come close to having enough space for my stuff.

Finally, we have closets. But when we moved in we quickly realized that even though the space was technically there, the closets weren’t organized in a way that let us take advantage of it.

So? Makeover.

(Click over to Lonny for an interview on the transformation and more before-and-after shots.)

Major Makeover: How I Turned A Tiny, Unused Bonus Room Into The Most Efficient Space In Our House

Now THIS is the one I’ve been waiting to show you. When we first started looking for a new home, I knew that I wanted some kind of office space/playroom adjacent to the living area, so that the whole family can still hang out together when we’re all doing different things. And the house we ended up in did have a (very) small bonus room, but it didn’t open onto the living room, and felt stuffy and oddly proportioned, so it basically ended up becoming a receptacle room for all the stuff we didn’t know what else to do with.

A trash dump, in other words.

Not ideal.

So: I worked with a pro I found on Thumbtack (I just searched “carpenter” and then filled out the straightforward form with the details of the project I was hoping to accomplish) to turn it into…

Well, you’ll see.

It’s a pretty crazy transformation.

P.S. If you missed the first few videos in my Thumbtack series, here they are:

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