Soooooo you know how I get Botox to correct my eye asymmetry? And you know how Botox detractors say it leaves you unable to communicate emotion like a for-real human being?


P.S. I think this is the funniest problem I have ever had in my entire life (and also entirely my fault, because I forgot the cardinal rule of injecting poison into one's face: thou shalt not permit thineself to be distracted, lest thou endest up unable to smize).


Our Weird Little New Year’s (Video)

Children watching a plane take off from inside the terminal

My feeling is that when you spend the day traveling across the country with two children and a husband with a broken foot for the second time in under a week, and all four of you have recently recuperated from the stomach flu, and oh yes, it's New Year's Eve, you should probably get naked on the plane. So I did.

(If you missed the video from leg one of our epic journey, it's here.)