My (Totally Unfiltered) Take On Glossier

Off-topic, but the tracksuit I'm wearing here is everything. I think you should own it. 

By now I'm sure you've heard of Glossier - you know, the brand that posts those incredible videos on Facebook of spectacularly stunning women rubbing some impossibly sheer liquid into their spectacularly stunning cheekbones, and all of a sudden becoming even more spectacularly stunning?

Yeah, those.


Saving The Worst For Last

For my final project in Spring Cleaning Week...this.

Whyyyyyy is it so hard to keep your garage clean? Every few months, I decide that I’ve had it with the state of our garage (cluttered! dusty! inexplicably scattered with Cheerios!) and spend an hour or two attacking it…but within a couple of weeks, like clockwork, it returns to its resting state (disastrous).

The thing about our garage is that it’s such an opportunity. It’s fairly well-lit and relatively empty thanks to the fact that we live in California and don’t have to actually park our cars in it. And given the not-so-massive size of our house, it’d be so nice to have a little extra space for Kendrick to set up his instruments; for the kids to play; for me to exercise (hahahahahaha); for whatever.

And so I put it on the calendar: Garage Cleaning Day. Not only were we going to reorganize; we were going to CLEAN THE BEAST. This process, of course, involved harrowing close encounters with dustballs that very closely resembled (and that I remain certain may have been) black widows.


We Made A Movie

A few days ago, my son and I were in the car and decided to pass some time by coming up with a story together. There was a guy. A pirate. And he had a dog named Lucy. And then there was this other pirate. And so on.

When we got home, I thought I'd show him what a "storyboard" was (it's basically a series of - usually sketchily drawn - images that shows you every frame of a commercial/tv show/movie and how it'll be shot). Once we had the storyboard, it made sense to start putting together costumes. And once we had the costumes, well...

We obviously had to make a movie.