Our Weird Little New Year’s (Video)

Children watching a plane take off from inside the terminal

My feeling is that when you spend the day traveling across the country with two children and a husband with a broken foot for the second time in under a week, and all four of you have recently recuperated from the stomach flu, and oh yes, it's New Year's Eve, you should probably get naked on the plane. So I did.

(If you missed the video from leg one of our epic journey, it's here.)


How I (Finally) Got The Closet Of My Dreams (Video)

before and after closet makeover

I have spent years - yearrrrs - whining about my closets. From New York City apartments to Colonial homes (which notoriously have zero closet space for some historical-but-unknown-to-me reason), I've just never even come close to having enough space for my stuff.

Finally, we have closets. But when we moved in we quickly realized that even though the space was technically there, the closets weren't organized in a way that let us take advantage of it.

So? Makeover.