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Our Weird Little Stranded New Year’s (Video)

Oh hey! We're home from Ohio. Two days after we left. Suffice it to say that spending New Year's Eve figuring out how to get the rest of the way across the country was not in the original plan.

I should just start traveling with, like, a full-on astronaut supply kit, just in case we accidentally find ourselves stuck in the Alaskan wilderness one day. With no luggage. And the flu. (If history is any indication, this could totally happen.)


Oh, Ew

do recipes for jello gelatin worms actually work?

The other day I was at Children's Storytime at the library, and I ran into my friend Brianna, who was there with her niece (who happens to be Goldie's BFF). I mentioned that we were throwing Indy a "spooky party" for his fifth birthday, and she said "OH. You have to make worms!"

Apparently there is a recipe all over the Internet that explains how one can pour raspberry Jell-O into bendy straws, and somehow end up with worms.



The Cake Emergency

The other day, I made a phone call to my friend Alisa - the one who helped me make this little masterpiece - that began with the words "Cake emergency! CAKE EMERGENCY!"

(You didn't know cake-baking could be an emergency situation? Then you clearly haven't been reading this website long enough.)

I was just starting dinner on Friday night when I realized that I had completely and totally forgotten that I had promised to bake a very fancy, very labor-intensive cake for my friend's daughter's birthday party the very next morning. I realized this because my friend sent me a text reading "So how's the cake look?!" - to which I, of course, responded, "Great!"


The Most Important Question On The Planet: Snapchat Vs. Instagram Stories

Oh, so you already Tweet/Facebook/Blog/Instagram/Snapchat? Cool! Except not really, because a) Twitter is for cavepeople and b) now you need to be creating Instagram Stories too.

(YOU GUYS. I JUST joined Snapchat like four weeks ago - @ramshackleglam, if you'd like to see Kendrick choking on peppers and me wrapping my feet in delayed-action acid - and I am already one of the Olds who does not understand what the spring chickens are up to these days.)

OK, so I love Snapchat. I didn't participate in it for a long enough time that it got weird, given what I do for a living, and then I started doing it, and discovered that it is my absolute favorite outlet precisely because I can just be 100% myself and have fun on it. And then, like two days later, I found out that Instagram was trying to co-opt Snapchat by giving users their own way to post embarrassing/terrible/inexcusable videos that would disappear within twenty-four hours (unless someone takes a screenshot, but that's a different story).