There’s A Lot To Unpack Here

Now that is a glamorous image.

Alright, we need to talk about this interview. Unfortunately, what we need to talk about is not its subject matter - and I say "unfortunately" because I do think some very interesting topics were covered, including the dangers of the "having it all" culture we find ourselves in today, why I hate Instagram (HATE IT), and my inability to stop writing about inappropriate subjects - plus lots of other stuff.

But I can't focus on our conversation. You will likely unable to be unable to focus, either. Because you will be confused by my head.


Riddle Oil Valentine’s Day Giveaway

I'm SO. EXCITED. about Valentine's Day this year.

...Totally kidding. The holiday isn't my favorite in a vacuum, but this year it's leveling allllll my Scrooge tendencies up to Defcon 1. But just because Valentine's Day is putting me in a mood doesn't mean I can't use it as an excuse to give you guys one of my all-time favorite products: Riddle's pheromone-based oil (plus their spray-on moisturizer and spectacular face oil). Because, you know, you're my real Valentines, anyway. (I mean that. I love this community. Thank you.)

Beauty Tutorials

The Ordinary: Should You Believe The Hype?

Here's the thing about my approach to skincare: It's very ad hoc. I do (most of) the things I'm *supposed* to do: Moisturize, sunscreen, et cetera...but since I have so many sample products from companies I've worked with laying around, I tend to just use whatever's in front of me. This isn't a terrible problem to have, but it's made me lazy: I don't want to figure out what's right for me, because then, when I run out of those things, I'll have to spend money restocking them.

Money, blech.

Except. Erin - who is an official skincare guru - has been on me for years about developing an actual skincare routine. I tend to tune out lectures of this sort, because I'm irritating and stubborn like that, but the last time I saw her I was literally awestruck by the state of her skin. I mean, the woman glows.


The 10 Products You Loved The Most In 2019

OK, so I'm not really a "shopping" site, per se. Which means when I recommend something, it's almost always because I REALLY SERIOUSLY need you to know about it. (IN ALL CAPS.) But I wasn't sure what to expect when I checked my 2019 affiliate link analytics to see which products were actually the most popular. Would y'all have know...listened to me?

Ohhhh, you listened. You really listened.

Beauty Tutorials

Riddle Perfume Oil: Review And Giveaway

Made a little review video of all seven of Riddle Oil's Signature Scents, because why pack for tomorrow's trip to New York when I can lay on the floor in my living room and yammer on about perfume?

My thoughts exactly.

ANYWAY. Remember how I was going on and on and on about my new discovery (which is apparently a total cult classic, a.k.a. not really *my* discovery, but there you go)? I'm giving away five prizes, each of which includes all seven Riddle Oil signature scents in 3ml roll-ons, as well as a .5oz Botanicals Face Oil.

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