Holiday Gift Guide: For The Home Decor Junkie

Home contributor Audrey deploys her exquisite taste to help you shop for the stylish homebodies in your life.

Shopping for an interior design guru can be more than a little intimidating. The desire to find something truly unique, purposeful, and stylish can definitely be overwhelming, but with so many wonderfully curated home décor shops and a plethora of highly skilled artisans creating distinctive home goods, it’s easier than ever to find something for the person who doesn’t want their house to look like everyone else’s.

After dedicating this year to designing, renovating, and styling our new home, I feel like I’ve seen it all. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite finds just in case you find yourself shopping for someone who loves home décor this holiday season! 


Apparently We Make Our Own Dog Food Now

These days, Lucy is simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking: She's slowed down a lot in the last few months, and sort of hops rather than walks. Plus she no longer tolerates grooming - I can give her baths and brush her a little, but that's about it - so her lifelong transformation into an actual muppet is nearing completion. (If you're worried about her being able to see past that aggressive bang situation she has going on, please recall that she is in possession of a grand total of one eye, and that said remaining eye is, alas, completely blind.)

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She seems happy enough, though. She hops from napping spot to sleeping spot to napping spot, and spends most days snuggled up against my left thigh, basking in the warmth emanating from my laptop and snoring audibly. But I think it's safe to say she's officially an old lady now. Which...I mean...I'm okay, I get it, but still. I want so badly for this stage of her life to be one where she gets to relax in her rocker with a nice warm blanket over her legs and watch the seagulls.


Links & Love & Stuff

Why HELLO THERE. #Dying (46 Things That Made Me Say, 'Why Don't I Own That Already?' via Buzzfeed.)

Mott & Bow's hi-rise stretch jeans are actually, literally perfect (lightweight, comfortable, amaaaazing cut), and actually, literally maybe the only thing you'll wear all autumn (and winter, and year) long. Could not recommend more highly. Go for the dark grey raw hem.

Currently test-running Mesolyft's microneedling pen, and I am into it. It doesn't hurt - promise; it's a little prickly but not painful - and I feel like my skin texture improved almost immediately.

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