Away We Go

Flying with small children always involves a fairly stunning degree of preparation, but flying with small children when you are divorced from their father and no longer have the same name as them and are taking them out of the country? That requires some next-level ninja-ing, right there. 

I have SO. MANY. DOCUMENTS on me. Passports. Divorce papers. Original birth certificates. Notarized letters (one for each!) from Kendrick saying that yes, he knows I am taking them out of the country, and no, I am not kidnapping them. 

And yet something tells me that I have a border patrol situation in my future. Let’s just call it intuition. And a basic understanding of the concept of historical continuity.  


A Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming To Talk About Love

I read an article over the weekend - a transcript of a podcast, to be specific - and it didn't just "blow my mind" might have actually changed my life.

In this episode, titled The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships, the philosopher Alain de Botton (who, you might recall, wrote that NY Times article 'Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person' that everyone and their mother emailed you back in 2016), presents the argument that we, as human beings, would be much saner and happier if we altered our view of love away from the dizzying, romantic whirlwind that ends (miraculously!) with marriage, and rather recognized that the real work of love "is not in the falling, but in what comes after."

Here's why I think this podcast floored me to the extent that it did: I've been thinking a lot, these past many months, about love, and how one goes about doing it again after a major trauma (like, say, a divorce). The last time I was in this place - by which I mean a place of being open to new love coming into my life - I was, in so many ways (most ways?), a child. I had next-to-no responsibilities to anyone but myself, which meant that I could approach a new relationship with an abandon that, to me, feels both recklessly naive...and also completely impossible to avoid, if what we're talking about is on the "true love" end of the spectrum.


For The Dads

Father's Day, like every holiday that involves giving a gift to a man, is a tough one, especially if you've already given the man in your life the whiskey rocks that every gift guide on the planet recommends that you purchase.

And so I present to you: Gifts for Dads that have nothing to do with alcohol. Or golf.



Links & Love & Stuff

Suuuuper in love with my daughter's Verloop pom-pom pillow and Mimish Himalayan faux fur beanbag (which HAS STORAGE IN IT). It appears the feeling is mutual.

Contemplating wearing this (with the matching pants) to my high school reunion next weekend. Y/N?

There are actual conspiracy theories about this influencer and I am SO HERE for the drama. (Twitter Is Going Wild After This Influencer With Over 2 Million Followers Couldn't Sell 36 T-Shirts, via Buzzfeed.)

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