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The Mom Uniform: Autumn Edition

Let’s throw it back to 2019, when I wrote a post that is 2020 in a nutshell if I’ve ever seen one. (Updated with brand-new outfit suggestions.)

Today’s post is a twofer, inspired by a couple of reader questions I received via Insta.

  1. Does comfort and style exist? Can you wear yoga pants but still be stylish? and
  2. I need a Mom Uniform for fall; help me.

The answer to the first question is a resounding “yes,” and am certain that it is so, because otherwise I would be naked. There is just no power on earth (except for, perhaps, the possibility of a date with Jason Momoa) that could get me out of the house attired in clothing that makes me feel restricted in any way.

I try, I do: I put on something fabulous and uncomfortable…and then I change, and end up in a sweatshirt and jeans. And I’m okay with that, because it’s my belief that 90% of looking good is feeling good – and so that’s what I wear: what feels good.

The answer to the second question is “I got you, girl,” because if there is one thing I am good at it is lazy dressing.

If you want to wear your leggings as your actual outfit – which, I mean, of course – here is what you do: You own a pair of amazing over-the-knee leather boots, and a couple of great sweaters that go down past your butt. Even if your favorite leggings have actual holes in them, as do mine, you will look completely put-together and adorable.

The Mom Uniform (Autumn Edition)

Now, let’s talk Mom Uniforms. I’ve been writing about this for years – the concept of finding what I call your “Happy Place Silhouette,” and then sticking to it. Here’s how you find yours (it’s very scientific and complex): Picture yourself going on a first date, or going to the first day at a new school or job – somewhere you’d be particularly concerned with feeling comfortable and confident. What are you wearing?

…There you go. That’s your Happy Place Silhouette.

mom uniform for fall

Jeans | Sweater | Sneakers | Bag | Sunglasses

Oh, look! It’s me, looking how I look every. freaking. day! (Except slightly better because I brushed my hair before taking this photo. #glam)


Mine is a loose, lightweight top and something slim-fitting on the bottom – jeans or denim shorts. Obviously. And right now, here are the pieces I have in constant rotation as a part of said Mom Uniform (Autumn Edition):

TOPS: A handful of really good, lightweight, loose neutrals.

madewell plaid blazer

Felt fancy; added a blazer.

BOTTOMS: Black and blue.

  • High-waist dark grey stretch jeans (from Mott & Bow; I’ve written about these before and they’re PERFECTION)
  • Zara stretch jeans in a medium wash
  • Black leather pants (mine are Rag & Bone and were an investment, but they’re going to last forever and ever)

SHOES: Sneakers, flats, OTK boots, a pair of heels that go with everything, the end.

ACCESSORIES: Flair…but keep it simple.

  • Vintage bangle bracelets
  • Au/Rate gold hoops
  • Brown suede backpack
  • Adorable tiny going-out bag
  • Red purse ’cause sure

And for proof of just how consistent I am with this, look! It’s me. Five years ago. Wearing more or less the exact. same. thing.

mom uniform for fall

Ta daaaaa.

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