Ariane Moshayedi: California-Inspired Fine Art Photography

Three, by Ariane Moshayedi

Forever and a lifetime ago, an email landed in my inbox from a woman, Ariane Moshayedi, who said she was a reader of my site and knew I was expecting my first child. She was a photographer, she said, and she'd love to take our first family photos once the baby arrived.

The shoot did not start out especially fun. We timed it perfectly, of course: Ariane arrived at the exact moment that our son decided he needed to nap, and that if he was not going to be permitted to do so, he was going to make all the adults contributing to the non-napping situation as miserable as possible. Kendrick and I were mortified, but Ariane was patient, relaxed, and so much fun to work with that we eventually just all settled into letting the photos be whatever they were. We coaxed a couple of smiling-through-the-tears shots out of him, but most of them ended up looking slightly less peaceful-and-dreamy, and slightly more like...this.


I Am A Trucker Now

Just a girl and her (huge, huge) ride.

If you're wondering why, exactly, I decided to rent a 16-foot truck and drive it from Los Angeles to San Jose, my feeling is that the answer should, at this point, be obvious:

For a chair, of course.


Why You Should Give Fake Plants Another Chance

Every single plant you see in this photograph is fake. (Sorry, faux.)

Bonus: Spot the blogger in the mirror! 

I've been singing the praises of fake plants practically since I started this site. There's a good reason for this: While I've gotten better at plant-parenting over time, I still kill about 30% of the greenery that enters my house. Sometimes it's nice to have a plant and not worry about killing it. But the past few months have seen my thing for artificial plants reach a whole new level, because apparently some focus group somewhere determined that there was a gap in the market for affordable plants that actually look real and are actually in cute pots that you'd actually buy yourself...and then Target went ahead and filled it.


How To Incorporate Stained Glass Into Your Home Decor

Our bathroom is a dark, depressing cave. Both of them are, actually. When I decided to renovate them (and yes, I decided to renovate both of them at the same time, OBVIOUSLY, because why have one non-functioning toilet when you can have two?! WHEEEEEE), one of my major goals was to make them feel...well, like places I wanted to spend time in. As opposed to dark, depressing caves.

Which is to say: there is, at present, a large hole in our bathroom wall.

Before & After Renovations

Tiny, Easy Update: Hallway Accent Wall

My hallway before I made it awesome.

I painted my hallway green before we moved into our house (or even saw it in person). I did this to a lot of things in my house, actually - painted them, tore them out, replaced them, et cetera - before we first stepped foot in it, because we bought it over FaceTime and I wanted to get as many of the bigger projects as possible done before we drove across the country and had to actually live in the place.

Sometimes this remodeling-via-WiFi turned out pretty well for me - with our light-grey floors, for example, which I continue to love - but the green hallway I regretted almost instantly. The color, which I'd envisioned as a cool mint, was a touch pea-soup-y in the non-existent light, and worked much better in my daughter's room - the spot I'd initially chosen it for.