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Before And After: How We Turned Our Garage Into A Multi-Functional Living Space

Our garage spruce-up was supposed to be exactly that: a spruce-up. Perhaps a coat of paint. Maybe a throw pillow or two.

We did not start out intending to take on a project that would ultimately transform our garage from a cluttered, creepy-ish hole into the most useful (and most-used) room in our home - not to mention one that would add another 500 square feet (at least) to our living space.

It all started in July (SEVEN MONTHS AGO, if you're counting), when we decided that we wanted to move our old couch into the garage rather than sell or toss it. But then once we decided to put the couch in the garage, we thought we might as well redo the floor. And if we were redoing the floor, we might as well paint the walls. And if we were painting the walls, we might as well take down the old shelving. And if we were taking down the old shelving, we'd need some new storage solutions, and oh wait, Kendrick would love to have a dedicated space for his instruments, and shoot, skylights would really make the whole place feel so much nicer, and...


Easy Decor Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Relaxing Oasis Of Joy

So many light sources! So gorgeous! So flattering when naked!

Remember how I said I take a bath every single night of my life? That was true, until very, very recently: I haven't been able to take a bath since my operation last Tuesday, and won't be able to take one for another week. Maybe two. Lots of aspects of my current medical situation are less-than-fun, but taking away my nightly bubbles/late night TV/wine routine feels like adding insult to injury.

But instead of dwelling on the fact that there is a clawfoot bathtub ten feet away from me that I'm not allowed to use, let's dwell on bathrooms more generally - because all the bathroom-obsessing I've been doing over the past few months has left me with a bunch of easy ideas for those of you whose bathroom could use a little extra atmosphere.


If I’m Missing, You Know Where To Find Me

The bathroom is still under construction, but once it's done I'm never leaving.

Can I just say that I love my job SO. MUCH. I’m not sure everybody would be as excited about the subject of cleaning products as I am - I do get that I’m possibly an outlier in this department - but cleaning is soooooooort of one of my favorite things in the world (second only to throwing things out), and I cannot believe that I just got to spend a week getting all fluttery about bathroom-cleaning strategies with rooms full of people who are equally fluttery about such things.

The central product I was in New York to talk about was Clorox®’s new Scentiva™ scent, Pacific Breeze & Coconut™, and specifically the new Scentiva™ products that are targeted at cleaning the bathroom. The reason I joined the team was that I’m baaaaasically the exact target audience for the line, being a person whose bathroom is her ultimate nobody-bother-me-I’m-drinking-wine-and-watching-late-night-TV-clips-in-a-pile-of-bubbles spot - I literally take a bath every single night of my life (I know you don’t believe me. I swear. I missed my nightly bath for the first time in months a few days ago because our new bathtub - pictured above - was in the process of being installed, and it was very sad.)


…These Are Different, Okay?

This is the general look I'm going for in our hall bath.

( know, the space and light, because my bathroom is a cave.)

I've started working on our (first) bathroom renovation, and am paralyzed by the most ludicrous of decisions, so I'm going to have to ask for your help. I'm trying to pick out a white vanity, and I can't do it: I've spent hours and hours scrolling through websites past bazillions of different options, and am super annoyed at myself for wasting this much time on something when I need to be doing other things that aren't ridiculous, like going to sleep at a normal hour or finishing Fire and Fury. Except for some reason I cannot make a selection, because a) bathroom vanities are something that I have literally never in my life given any thought to, and b) oh my god, they're so expensive.