Before & After Renovations

New Favorite Room: Brinjal Bathroom (Before and After)

Me, being just a tiny bit impulsive

There have been times in my life when I’ve thought things through before doing them. Not many, but it has happened.

This was not one of those times.

When we moved in, I *kinda* redid this bathroom because I absolutely could not bear it, between the ancient tub situation and the 1980s (but not in a good way) tiling. I had the floor sanded down, painted the walls, and swapped out the lighting and accessories.


And it was fine. But not great. So I bought one of those fancy bidet toilets that, like, sings songs to you, in hopes that would make me like the space more. Except said toilet – it’s a knockoff, not a Toto; don’t worry, I’m not all of a sudden a trajillionaire – does not actually work very well, and mostly just attacks you with rogue jet sprays while the new light switch I installed (poorly) plunges you into darkness 15 seconds after entering the room.

Which is all to say, my bathroom is dramatic.

So? I leaned in. Drama, let’s go.

First up – and again, please recall that I thought this through ZERO – were the Villa Lagoon Tequila Agave tiles, which I ordered because I couldn’t resist them and needed to put them in my house somewhere. I was so excited about how they looked that I was inspired to keep going, so I knocked out the big, blocky cabinet above the toilet, which was both largely useless and extremely ugly.

Then I put in a new vanity (a basic one from Home Depot that I put nice brass handles on, plus this handy phone/toilet paper holder situation.) The plan was to basically stop there…but then I sent Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design (get yourself an interior designer friend) a photo to get her opinion, and she sent me back this:

farrow ball brinjal

Deep burgundy (Farrow & Ball Brinjal), which she suggested wrapping the room with – meaning trim, door, ceiling, and even vanity.

Now, that is crazy-pants. I would NEVER.

…But then I did.

farrow and ball brinjal burgundy paint bathroom

Since Farrow & Ball is a bit outside of my budget, I went to Home Depot armed with a dupe code, and they were able to make me a virtually identical paint (I went with high gloss, as recommended by Farrow & Ball for “maximum drama”).

The end result is a 1800s French Boudoir vibe that I’m extremely into…and will be even more into once I save up enough to put in a black clawfoot tub (ooooo) with a brass curtain rod surround and a less starkly-white shower curtain (I have enough tile left over to complete the floor once I pull out the existing tub thing).

villa lagoon tile tequila agave

So basically, this is a bathroom renovation in several parts, and I should probably have waited until it was finished-finished (complete with tub) to show you, but like I said: Not a ton of foresight going on over here these days.

  • farrow and ball brinjal burgundy paint bathroom

villa lagoon tile tequila agavefarrow and ball brinjal burgundy paint bathroom

villa lagoon tile tequila agave

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