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Five Things I’m Glad I Brought

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.17.15 AM

Remember how I wanted an award for fitting two months’ worth of stuff into a single bag? It turns out…I might have been able to do with even less. Because there’s a bunch of stuff that I brought that I thought I’d use constantly and don’t, and a handful of other things that I packed “just in case” and ended up ... Read More »

DIY Texturizing Beach Hair Spray

beach hair

Love the look of beach hair…but not stepping foot on the sand anytime soon? Here’s how to easily (and inexpensively) make your own spray to give your hair that great, beachy texture. Read More »

Keep Your Luggage Fresh (And More Weird And Cool Uses For Dryer Sheets)


Just a little travel hack for those of you with places to go in the coming weeks: You know that not-so-hot, musty smell that your luggage (and its contents) tends to sport upon arriving at its destination? Here’s an easy fix: just toss a dryer sheet or three into your bag; when you get to your hotel, your clothing will be ... Read More »

Because Big Brothers Deserve Bedroom Upgrades Too

zio ziegler skateboard hook

The baby can’t be the only one getting the awesome new room with the awesome new stuff in it…right? With all the fuss over the nursery, I wanted Indy to feel like he was getting a bedroom upgrade, too. Presto: a new rack (this is the Zio Ziegler for PBteen Skateboard Hook) for his favorite accessory. Easy to assemble (Indy “helped,” ... Read More »

Floods Are Not Especially Fun


Seriously? OK, so that was no fun at all. Or rather “continues to be” no fun (I’m still mid-dealing-with it; there are a ton of fans running in our basement, I’ve only just begun the claims process to try to get back some of the money we’ve lost on this, and there are some items – vacuum, baby stuff – ... Read More »

Mint Green Nursery Makeover

balloon mobile

Remember the project I mentioned last week, in which I was planning to use my favorite color of the moment (and one of my favorite colors ever) to create the effect of a Jadeite bowl come to life? Presenting: my Office-To-Nursery Makeover. Here’s the before: I loved those chocolate-brown walls, but they don’t exactly make the room feel like a ... Read More »

The To-Do List

closet organization

It is so weird doing all the last-minute baby prep things that I thought I’d be doing actually at the last minute…right now. One Type A-ish thing that I did before Indy arrived: I took on all those annoying, time-consuming projects that really have to get done at some point but definitely are not going to get done in the ... Read More »

Brand-New Shade For A Brand-New Project


Clockwise from lower left: Chair / Candle / Towel / Shirt / Purse / Socks / Teapot / Mixing Bowl One of my favorite right-this-moment shades (and generally): this. Somewhere between mint green and sage, it’s sort of like a Jadeite bowl come to life, and feels fresh and light, “feminine” without being “girly.” I love it for everything from dining ... Read More »

DIY Big Brother T-Shirt

old navy big brother tee

I’m not really a crafter. I churn out the occasional DIY project, but when presented with a kit of dyes and sparkles and sponges? I’m sort of at a loss. But! Crafting is fun, obviously. And two-and-a-half year olds enjoy things like creating disasters with paints and markers, obviously. So: an afternoon of crafting it is. What I decided to ... Read More »

How To: Throw A Baby Sprinkle

honest teether

Here is the thing about having a baby, take two: You’re the same amount of “excited”…but how all that excitement gets expressed is a little different. A little toned-down. Mostly because you just don’t have the time or energy to run around scouting a million different stroller options, picking up a carrier in that exact color you wanted, setting up ... Read More »

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