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Objects Of Affection: Springtime Scents

Some of my favorite scents for the home this season: { Fresh Cucumber for the kitchen … } { … Moss and Mint for the living room … } { … Passion – a blend of peony and garden rose that benefits the BCRF – for the bedroom … } { … And Elton John’s Woodside candle – a blend of hyacinth, ... Read More »

How To Do A Smudging Ceremony

smudge stick

Springtime is the perfect time for this easy home pick-me-up. But what is a smudging ceremony, you ask? Kendrick didn’t know, either. Allow me to explain. Read More »

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 8.52.42 AM

Did you completely forget about Mother’s Day? That’s OK; you still have 24 hours, and 24 hours is more than enough time to make Mom something that if she does not love, she might very well not be a human being: chocolate-dipped fruit with fancy salt. (Click here for instructions.) Another easy DIY: pick up some mason jars and a few ... Read More »

Bathroom Before And After (And Lesson Learned)

bathroom after

Bathroom before (you can’t really see the water damage here; it was under the sink and got worse after this photo was taken) Alright, so… this didn’t really work. A few months ago, our upstairs shower leaked, which meant both that water came down into our living room and we had to repair the living room ceiling, and that part ... Read More »

Springy Fresh (…And Laundry Tips I Promise You Don’t Already Know)

snuggle bear

Having a washing machine about twenty feet away from me at all times has got to be one of my absolute favorite things about living in a house. In our old apartment, whenever an “incident” arose with one of the many small creatures who live with us (I’ll leave the specifics to your imagination), it required the lugging of very ... Read More »

DIY Mason Jar Hanging Herb Planter

herb planter

Last summer I planted my very first herb garden, and let me tell you: not having to run to the supermarket and spend five bucks on a teeny-tiny container of mint or rosemary or thyme every time you need a sprig (or even just a single leaf) is the best. But even if you’re an apartment-dweller with no nearby grass or yard or outdoor ... Read More »

Fresh Mint Lemonade

lemonade mint

When I first moved to LA, I found an apartment right off of the Sunset Strip and a job at an upscale-ish pizza place called Cheebo (the phonetic spelling of the Italian word for “food”). It wasn’t too bad of a job – the food was pretty reasonably priced and lunchtime-focused, which meant that tips were only okay, but I ... Read More »

Trays Every Which Way

coffee table tray

I have an “actual” home office, you know. Or…I did have an actual home office. Now I have a nursery-in-progress, and a corner of my attic where the desk that used to sit in that room is now wedged underneath a coat rack that also used to sit in that room. But it doesn’t matter: I don’t love working at desks, ... Read More »

Spring Cleaning: Vanity Edition

vanity after

I’ve said before that I have a pretty cluttered beauty cabinet…and here’s the hard evidence. That is a lot of products. And the truth is that I’ve used most of them at least once – I write about beauty a lot on RG (and elsewhere), and really do try to take as many products as I possibly can for a ... Read More »

Nursery To “Little Boy’s Room” (Before & After)


Before Thank you so much for all your suggestions re: what to do with the wall color for the nursery (which I guess should now officially be called a “Little Boy’s Room”). I ended up deciding on a grey, but went for one with blue undertones to make it feel a little brighter. I love it. (I think Indy loves ... Read More »

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