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Get Organized For The New Year

In one of my favorite Louis C.K. skits, he describes children (accurately) as buckets of disease, and tells a story about his daughter coughing literally into his mouth. Like, aiming her germs at the back of his throat. At least, this used to be one of my favorite Louis C.K. skits. It’s not quiiiite as funny these days, mostly because it’s just what ... Read More »

Last-Minute Gift Idea: Custom Gourmet Baskets

gift basket label

I LOVE this. For a last-minute holiday gift, for a hostess gift, for a just-because gift…for anything. And for fun – because it is so much fun, both to put together and (presumably) to receive (I gave these baskets to the friends who stopped over on Sunday afternoon for some cookie-decorating with their kids). Read More »

Snow Day Essentials


One of my favorite things about (mostly) working from home: I get to stay firmly planted in my pajamas next to our space heater on days like today (brrr). If you’re doing the same (or stranded, or playing hooky, or just fantasizing about what you’ll do when you get home tonight), some snow day essentials for you.   1. These ... Read More »

Headboard Rehab: Before And After


LOOK AT WHAT MY PARENTS FOUND. I mean, that is AMAZING. It was sitting in the trash room in their apartment building, and the second my mom spotted it she gave me a call and announced that I needed to run our station wagon into the city for a pickup. Getting it into the car was not-so-fun (the process required ... Read More »

Kitchen Essentials


Q. What ingredients/cooking tools would you recommend for a beginner, mid-level and advanced-level cook? - Jeannine A. I’m going to answer this question from the perspective of someone who’s firmly in that middle category: a decent-ish cook who’s interested in moving slightly beyond the basics and experimenting a little. My feeling about cooking – beginner or no – is that it ... Read More »

Tea Party

new york times chocolate chip cookies

Drinking coffee, for me, is about caffeine –> body (quickly, please), but tea? It’s all about the presentation. PG Tips and chocolate-chip cookies (recipe below) just taste better when beautiful teacups and vintage lace tablecloths are involved. Now we need to talk about what I made to go with the tea, because it is the most delicious cookie in the world. ... Read More »

(Somebody Else’s) Home For The Holidays Gift Guide

It’s just about that time of year again: the time when you pile onto planes or into cars, and fly or drive far distances to eat things like cranberry sauce while wearing ugly (or ugly-amazing) sweaters. (We’re going to Ohio. That’s 2011′s trip, above.) It’s also the time of year when you have to start bringing presents with you anytime you ... Read More »

DIY Blue Mason Jar Tutorial


An oldie but a goodie, just because the holiday season is almost upon us and these make cool and inexpensive DIY gifts (not to mention being a fun – and non-time-intensive, promise – weekend project). Read More »

Let Them Eat Cake


I love the idea of collections. When I was a little girl, I randomly collected spoons (mostly because my dad traveled a lot for work and always brought me a souvenir spoon from wherever he’d been) and little porcelain animals that I stored in a glass-front cabinet. Nowadays, my collections are of the (sliiiightly) more practical sort: I pick up ... Read More »

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