Back To Black: The Evolution Of My Ear

Every year or so, I make a point of stopping in to see Brian at Body Electric Tattoo to give my earring situation (and sometimes nose situation, and sometimes tattoo situation) a bit of a refresh. Over the past few years we’ve been building up the number of piercings I have, adding hoops and conch studs and such, but this go-round I thought I’d simplify…and turn it all black.

I’ve been having a love affair with black diamonds for awhile now – witness the engagement ring I designed awhile back, which incorporated a whole bunch of them – and something about having an ear layered with tiny black studs feels like exactly what I want right now. Easy. Classic. And a little bit dramatic.

Back to black, indeed.

Scroll down to see some gorrrrgeous black diamond studs and single earrings, as well as pics of the evolution of my ear (and other) piercings over the years – nearly all of which were done by Brian, who I actually insist you go see if you’re ever in LA.

P.S. Just because it’s related, click here to read my truly horrifying piercing-related story. But please do not do it if you are squeamish, because it will make you unhappy (albeit not as unhappy as I was).


Rook Piercing

This – and the conch stud that apparently I never photographed for the site – ended up falling out. I am sad about that, and will replace it (and the conch) ASAP.


High Lobe Piercing

That tiny diamond stacked on top of another tiny diamond? That’s called a “high lobe” piercing.I love mine, and am adding more shortly.


Nose Piercing

I ended up having to get rid of this piercing because the network I was doing a show for felt like it wasn’t “on-brand,” but oh man, I miss it.


Tragus Piercing

My body doesn’t always handle cartilage piercings especially well…but this one is still hanging on two years in, and it’s one of my favorites.


Upper Ear Cartilage Piercieng

This is the first piercing I ever got at Body Electric, and the one that kicked off a semi-obsession that’s persistedto this day.

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