A Tiny Little Evolution

I hadn’t been planning to visit Brian at Body Electric on my next trip down to LA, but I’d also been hoping that I might be pregnant on my next trip down to LA. And you can’t pierce your ears when you’re pregnant, so the plan was to put it off for awhile – say, a year or so. Then I found out I wasn’t, and wasn’t going to be anytime soon – if ever, honestly – and finding this out coincided with a trip down to Los Angeles to so I could focus on finishing up our next book and also just be with Francesca while both of us take a minute to deal with some Big Life Things.

So I booked an appointment and went: all by myself, in the middle of the day. I took my time getting ready that morning; I curled my hair and put on an outfit I liked. Instead of coming in with a plan, I just showed up. Brian and I talked abut our lives for a bit – the good and the bad, but mostly the weirdness of these past few months – and when it came time to discuss what I was there for I just told him to do whatever he wanted.

This is what he did.

I’m writing this while laying in a tiny bed in the middle of the ocean. My kids are off with my husband hunting down all-you-can-eat soft serve; 8675309 is playing really, really loudly somewhere, and the intercom keeps reminding me that Carly Rae Jepsen will be hitting the stage in just a few minutes (which is, objectively speaking, amazing, albeit not necessarily something I feel the need to participate in). My ear hurts where the new rook piercing went in.

I am, right this moment, happy.


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