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When I called Kendrick and announced that I had gotten another piercing, his response was to tell me that I am no longer allowed to hang out with Francesca, because every time I do (lately, at least), I arrive home with another hole in my body. (I think he was kidding; he seems to be both mildly wary of my newfound interest in piercings and also kind of into it.)

Last time Francesca visited me and we got a couple of extra hoops in our ears at a little place in Tarrytown she told me about this amazing tattoo parlor on Melrose in LA, Body Electric, that sells super small-gauge gold and rose-gold hoops and custom fits them to suit your ears, and so obviously that was on our list of must-go places for the weekend. We both replaced our silver hoops with gold ones, and then I thought…

what the hell.

One more won’t kill me.

los angeles tattoo parlor

los angeles tattoo

los angeles turquoise earring

jordan earring

I went for an upper-ear turquoise and gold stud…

francesca earring

…and Francesca had the owner custom-make this amazing chain creation for her.

I love it.

More, more!

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