When That 2009 Mason Jar Obsession Comes In Handy…

Hey, remember a few years ago when pretty much every post I wrote included a Mason jar in one way or another? What that time period resulted in was me owning a lot of Mason jars.

Which is fortunate, because now - thanks to Diana Snyder's Young And Hungry: Your Complete Guide To A Delicious Life, which I'm slowly making my way through both for the easy recipes and just because it's so sweet and funny and reminds me of my early 20s - I am aware that I can use my Mason jars to send Kendrick off to work in the morning with homemade ramen. And homemade ramen is the kind of thing that earns me points in the "Who Wakes Up Early With The Kids On Saturday" tally, which is kiiiiiiind of everything.

Thank you for the extra hour of sleep* this weekend, Diana Snyder.


Links & Love & Stuff

There are so many good things in this photo. First, see that wine bottle? It was designed by a friend of mine, Leslie Bruce, in collaboration with Speak Wines, and the inside is as delicious as the outside is witty. (You have to check out the entire line; the bottles are gorgeous and clearly super fun to bring to a party, and the entire business is run by women - no small feat in the male-dominated world of wine.)

 Second thing in that photo that deserves mention: An American Girl In London is by another friend of mine, Marissa (who you may know from the Bravo show Ladies Of London), and it is as sweet and funny and lovely as she is - and she is one of the sweetest and funniest and loveliest people around. She grew up in SoCal and later moved to London with her husband, and so the book is full of British classics with a California twist (Baked Brown Butter French Toast, Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie, Bubble & Squeak, etc.).

 Third and final thing in that photo that I need to tell you: I put on nail polish (this color) specifically to take it, which was annoying at the time because "self-care" hasn't been high on my priority list for a couple of months. Except now I remember what it feels like to have pretty nails, and am going to have to keep this up. (At least until June.) (Maybe.)


Panic & Joy

Am presently working on replacing my bloodstream with pure Keurig. Related: Traveling is exhausting.

There were some things that happened over the course of the past week that were not especially fun. My Egg Salad Sandwich Panic Attack, as an example: not fun. Dropping my phone onto a MetroNorth train track: also not fun. (Except for the climax of this particular incident, which involved my dad and me getting into his car in the middle of the night, driving up to the Ossining train station, and then dangling over the edge of the track and using a fruit picker that we'd borrowed from a bodega to get my phone back. That part was perhaps not especially smart, per se, but oh yes, it was fun.)

Losing various personal possessions, including a pair of shoes that I was actually wearing at the time they went missing? Weird. And super not fun.


Just In Time For Mother’s Day: The (Big, Big) Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People Giveaway!

I have been dying to post this, and now that I am back from my insane week on the East Coast and was able to finally photograph everything (this morning at 6AM, because awake children are children who must touch all the brightly colored things that mommy is trying to take pictures of) you go.

Win A Mom-To-Be Gift Basket With The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People Valued At Over $600 by clicking through. 


Suggestion For Your Cinco De Mayo: Tissue-Paper Crafts & Ranch Water Cocktails

Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays that only occurs to me when I'm in the middle of it - as in, when I'm sitting in a restaurant and notice the poster reading "CINCO DE MAYO CERVEZAS ONLY $2!!!" and think, Ooh. I should have a beer.

This year, Cinco de Mayo occurred to me several days prior to the actual event for two reasons: The first is that Mollie is throwing a party on Friday, and I just got the email reminder, and the second is that a few days ago I went over to Mollie's house and she showed me how to make the tissue-paper flowers and Ranch Water cocktails that'll be featured at this party. (Related: going to Mollie's house is always a good idea.) So, really, I suppose there's actually only one reason that Cinco de Mayo occurred to me before actual Cinco de Mayo, and that's "I have a friend named Mollie."

These tissue-paper flowers are so cute, and so versatile - you can make them bigger or smaller depending on the size of tissue paper you use, and can choose whatever color palette you want - and they're easy enough to make that you can hand over assembly duties to the kids (so you can focus on those Ranch Water cocktails).


When The Cracks Start To Show

For day two of our book tour, Erin and I headed into East Hampton for an event hosted by BookHampton at Calypso St. Barth’s, where I discovered that there are entire communities inhabited by people with better hair than me – you know, that kind of thick, healthy hair that you only get to have if you are very, very wealthy, related to a Kennedy, and/or an equestrian. There are three Ralph Lauren stores. On one block.

We went to a diner for lunch, and then, mid egg-salad sandwich, I lost it.