In Which I Drink A Cactus

Cactus leaf

Let me start this post with a caveat: unless you are already at least somewhat into juicing and used to buying copious quantities of fruits and vegetables and leafy things (or are a blogger trying to make something cool to write about, ahem), you are probably going to have to leave the cactus out of this recipe if you're ever going to actually make it. Because let me tell you: de-spining a cactus leaf is no small job, and I have a very sad finger right now to prove it.

You might, at this point, be asking yourself what I am doing holding a cactus in the first place, let alone trying to drink it. Because I've been pretty clear about the fact that, try as I might, I am not a green juice person. I pick up a couple of pre-made bottles in Whole Foods from time to time when I'm feeling guilty about my various excesses, but within a day or two I typically remember that there are things that taste better than green juice, like everything, and start eating and drinking those things instead.


Eight (Truly Phenomenal) Spot Treatment Suggestions For The Acne-Ridden

If only it were possible to flounce from one's own face. 

Remember my little skin issue? No, not the potentially-worm-related one (which is apparently something called "granuloma" that is only a big deal if you care about having feet that don't look like your grandfather's); the Trump-related one, a.k.a. the one that demonstrated that the state of my pores correlates precisely with the state of our country.

It's still happening (I was treating it before I left for Ohio, but a week of using hotel room soap because I forgot my own seems to have set me back). I had my dermatologist look at a little spot on my nose that was concerning me, and she had trouble understanding which spot she was looking at because - and I quote - "there are so many spots that it's hard to tell what's what."


I Think They Call This “Phoning It In”?

Yesterday afternoon I had all sorts of elaborate post ideas percolating and was just about to sit down and start writing, except then a massive crew of men and machinery arrived to destroy my driveway and replace it with a series of ten-foot-deep holes (but not before charging me $3,500.00 for the pleasure!). And my plans changed. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about re: the $3,500.00 disaster, oh please go to my Snapchat.)

And this morning I have a follow-up appointment at my dermatologist to determine whether or not the large and creepy rash on both of my feet means that they're about to fall off, or whether I might just be in the need of some extra-strength cocoa butter.

If how the last appointment went is any indication, I'm in for an exciting morning.


Killing 2017 So Far

jordan reid and daughter on new year's eve

Snapchat @ramshackleglam

When you fly across the country in the company of delays and cancellations and unexpected overnights in random cities, you are tired by the time you get home. You want to have an actual good night's sleep. You want a shower. You want, perhaps, not to have raw sewage coursing in waves down your driveway.

I thought something smelled weird when we dragged our kids and our bags into our house around 11PM on Sunday night after a week in Ohio and two days trying to figure out how to get back home, but I figured it was...I don't know, our dogs. Or our luggage. Or us.


Our Weird Little Stranded New Year’s (Video)

Oh hey! We're home from Ohio. Two days after we left. Suffice it to say that spending New Year's Eve figuring out how to get the rest of the way across the country was not in the original plan.

I should just start traveling with, like, a full-on astronaut supply kit, just in case we accidentally find ourselves stuck in the Alaskan wilderness one day. With no luggage. And the flu. (If history is any indication, this could totally happen.)


Peace Out, 2016: Here Are 10 Reasons To Feel Hope For 2017

By now you've seen the "2016 WAS THE WORST" meme at every turn (my own contribution is above; you're welcome). And it really was. The worst.

But just because things (by which I mean our democracy, and our country, and our world, and, okay, the future of mankind) are looking a little bleak at the moment, that doesn't mean that it's all bad out there. It also doesn't mean we shouldn't have hope; to the contrary, now is when we need hope the most.

So - and I say this as the Grinchiest New Year's Eve-er of all time; a person who views this holiday as little more than a vehicle for crippling hangovers and guilt over broken resolutions - tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, let's celebrate the fact that millions and millions of people all over our country are coming together in ways they never have before, united by the desire to prove once and for all that love speaks louder. And then let's wake up to a brand new year, where anything's possible.


Winter Water

Capitola, CA

Pants Sweater (similar)

I still cannot get over the fact that we go to the beach in December here. I mean, we're hardly wandering around in swimsuits (that's exclusively November territory), but it's totally lay-down-on-a-blanket-and-nap-in-the-sun weather - and really, that's all I ever want to do at the beach anyway.


24 Hours Of Fun

Kimono Boots (similar)

glam | camp Blanket Lulu & Georgia Pillow

See this happy, relatively relaxed-looking face? This photo was taken just before we left for the airport to spend a few days in Ohio with Kendrick's family. The dogs were walked, the kids were dressed, breakfast had been eaten, and everybody's toes were fully intact and more or less where they were supposed to be, so we were doing about ten thousand times better than we were this time last year.