A Little Late-Night Drama

So this happened last night.

Oh my god.

  • mary

    well, where is it?? still roaming around your house? yuck

    • jordanreid

      I DON’T KNOW.
      That is the WORST PART.

  • Elizabeth Murphy

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! Total nightmare! Is it attracted to light like a moth? I was thinking of setting up a flashlight? Don’t envy you on this one ;(

  • TheBlueRidgeGal

    hee hee…. we live in the country and I tiptoe around the yard just in case there are creatures, like grasshoppers or snakes in the bushes and when taking the pups out after dark I’m always fearful of a black bear attacking me or the pups and there was a rabid raccoon down the street… LOL I AM SERIOUS>>>>> it just freaks me out!! And sometimes Hubby is out of town for a week at a time and I just want to faint! I feel your pain…. xox

  • Alison Heller

    As a spricket survivor and veteran in dealing with them, here is some advice: The first thing you do is get a roll of paper towels and fold them all together and wet them so the edges stick to the floor when you throw them over the creature to prevent it from leaping shoulder height towards your FACE. THEN you put a big bowl over the paper-towel-trapped demon and DUCT TAPE THAT SHIT TO THE FLOOR. Then you wait for someone to come deal with it.

    You NEVER send the dog after it. The dog will just aggravate the thing and/or rip it apart so you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces of dead spricket, which are ultimately always in your bed.

    Good luck and BE CAREFUL!

    • jordanreid

      you’re like the spricket-whisperer.

  • Liz

    I believe they are called “cave crickets”. Don’t google it. Just don’t. I had them in my basement as a single girl and usually dealt with them by dropping a snowboarding or ski boot on them (or heavy book) from a height. The worst part is that after I got one once, I left it overnight because I was traumatized only to find the carcass gone the next morning. Knowing there was something there to take the carcass might have been worse than the cave crickets.

    • jordanreid

      i was describing them to a friend the other day and he told me to google them so he could see, and that was NOT HAPPENING. i don’t need a hi-res image, thanks.

      • jordanreid

        you’re like the spricket-whisperer. i will be duct-taping that shit to the floor and never, ever sleeping again thanks to the thought that a spricket leg might end up in bed with me.

  • Liz

    Ps. I called my best friend the first time I saw one an told her there were aliens living in my basement.

  • Jessie8383

    I find it irritating when girls make such a fuss over killing/dealing with bugs. I love your blog and admire many things about you, but what’s with the total inability to handle this?

    • jordanreid

      i’ve been doing well with the spiders and ants generally, and even killed an enormous millepede (and those things are NO JOKE) the other day…but these i cannot handle, both because i am a weenie and because they are not handle-able by the average person. go google them. i’m not going to do it.

      • Jessie8383

        Haha, ok fair enough!

    • My

      Everyone has their own fears and their own level of inability to deal with it. I dislike bugs but I can usually handle them. I have friends (and that includes guys) who can’t, which I find both odd and kind of funny but I get it, it just freaks them out completely. It’s closer to a full blown phobia for some people, I guess. Anyway, I have my own neurotic issues so who am I to judge?

  • Kathleen

    This has nothing to do with the spricket (though, dear lord! Good luck with that terrifying situation!!), but I’m all about these glasses you’re wearing…where did you find those lovelies?

  • gai

    Sounds like cave crickets, and they scare the bejesus out of me too. They’re not spiders at all (thankfully), but are big nasty looking crickets. They are not poisonous. They tend to like moist humid places in the summer time–so don’t go to the basement. That’s probably where your last night’s visitor fled. You can kill them w/ insect poison spread on the floor (obviously in the basement where the dogs and Indy don’t go)—ask at a hardware store, and send Kendrick to do it!!

  • lisa

    Ditto Kathleen’s comment–tell us about your glasses!

    • jordanreid

      lookmatic – link is below!

  • Ashley

    I watched this at work and laughed so loud! It could have been a scary movie…The Blair Witch…er, The Monster Cricket Project.

  • Alyssa

    I call them cockarickets, I think they’re a hybrid evolved species that does not need to exist. They really like my bathtub and I really enjoy drowning the down the drain. Good luck and courage to you!

    • jordanreid

      they enjoy my bathtub as well. which is why i do not enjoy baths.

  • Stephanie

    Lololol not to gross you out more, but my fiance and his brother once used automotive brake cleaner (STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED) to kill the invasion of sprickets in my mother in law’s garage … apparently the sprickets screamed …

    Bug bombs are STRONGLY recommended for smaller spaces you can close off and crack a window in, like your sunroom or garage. Other than that, a REALLY big shoe always works best because you can throw it at the spricket from the other side of the room lol

    Good luck!!!

    • jordanreid

      oh, cool. at least now i don’t need to worry about what i’ll be dreaming about tonight.

  • Tess

    Oh yeah. That sucker is not pretty. I googled it. I’m from Colorado and we just have Crickets which are enough to send me to therapy. We do all have our issues. I can handle snakes and such but bugs and spiders…no way. I am a complete meltdown. Loved the wet papertowel idea. Brilliant.

  • Katie Kornstein

    This cracked me up, you are hysterical. And please don’t invite me over again until you find that sucker and kill him! (and we have not seen any at our house to date, so make sure none are hiding in your car when you come to my house). That is all – thanks 😉

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