My Brain Chemistry Would Like To Say Thanks

Questioning whether this “going to sleep” thing is a good idea

My dreams have a tendency to skew towards the apocalyptic. Full-scale city collapses, plane crashes, and so forth. They also tend to be pretty lucid – meaning even as they’re happening, I kinda know I’m dreaming, and am all “Alright, let’s get the part where I die over with, shall we?”

Last night, Duckbill – the personal assistant service that I have been using, and that has been utterly SAVING MY SANITY (and legit changing my life) – decided to go ahead and fix the apocalyptic dream problem, too.

Stay with me, here.

See, in this dream, I was running through an airport, desperately late for a transatlantic flight for some Important Work Event. The airport was an endless maze, hallways lined with trash, and utterly bereft of employees (so, LaGuardia, basically), and in true dream fashion, my legs were as heavy as tree trunks. I think an ex-boyfriend was there, laughing at me from behind a Hudson News candy counter.

Eventually I boarded the flight (which was, of course, experiencing engine trouble and flying just inches above the ocean). I sat down in the last row by the bathrooms (of course), panicked a little about imminent death, and then panicked some more when I realized…

oh god…

I forgot to pack my Zoloft.

If you take Zoloft (or any anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medication), you know that this is a problem. You can’t just stop taking it for a few days and deal; your brain will explode (not literally, of course, but holy hell it feels like it). I’ve done this before both by accident and as an experiment (bad idea), and the result is virtually always cataclysmic depression.

But in this dream, wherein my plane hovered inches from the water and I braced myself both for impact and the destruction of my brain chemistry, do you know what I thought?

“Eh, I’ll just have Duckbill figure out how to get some Zoloft to me in Switzerland” (we were going to Switzerland).

This is an absolutely true story. The peace of mind that this service has given me has apparently penetrated my unconscious.

As a refresher, here’s what Duckbill is: A service that leverages both supremely capable humans and stunningly advanced AI to give you an affordable personal assistant who essentially takes all that emotional labor you have hanging out on your shoulders and says, “hey, why don’t you take a nap instead?”

duckbill personal assistant service online AI

Can anyone relate? …Bueller? #multitasking #help

Here are some things I’ve asked Duckbill to help me with over the past couple of weeks:

  • Hack a Disneyland trip so my children don’t melt down more than is absolutely necessary
  • Figure out how to return the thing that I don’t remember where I ordered it from
  • Find affordable and cute outdoor furniture on Facebook Marketplace so I don’t have to go on Facebook myself and get angry about my friends’ and neighbors’ politics
  • Make a list of brunch options within a 5-mile range
  • Do some busywork for my marketing job (basically sourcing well-priced branded merchandise), thereby leaving me free to focus on my work-work (or, okay, take a nap)
  • Suggest DIY options for landscaping our backyard
  • Schedule the physical that I should have scheduled…ah…three years ago?
  • Force me to go to the dentist, ugh

Words cannot describe how much this service has changed the way I operate in my day to day life. The relief! It’s palpable.

Use code RAMSHACKLE for one free month of Duckbill personal assistant services, and get ready to have your life change, too.

Note: There is currently a waitlist because everyone and their mom wants to try this out (understandable), but it moves quickly – and if you use my code you’ll get expedited, hooray!

I would love to hear what you think. (I *think* I will hear that you now feel that you have a partner in your life who does the things you ask them to do, and doesn’t get annoyed at you for it, but maybe that’s just me.)

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