Before Summer Ends

‘Tis almost the day when the grill gets covered up for the cold months, and all that lovely fresh corn disappears from the shelves (or becomes terrifying and inedible, as evidenced by the fact that the corn I bought at Trader Joe’s yesterday had actual, living CATERPILLARS in it, and if you think I screamed like Ghostface himself was hanging out inside that husk, you would be correct).

So here are ten recipes that I think you should make lickety-split, before you encounter any surprise beasties of your own in the fresh produce section.



Mussles With White Wine and Garlic

When you think “warm-weather recipe” you may think “grill”…but there are ways to make dinner feel light and fresh and summery without breaking out the barbecue.

Mussels, for example. Make some mussels.


Four Ingredient Chili-Chicken Tacos

I do not eat tacos. I will, on occasion, eat a burrito (and only “on occasion” because if I were to eat burritos as often as I would like to, I would become a burrito myself), but hard-shell tacos aren’t something that’s ever appealed to me. Don’t they, like, break apart into tiny, shard-like pieces which then a) hurt you and b) result in the deliciousness inside getting out, which, as I gather, is not the point?

And then reader Laura sent me this recipe.

And now I eat tacos.


Frosé (The Easy Way)

This is the best summer cocktail in the universe. Hyperbole, you say? ‘Tis not. Frosé is essentially a tarted-up slushie for grownups, except instead of Berry Berry Buzz or whatever, it tastes like…wine. Except better.


Farfalle With Cotija Cheese And Oilves

I have discovered another use for cotija cheese (besides sprinkling it over corn), and this one involves pasta, which is obviously like the joining together of angelic deities for the good of humanity. Cheese! Pasta! An excellent idea in any and all cases. (This recipe also doesn’t make very much sense, because it’s got Greek influences and Italian influences and Mexican influences, but whatever: let’s just label it “fusion” and call it a day, and then get down to the important part, which is Eating All The Cheesy Pasta.)


Simple Shrimp Rolls

I’m very particular about my lobster rolls – I need them to be juuuust the right combination of lobster meat and mayo, with very few other ingredients gunking up all that perfect simplicity – and it turns out I’m equally particular about shrimp rolls. Which means that when I tell you that the one that I have been making constantly these past few weeks is perfect, I mean it. It’s perfect. (Did I mention that you can easily make it in large quantities for guests, as a much more swishy take on regular old hot dogs?)


Salty Squirt

Tequila is not always a good idea, but sometimes it’s necessary.

If you’re going to do tequila, do this. Trust me.

(Apologies for the name.)


Sauce Made With Tomatoes From Your Own Garden

For whatever reason having everything to do with luck and nothing whatsoever to do with my abilities, the tomato vines that I plant every summer grow into freaking trees within weeks.

This is how I use them up, and is directly followed by me eating straight out of the pot (in bed, while watching This Is Us).


Lemon Papardelle with Potatoes & Haricots Verts

What’s that, you say?

Pasta and potatoes? Isn’t that a bit…much?

To which I say: “Hello. My name is Jordan. We must not have met before.”


S'mores Shots (Yes)

You are seeing this correctly: it is a s’more. And a shot. More specifically, it is a shot made out of a s’more. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that these are the easiest things to consume – they require a sort of nibble/sip maneuver that takes a bit of practice – but oh, they are worth the work.


Farmstand Peach Pie

This recipe came straight from the owner of a little farmstead somewhere in between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

It’s good for healing a broken heart. Speaking from experience.

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