Lovely Late-Summer Scents

Me as a garden nymph at a home scenting event, 2014

I’m not willing to accept that it’s almost fall, because my internal calendar remains convinced that it’s still April 2020. Or maybe April 2025; who knows! This reluctance-to-embrace-the-new-season is made vastly easier by the fact that it is approximately ten thousand degrees in Southern California at the moment, and I can barely walk my dog around the block without dissolving into a pool of sweat.

You know by now that I’m a bit of a candle obsessive; even when it’s hot out, I have candles burning. Beyond being something that’s always been a personal habit of mine, it’s just kind of necessary when your home is filled with Child and Dog smells (yummmm).

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Right now, what I want are scents that still feel fresh and light, but with the merest hint of the season to come. Below are my current favorites, and where you can shop them yourself.


Waxing Moon Totem Candle

This is just the most stunning candle – and I especially love the tiny tin of matchsticks (and a striker!) that doubles as a lid – such a fun little gift. The scent is floral jasmine deepened with sandalwood, and the jar itself is covered with designs evocative of nature, animals, and the spirit world.


Skeem Designs Lemon & Oak Candle

This right here is the scent for your kitchen. Tea, lemongrass, and citrus, all warmed up with the addition of amber.


Farm Kitchen Candle in Garden Cucumber

I bought this candle at the supermarket. I was definitely not there in search of a candle, but it was right there by the register, and when I picked it up I was instantly transported back to this house I stayed in in France once, where the owner kept the bright-white, airy bathroom stocked with the most incredible fresh vegetable-scented body wash. (Is that not the most bourgeoise anecdote ever?! Sorry.) Short story: This candle smells like an open-air shower in France.


Cannabis Leaf Field Jar Candle

Don’t worry, this one doesn’t smell like your favorite sativa: It’s more like a patchouli musk that’s been brightened up with vetiver and lemon. The field jar container is as lovely as the scent, and is meant to be reused as a storage container for little treasures once the candle has burned down.


Jasmine & Lotus Cloche Candle

This scent is a balance of heady jasmine and bright green leafy notes, making it perfect for the season – but what really stands out to me is the cloche-style glass jar, meant to be used to store fireplace matches (or whatever else you fancy) later on. SO pretty.

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