Dirty Drink

Oh, man, this is a dirty drink. Or, rather…not the drink itself, but the name I came up with for it. I totally did not mean it to mean what it means, but then someone at our Fourth of July party asked me what the drink I was serving was called, and this just seemed like the obvious answer, and then it was out of my mouth and there was no taking it back.

“Oh, this?” I said. “It’s called a Salty Squirt.”

Ew, I know. Go yell at the people who named the most delicious soda in the world “Squirt.”

Wait. Squirt-A-Rita sort of works. Maybe we should just call it that. (For real, though: I have a feeling I’m going to be serving a LOT of these this summer, so if you can think of a better name for this, please let me know.)

Anyway, while I’m going ahead and taking credit for the name, I can’t take credit for the recipe; one of the Thumbtack guys who’s working on our place right now – he’s helping me turn a guest bedroom into an office/playroom; SOOO excited about this one – saw that I’d picked up some tequila with the intention of making margaritas, and said: “Oh, if you’re doing tequila you’ve got to do this.”

And then he gave me his favorite cocktail recipe, which is now my favorite cocktail recipe.

If you’re doing tequila, you’ve got to do this.

Just trust me.

tequila squirt lemon salt

Squirt-A-Rita (serves 1)

What You Need:

1 – 1 1/2 oz tequila

About 1 oz fresh lemon juice (1/2 for the drink; 1/2 to dip the rim)

About half a can of Squirt (or any comparable grapefruit-flavored soda)

Fancy sea salt (I like Himalayan because it’s a pretty pale-pink shade and tastes great)

What You Do:

1. Pour about 1/2 oz lemon juice into a flat dish, and a little salt into another flat dish. Dip the rim of a rocks glass first in the lemon juice. (If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a salted rim – which isn’t much of a hassle, but also, alas, doesn’t translate especially well to Solo cups – speaking from experience – just sprinkle a little salt into the finished product before serving, and you’ll get a similar taste minus the pretty presentation.)

2. Gently pour a few ice cubes, the tequila and the lemon juice into the glass. Fill up the remainder of the glass with Squirt, and stir lightly. Serve with a fresh mint leaf for garnish, if you’ve got one.

lemon tequila salt cocktail  lemon lime cocktail squirt grapefruit

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