Hostess Gifts That Aren’t Soap

Happy December, a.k.a. the month in which you *actually* shop for holiday gifts, despite the fact that your feed has been filled with gift guides since September. First up: Hostess Gifts That Aren’t Soap, because while sure, these are excellent non-soap options for the next party you attend, they also work for kiiiind of everyone. Friend, neighbor, mom, in-law, office party Secret Santa thing: Done.


Weezie Makeup Towels

There is not a mascara-wearer out there who would not adore these.

“Stain me.”




Mother Myrick's Buttercrunch

I’m not usually big on food gifts, just because people’s offices tend to be flooded with assorted edible things during the holidays, but this buttercrunch is insaaaaane. I have a box in my refrigerator, and I have literally been waking up at 2AM to eat some. (I don’t know whether that tells you more about my present emotional state or the buttercrunch, but regardless: It’s crazy delicious.)

Oh! And it’s gluten free, if such things matter to you.


Incensio de Santa Fe

I discovered this incense during our cross-country move, when we stopped into a little shop in Santa Fe, and now feel all trendsettery and ahead-of-the-curve, because it’s been popping up in places like Madewell. It’s one of the best bang-for-your-buck gifts I’ve found: $13 gets you 40 bricks of incense and an adorable little burner. (Go for the Pinon scent – it’s subtly pine-y and perfect for winter.)


Shhhower Cap

Do you wash your hair every day?

Me neither.

But showering every day is still a good idea if you, you know, like to be around people and stuff. These stylish new takes on the old-school shower cap make all the social interactions possible.


Carrière Frères Tomato Diffuser

This diffuser moves out of “traditional hostess gift” territory thanks to the clean, vegetable-y scent (and yes, I am aware that tomatoes belong to the fruit family, but you get me). The apothecary-inspired jar has a cork stopper, and is lovely for post-use repurposing.


Sefte Digital Detox Pouch

A zippered alpaca pouch to house your devices when you’re home (and in the mood to shut off).

P.S. Check out more wellness-related products over on Sefte – they’re all unique and gorgeous.


Essentiel by Adele Moisturizer

Francesca introduced me to this frankincense-infused cream created by one of the world’s top hand and body-parts models, and it’s just the best product to keep constantly at (ahem) hand: you can use it anywhere – face, hands, body. I love the simplicity of having just one moisturizer that works for it all. And it’s affordably priced enough that you’ll be inspired to be total #hydrationgoals.


Skeem Design Talisman Candle and Black Matches

This scent (eucalyptus, clove, lemon and cinnamon) was inspired by the legend of 15th-century French bandits who used an essential oil elixir to protect themselves from the plague.


(And the black matches are the perfect finishing touch.)


Joanna Buchanan Wine Charms

Wine charms are one of those products that are lovely in theory, but rarely in execution.

These pastel crystal charms (with gorgeous splashes of turquoise) are so stunning you could practically mistake them for jewelry.


Verloop Slippers

House booties!

Everrrrryone can use a new pair of house booties. (If you need a refresher on The Rules Of House Bootie-Owning, please click here.)


Best Made Co. Irreverent Ornament

I went for the oyster, but really: Any of Best Made Co.’s Irreverent Holiday Ornaments would make even the most discerning tree-decorator happy.

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