The Get My Sh*t Together List

The mode I’m in right now can be most succinctly described as “Forgive Thyself.” I haven’t been to yoga in months. I’m sending my kids to school with Lunchables, leaving my bed unmade, forgetting to ingest anything but coffee until mid afternoon more often than a living human being reasonably should, and most certainly not drinking the physician-recommended amount of water.

I am getting through the day. One day at a time.

But, you know: this should probably change. Like, soon. And so I have decided that the Forgive Thyself Era may last until January 1st, at which point I will be changing All Of The Things. Here is a shortlist of plans that I have, which I am putting here so as to be held accountable.

  • Find a new yoga class. Or a dance class. (I may turn full middle-aged-lady and enroll in Zumba, because why not.)
  • Start being the kind of person who preps salad fixings on Sundays. This will involve eating salads, but so be it.
  • Water. Water. Water.
  • Force my picky children to pick a sport, and pick an art form, and enroll them in classes. Make them continue going even if they whine (which they will).
  • Find new health insurance. And a dermatologist. And a dry cleaner.
  • Get myself back on one of those meal-delivery services, and remember that I like cooking (but not for men, ever again – more on this later).
  • Do a sit up or thirty.
  • Stretch. Every night. This makes me so happy, and I don’t know why I’ve stopped doing it.
  • Stop with the f-ing Netflix until midnight, and remember that sleeping feels better than not-sleeping.
  • Get my car washed more often than “never.”

I think it’s fine to fall to pieces a bit once in awhile, and put a hold on living your Best Life – or whatever – for a few months, especially when you’ve just uprooted virtually every part of it. But I also think it’s time to…you know. Get my shit together.

On it.

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