10 Ideas For Locating Your Christmas Spirit

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Christmas is almost heeeeeeeere! (Ok, there’s still about a week to go, but I have two children who are doing an excellent job at keeping me posted on exactly how many days we have until Christmas. We’re talking hourly updates.)

I always have a bit of a rough time getting into the Christmas spirit, and this year is something extra. I want to be all blissed-out in front of a fireplace, feeling cozy and joyful and safe, but it’s 70 degrees outside and the world is falling apart around our ears and there’s so much to do every day that fireplace bliss doesn’t feel like a solid use of my time, and…

You get it. But instead of shrugging my shoulders and drowning my sorrows in whiskey-spiked Swiss Miss (although that doesn’t sound like a terrible idea), I have decided that I am going to spend this week making the Spirit happen, via Oreo truffle if necessary.

I deserve a few days of comfort and joy. So do you. These ideas won’t necessarily inspire you to instantly burst out in a cacophonous rendition of Good King Wenceslas, but they’ll help, I think.


Whip Up Some Palomas

You know what tends to improve your mood?


(These Palomas are especially fun to serve during the holidays because they’re not your traditional heavy, eggnogy, cinnamony Christmas drink…and yet they have snow around the rims, kinda. And they’re pink!)


Try A Tiki Tablescape

Holly and berries are lovely and all, but ever since I saw my friends’ tiki-inspired table centerpiece, I’ve been into the idea of adding offbeat elements to traditional decor. All you need for this look is a cedar garland, some succulents, a couple of pineapples…and a hula-hoop dashboard doll. Who doesn’t have one of those laying around?


Work With What You've Got

Related to the above: If you don’t have a hula hoop dashboard doll (even though you should), please do not go out and buy one. The holidays are stressful enough without adding “generate complex and innovative yet stylishly festive decor concepts” to the list.

In other words, work with what you’ve got. Those succulents on your kitchen countertop will look totally Christmassy once you throw a couple of pinecones in there, and tucking bits of pine branches into your napkins is a cute touch that costs you zero.


Put Sprinkles and Chocolate On Spoons

OK, so obviously the chocolate-dipped spoons that I make do not look like the ones pictured up there, because I don’t have edible violets and gold spoons hanging around.


Mine look like this, and so they’re not quite as fabulous. But they are also chocolate and sprinkles on spoons, and  you can stick them into hot chocolate or coffee, and they make everyone happy.


Burn A Thymes Frasier Fir Candle

Just do this.


Make Pom-Pom Pinecone Ornaments

Children’s holiday crafts are always sweet, but…how do I put this gently?…not always something you’d technically want to display.

These pom-pom pinecones are actually adorable, and I actually do hang them everywhere I can. (Note: They involve a hot glue gun, so either you’ll need to assist with the crafting or leave this one to older kids.)


Also Make Scented Glitter Pinecone Ornaments

Can you tell I have a thing for pom-pom-related crafts?

(Fun fact: This DIY post is from 2011, shortly after I bought a fancy camera and started actually putting effort into the imagery on my site. I remember looking at the photos after I took them and thinking HOLY SHIT I SHOULD BE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.*)

(They also made me think that I was baaaaaaasically Martha Stewart-level in my crafting abilities.*)

*These photos should not have made me think that.

*Or that. But be gentle: I was but a wee one back then.


Definitely Make Oreo Truffles

I’ve been making these truffles for yearrrrrrs – they date back to when I literally could not have baked a decent cake if my life depended on it and yet somehow still managed to convince people to let me cook on television (AHEM I AM BETTER NOW). Let me tell you: As a semi-reformed kitchen disaster, it does not get easier than making Oreo truffles. It also doesn’t get more delicious than Oreo truffles (shoutout to my mom, who just won third place in her company bake-off with them).

Also smashing Oreos with a rolling pin is a great stress-reliever, just saying.


Oh My God, Please Try Shooting A Family Music Video Or Mini-Movie

Trust me.

Even if you don’t think this will be fun, it will be fun, and you will be happy you did it.

Some examples of our family creations over the years:

The Great Pirate Battle: A Movie By Us

Here We Go (Again) (the dancing portion starts at 2:32)

One More Time, For The Cheap Seats (featuring teeny tiny baby Kendrick and Jordan; this one is way vintage)



Elf and Chinese

If all else fails, order in a platter of egg rolls and rent Elf, then get on that couch and embrace the joy.

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