The Ramshackle Glam Gift Guide For Besties 2023

Okay, maybe these gifts aren’t for besties *quite* as short as the one pictured above, but you get the point. These are mid-range priced gifts that, IMO, any one of the incredible ladies in my and your life (myself included) would absolutely adore.

P.S. If you’re wondering what those amazing gloves my daughter is wearing in that pic are, they’re Freezy Freakies, and IYKYK (East Coasters from the ’80s, heyyyyy!).


Melinda Maria Sparkles

OK, I don’t know who this woman is, but she is ALL over my Instagram feed, and finally it happened: I fell in love with her jewelry. Particularly this 18″ CZ “tennis necklace,” but there are lots of less-expensive pieces that are just as pretty, like these opal hoops, this ear cuff, and this emerald heart necklace.


Lego Tiny Plants Set


Legos are certainly NOT just for kids – I can think of few things more relaxing than a long afternoon with a new set – and these are just tiny happiness-makers. (Also love this modern art Lego set.)


Bonbon Whims Rings

18k gold-plated and hand-dipped in neon enamel, these are so. much. fun. The only problem: I genuinely have no idea how you pick just one.


A Big Activity Book! Or two!

There’s one for *literally* everybody (and yes, The Everybody Gets Anxious Book is technically for kids…but I know lots of adults who absolutely adore it as a fun coffee table book). Pair your selection with those Andy Warhol crayons that are all over social media these days, and you’re done.


Jones Road Miracle Balm

This is one of those cult items that I’ve been dying to try – it’s a tinted moisturizing balm that perfects and hydrates skin, and adds a little glow wherever you put it. (Pair it with the brand’s gorgeous Just A Sec Bright Eyes glitter shadow for a next-level gift.)


Happy Face Slippers

For some reason, everyone I know (and their kids) seems to own these, and I covet them whenever I spot them. They’re inexpensive, cozy, and come in lots of different colors, and are just so cute.


Everlasting Candle

These beautiful, clean-burning candles utilize scent-free, refillable oil and steel rods (I don’t get it, but sure) to make this candle a gift that lasts way beyond the holiday season. My personal favorite style: The Neva in Black, pictured above.


Kate Spade Vintage "Cherry Dot" Tupperware

The right person – and I am she – would very much enjoy a few pieces of this adorable glass Tupperware.


Coming Soon Animal Farm Tumblers


(The hedgehog! I can’t.)


Comfyable Puffy Laptop or iPad Sleeve

…And for the frequent traveler, a laptop sleeve that puts the “fun” in “functional” (sorry, sorry. but it does!)

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