Holiday Entertaining Hacks (Using Stuff You’ve Already Got Handy)

I’m not big on shelling out tons of money on holiday decor. I mean…that stuff can get expensive. And only gets used for, what, three weeks a year?


But for real: you totally don’t have to do a massive decorating run in order to make your home look like Christmas exploded inside it. Presenting: some holiday hacks that let you get good and festive without stepping one single foot outside your door (or laying down one single cent).

Create a beautiful centerpiece using mismatched teacups filled with dried fruit, pinecones, and branches (and maybe a couple of single red roses, just because they’re pretty).

How to make your own dried fruit: Just lay orange and apple slices on a cookie-drying rack set over a rimmed baking sheet. Place in the oven (at its lowest setting, no higher than 225F) for a few hours, flipping occasionally, until completely dehydrated.

Tip: If the decorations sit too low in the teacups, tuck a crumpled white paper towel inside to lift them to the right level.

dipped spoons

Instead of picking up fancy hot cocoa for your guests, just dress up some Swiss Miss with DIY-ed chocolate spoons.

How to make them: Dip plastic spoons in melted chocolate, throw on some festive sprinkles, mini marshmallows, or crushed peppermint, and set them in wax paper in the refrigerator to dry.

entertaining hack

There’s really no reason to rent extra furniture for parties: if you’re in need of additional serving spots, just pull a framed picture off of your wall and set it on top of an ottoman.

Poof: An extra tabletop.

entertaining hack mirror

Rather than an elaborate centerpiece, go for the simple elegance of reflected light: just pull a mirror off of your wall and top it with candles and some greenery.

Tip: Go for unscented (or faux) candles so the scent doesn’t interfere with the food.

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