A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Effed Up Yogurt Cake

Vintage us (and Lucy) in our 2009 apartment.

Last night I was hunting around on RG for an old recipe – because the Superbowl is on Sunday and a couple of friends who are actually into football are coming over, so now I’m feeling all inspired to do something…I don’t know, thematic. Football-y. As it turns out, the number of recipes related in any way whatsoever to football on Ramshackle Glam is zero – shocker, I know – but that’s not the point.

The point is that over the course of my dive into the archives, I came across the above video, and got ALL THE FEELS.

First of all, we are tiny babies. I can’t even handle how long ago it feels like this video was made. Mostly what got me all nostalgic, though, was seeing our old apartment, with its slanty floors and furniture left over from the previous renters and weird lamps that I’d found on the street, dragged up to our place, and attempted to make look like something other than trash (with variable results). Our stove was both miniature and murderous; in order to get it to work, I had to light it with a match while laying flat on my back on the floor, hoping it wouldn’t shoot flame-balls at me (which it frequently did).

I wouldn’t say we were “happy” there, exactly – the time that we spent living in that apartment coincided with some serious growing pains in our relationship and a whole lot of fighting – but we were…you know, we were such kids. Kids trying to figure out how to cook, how to decorate, how to be married, how to build a life that felt like a life we wanted. Sometimes we got it right; sometimes we screwed up a recipe allegedly so simple that a toddler could make it.

And as the saying goes: When life gives you a yogurt cake and you eff it up royally, laugh about it, make a video of it, and then post that video to the Internet. (Or something.)

Jordan Reid and Kendrick StrauchJordan Reid and Kendrick StrauchPutting on a makeup at a vintage vanity

Jordan Reid and Kendrick Strauch

All photos by Bevan Mahaney circa 2009.

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