2023 Gift Guide for Ramshackle Glam People

OK, so this is basically just stuff I covet. But if you generally enjoy my recommendations, they’ll likely be up your alley, too.


Under-Desk Treadmill

Relevant to my current oh-my-god-I-need-to-start-working-out interests: My Big Activity Book co-author, Erin, apparently writes this way…which I thought was crazy, until I visited her and tried it. It totally works – you can write easily, and you barely notice your feet moving once you get in the zone. (And you *can* get an elevated desk to go with it, or you could just prop a raised computer stand on your existing desk.)


Cheap Old Houses

One of my favorite IG accounts to follow, and one that regularly gets me contemplating a move into a $250 house in Wisconsin (or something). This is such a fun coffee-table book.


Any of these!

I forgot to put the Big Activity Book for Divorced People in the graphic! You can buy that one, too! It’s funny! I swear!


Modoker Dog Travel Case

If you’re a have-dog-will-travel kinda person (which I’m getting back to being now that Archie has had a few months to recoverer), how helpful would this be?!


Vestreka Cat Carrier

Stop it.

Want it.



Yes, I am putting artificial movie-theater-type butter on this list. Because you know what I like more than movie theater popcorn? Movie theater popcorn that I can eat without going to a movie theater.


Houseplant Standing Ashtray

This ashtray from Seth Rogen’s houseware accessories line is just so chic. Even if you don’t use it for its Seth Rogen-intended purpose, it can be used as a catchall or for candles.



On anything and everything, because mama needs to lower that blood pressure and cats that enjoy hiding for days on end DO. NOT. HELP.


Adjustable Aerial Silks Rig

Santa can you hear meeeeeeeeee. (I can’t actually speak to whether these things actually work for in-home use because I only ever used them in the studio, but the one I linked to here was highly rated and seemed significantly sturdier than similar models.)


Rose Gold Disco Ball

I have one of those disco-ball planters in my office, and the dappled light that it casts in the afternoon is spectacular. What could be better, you ask? Rose-gold dapples. Hang it by a window and enjoy.


Gardening Clogs

My favorite way to spend an afternoon is in the garden, and I see no reason why I can’t be adorable while I try to resuscitate my basil. These are great.


Offhours Homecoat

On the Dream List: This “homecoat,” which looks like a duvet that you can wander around in (and I do not personally feel that it needs to stay at home). If you work from home and are in pajamas all day anyway – ahem – this is an upgrade.


Leonor Grey Oil

Years ago, I was religious about using this oil – on body, face, hair, everywhere. I recently rediscovered it, and now I remember why: It is truly one of the loveliest scents in the world, lightly floral thanks to the magnolias but very sexy, too.



For those who love their bathtubs even more than their sofas (same): An actual pillow to sink into that’s made with Clean-Dry technology so it won’t get mildewy and such. Reviews are great.

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