Gifts For Men That Have Nothing To Do With Alcohol Or Golf

Is the significant male in your life all full up on flasks, hilarious golf socks, and those whiskey ice cube things that nobody ever actually uses? Could he use, perhaps, something that isn’t underwear (although let’s be real: all men, everywhere could use some new underwear)? Some suggestions, below.


Swet Tailor Joggers

These aren’t “sweatpants”…they’re joggers. As in, cute enough to wear to Sunday brunch – and also cute enough to steal, ahem.


Hungry Fan Thermal Bag

What is this, you ask?

It’s a PORTABLE SLOW-COOKER. Or just a thermal bag to keep your food at its desired temperature – whether hot or cold – for hours, with no batteries, plugs, or Wifi connections required.



Therapedic Weighted Blanket

Apparently this blanket elicits the same pressure as a “loving hug.”

(That’s actually in the ad copy.)

It also apparently does wonders for helping you sleep deeply (something to do with even pressure, et cetera). Doesn’t that sound nice?


Maika Dopp Travel Case

A classic, stylish travel bag made with recycled canvas and a waterproof lining.


Best Made Co. Brass Flashlight

For the luxe lumberjack in your life: A flashlight that’s practically a work of art. (There’s also a smaller version if this one is too pricey for your taste.)


DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

This ball connects to an app that constantly tracks information about…I don’t know, whatever people who play soccer need to know about. …Kick speed? Or something?

It also uses virtual reality to take you through training sessions, and even lets you play remotely with friends. This is quite obviously a super cool gift for someone who’s into the sport.


Birddog Gym Shorts

The site is a little bro-y, but the shorts really are awesome: they come in lots of great color combos, and apparently have dedicated pockets for his phone, his wallet, and his balls. (And no, I didn’t need to know about that last part, but now I do. And so do you.)


Baubax Travel Jacket

My dad (pictured above, looking very Dad-like) discovered this jacket during its Kickstarter campaign, and couldn’t stop talking about it when I visited him in New York. And I get why, because here is a sampling of what this jacket includes:

A passport pocket, a bottle opener, an eye mask, a microfiber cloth, an Apple pencil pocket, AirPod straps, and a whistle. Oh, and a footrest, a neck pillow, a water bottle, and a blanket. And other stuff. (I don’t understand it either. But it’s true.)


Hudson Lumberjack Axe

A classic axe made with extraordinary attention to detail, this is an instant heirloom.


Shaun Leane Black Rhodium Single Earring


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