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Favorite way to wear these coil rings: two per finger, as shown above (just order one ring a size smaller than your regular ring size so it’ll fit above the knuckle).

Tidiness is taking over the world. This is equal parts terrifying and thrilling. (Marie Kondo and the Ruthless War On Stuff, via NY Times.)

The fact that this item of clothing exists makes me (almost) want to be pregnant again.

 Remember a couple of months ago when I flew to New York to get all crafty with paint and such? No? I fly to New York too often and you can’t keep track? (I can’t keep track either.) Anyways, the video that I shot during one of my trips – on easy ways to use Valspar Paint to brighten up your outdoor space – is finally live, and you can check it out here. (I think these ideas are suuuper cute and am dying to try the bar cart one in my own place.)

 Illuminating stories from the Dr. Frankenstein who created the thing that is our nation’s Republican candidate. (Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All, via The New Yorker.)

 Summer sandals are on sale, woo! These are just too cute and inexpensive not to pick up and wear every day forever and ever, or at least until Labor Day.

It has been twenty years since Hanson released “MmmBop” (yes I know, and yes I feel old too). Here is a video of them singing your favorite song circa 1996, except all grown-up and hot. You’re welcome.

Photographer Gray Malin – whose work you’ve seen in my office, dining room and bedroom – is handing out a Golden Ticket (a.k.a. 250,000 Starwood Preferred Guest points) that’ll give one winner the chance to take the vacation of their dreams. To enter, follow @lemeridienhotels on Instagram and share an epic photo of your travels with the hashtag #FollowGrayContest. Gray himself will select the winning image on August 18. (More info here.)


While I was in the city last week I stopped into my favorite store, Reformation, and very nearly left with this…and then didn’t because the line for the dressing room was too long, ugh. But that’s what the Internet is for, amirite?

In case you haven’t noticed this feature since my site redesign, every week I switch up the little widget on the home page that says “Shop Jordan’s Favorites” so I can show you what I’m specifically into this very moment. I love this week’s picks (especially the round Ray-Bans, which are not nearly as John Lennon-ish as typical round shades and look good on virtually everyone). (OK and I also need to single out this resurfacing treatment, which is – no exaggeration – the single best exfoliating product I have ever tried. And I promise I was not swayed by the fact that David Beckham is the brand ambassador at all.) (OK maybe a little. But only a little. It’s REALLY great.)

 If you’re still like HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? (which would be a reasonable assessment of whatever’s happening in our country’s political system right now), this article explains why Donald Trump is so appeal to a specific – and numerically significant – sector of the population. (For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words Of Resistance, via NY Times.)

 Social media doesn’t always work to the benefit of mankind…but sometimes it does remarkable things. This post made my heart pound. (Viral Facebook Post Changes the Life of One Mom in Nice, France, via

 Regardless of where you fall on this whole Kimye/Taylor lunacy, this is an interesting read. (How Taylor Swift Is The Most Dangerous Type Of White Woman, via Very Smart Brothas.)

When I was living in Westchester, I couldn’t wrap my mind around why the public schools in certain towns were considered enormously desirable, while those in nearby towns with similar average test scores were disregarded by many of my (overwhelmingly white) neighbors as “sub-par.” This article explores how the personal choices of wealthy Caucasian parents contribute to the isolation of low-income minorities in the public school system, and is an illuminating read. (When White Parents Have A Choice, They Choose Segregated Schools, via Slate.)

 Meet the “Mother Tucker.” Hee.


 Fiiine Instagram got me and now I kind of want to put all my plants in baskets. Mostly these ones.

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