The Great Office Makeover

I know, I already put up a video on this a couple of days ago, but I wanted to show you some photos, too…because I LOVE this room.

I honestly can’t believe that it’s the same space that I saw when we first moved in. I also can’t believe how much we have going on in there, considering the entire space is about 8’x10′ – and now it’s a playroom, an office space, a music room and a guest bedroom (thanks to the addition of a pair of blackout curtains that I hung on the inside of the french doors, so that they aren’t visible from the living room but can be used to darken the room in a pinch).

Alright, so here are a couple of “before” images:

IMG_4211 IMG_4214 (1)

Not cute.

We were using the room as a sort of toy storage room-guest room, but it didn’t really work for either. The closet, which you can see above, had a lot of unusable space in it, and the proportions of the room made it impossible to fit in both a futon and a desk. I thought about installing a Murphy bed and played with a ton of different orientations that might allow the space to work as both an office and a playroom, but when the carpenter who I hired off of Thumbtack and I sat down, we came up with what I think was the perfect plan.

IMG_4351 IMG_4810


1. Closed off the existing door (which led out into the hallway) and opened up the wall in between the bonus room and the living room. Both rooms were small and kind of dark, but this opened the space up a ton and made both feel much larger and much brighter.

2. Took out the closet and opened up the walls around it so that we could take full advantage of the space, and built a custom shelving-and-drawer unit to hold books and toys.

3. Made me a gorgeous little home office with an Overstock desk.

4. Somehow managed to fit our piano into the corner (I continue to not understand how we wedged this much stuff into the room, but go figure).

5. Added some finishing touches: a faux palm from HomeGoods, a vintage rug, and a spectacular, oversized Gray Malin print (that’s “St. Tropez Tahiti Club“).

And so this…


Turned into this:



IMG_6568IMG_6562IMG_7878IMG_7884Thumbtack is a partner of Ramshackle Glam. The Gray Malin image was a gift from the artist.

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