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Corneal Abrasions. For Real.

Jeeeesus. Sometimes I think it's lucky that I make it through a day - like, any day - alive, between the burns and the cuts and the falls and the...now...CORNEAL ABRASIONS. Read More »


Photo on 2010-06-29 at 20.27 #2

Sigh. So now I want to know: what are your favorite sunburn-relief products? I like super-cheap, bottom-shelf-in-the-drugstore aloe, but am in minor pain and open to suggestion. Read More »

Time To Exit Stage Right


Yesterday I was washing dishes - washing dishes! such a dangerous undertaking, I know - when I experienced a little reprisal of the Great Arterial Spurt of 2009. Read More »



I am completely and utterly incapable of coming within ten feet of a grating or peeling device of any sort and keeping my skin intact. Read More »

Treacherous Dinner


Last night Kim came over for dinner, and since I didn't have a whole lot of time yesterday to plan a meal and shop for food, I ended up whipping up one of my favorite standbys, Linguine Carbonara. Read More »

A Lovely Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon, I was typing away on my computer while Kendrick (very graciously) took care of a few of the dishes that had been piling up. Suddenly, from the kitchen, a crash: “Uhhh…uh-oh. Read More »

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