Save the Environment…And Your Arteries

One of yesterday’s posts on The Gloss:

My husband and I have a little problem with dish-breaking. As in, we’ve broken pretty much all of them. Every single adorable library-striped Kate Spade wine goblet from our wedding registry? Gone down the drain in itsy-bitsy, unbelievably expensive slivers. We also have a minor issue with bloodshed in the kitchen: I have a tendency to slice off parts of my fingers pretty much every time I’m in close proximity to a stove, and Kendrick recently had a run-in with a china plate that landed him in the emergency room with a spurting artery (good morning!).

My mother, of course, has told me about a zillion times to please, Jordan, please buy one of those rubber matty things that go in the bottom of your sink and keep expensive, lovely tableware from shattering in the direction of your skin, but I like a little danger in my dishwashing.

Enter the perfect problem-solver: melamine plates! Not only do these virtually unbreakable things save your paws from disaster, they’re also good for the environment…and come in decidedly non-grandma-y designs nowadays. Pictured  above are a selection from Thomas Paul, which I love because I think the idea of clearing off your plate only to discover a blowfish is quite fun.

You can also go gothic, girly, or granola…it’s all good stuff.

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