Treacherous Dinner

Last night Kim came over for dinner, and since I didn’t have a whole lot of time yesterday to plan a meal and shop for food, I ended up whipping up one of my favorite standbys, Linguine Carbonara (go HERE for the video). (P.S. A lot of you have asked me what my Keratin Treatment-ed hair looks like totally au natural; this is it. I came directly in from the rain and started cooking.)

I love my recipe, but Kim told me about this Diner’s Journal article about Robuchon’s carbonara (pictured above)…and now I may just need to mix it up.

Now…why call this “Treacherous Dinner”? Because apparently last night I had ten whole thumbs.

Gross, right? I managed to burn my left wrist and my right forearm, and grated some of the knuckles on my left hand into the parmigiana. After that last debacle, I just handed things over to Kim and Kendrick and gave directions from afar: some days, the gods just seem to be telling you to steer clear of flames and sharp instruments.

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