All My Thanksgiving-ish Recipes, In One Handy Post

Thanksgiving centerpiece by The Bouqs

Thanksgiving has always been sort of a crapshoot holiday for us - some years we were with Kendrick's family, some years with mine, some years with friends (and if you're wondering whether looking at those posts I just linked to made me cry, the answer is: yes. obviously). Since our split it's become even more up-in-the-air with regards to what we're going to do each year, and with whom, but we've decided that this Thanksgiving will be another in a long line of outliers (which makes them...not really outliers, but whatevs): All four of us are going up to my parents' place, where we'll eat our mashed potatoes alongside an assortment of their displaced friends.



Fudgy Chocolate-Cherry Cookies For Your Valentine

These cookies are fudgy (almost brownie-esque), just the tiniest bit fruity, and crowd-pleasers for all ages (I almost had to call them "Chocolate Cookies" instead of "Chocolate-Cherry Cookies" because OMG, six-year-old, STEP AWAY FROM THE MARASCHINOS).


What you need:


Santa Needs Some Cookies

I'm having a bit of a rough time getting into the holiday spirit this year. I know, YOU'RE SHOCKED AND HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

This candle helps quite a bit. And so does baking. Especially when your six-year-old has decided with 100% certainty that what she wants to be when she grows up is a chef ("because they get to eat a lot"), and wants nothing more than to perch herself on the kitchen counter with some carols playing in the background and help you roll out perfect little balls of dough.

This morning, she asked if coronavirus would still be around when she went to college. "No," I said, "but probably for another six months." ...And do you know what she did? Screamed - in joy! - at the top of her lungs. "Six months?!" she said. "That's NOTHING!"

Crafts for the Uncrafty

The Tiger-Stripe Cat Cake

We've done spooky, Halloween-themed cakes for a few years now, and so this year I thought I'd try something different.

Cat Cake.

See, my son loves cats. LOVES them. He has an especially deep bond with Riggs, who trails him from room to room, sleeps in his closet during the day, and lays next to him reading books (on his back!) like a furry little human at night. But I also didn't want to test my sculpting powers by going full-on Here Is A Cat, so I had to get a little improvisational.


Before Summer Ends

'Tis almost the day when the grill gets covered up for the cold months, and all that lovely fresh corn disappears from the shelves (or becomes terrifying and inedible, as evidenced by the fact that the corn I bought at Trader Joe's yesterday had actual, living CATERPILLARS in it, and if you think I screamed like Ghostface himself was hanging out inside that husk, you would be correct).

So here are ten recipes that I think you should make lickety-split, before you encounter any surprise beasties of your own in the fresh produce section.


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