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Me and my hair and that dress I said you should buy the other day.

You know how I’ve been collaborating with Rogaine for awhile now? A big part of the reason I partnered with them was because the stigma surrounding women and hair loss is, like most stigmas, unnecessary and damaging. Thinning hair can be embarrassing, sure (speaking from experience)…but it’s also Completely. Normal. Click here for a link to a special offer from Rite Aid if you’d like to try Rogaine for yourself.

Ugh, now I want new pajamas. (The rainbow stripe ones, obvi.)

I never installed my beloved, beloved, much-lusted-after wall sconces in our house, and now we’re moving and I guess I’m renting and do not need them, and my loss is your gain. Email me – – if you want to purchase these custom beauties and we’ll discuss. Le sigh. (I also have a Frank Lloyd Wright “Tree Of Life” inspired stained glass window and some bathroom hardware that I was going to put on eBay but would rather sell to you because I am sad and selling to someone here makes me happier.)

On the plus side of that whole bike shorts trend: I already own many pairs, and enjoy wearing them. I do not, alas, tend to wear them elegantly. (Of Course Gigi Hadid Nailed the Elegant Bike Shorts Trend, via Vogue.) P.S. H&M sells bike shorts for $4.99 if you’re similarly wary of this whole deal but feel the need to try it anyway.

The Cut wrote about a new nameplate necklace company that encourages buyers to think out of the box, and skip your or your child’s name in favor of a word that has special meaning for you. I’m one step ahead, just saying: you can see what’s written on the Tiny Tags necklace I ordered last month here.

I only know who like three of these people are, and I am very proud that two of them are from Bachelor In Paradise. (The Celebrity Couples To Dress Up As This Halloween, via Refinery29.)

Omg Lady Gaga’s Venice Film Festival gown. I can’t. (I mean this in the very best of ways; she is a treasure.) (Lady Gaga’s Gown Has More Pink Feathers Than a Flock of Flamingos at the Zoo, via PopSugar.)

Want one please. (5 Teardrop Trailers You Can Buy Right Now, via Curbed.)

This whole thing where people leapt to the defense of the former Cosby Show actor who was spotted working at Trader Joe’s restores my faith in humanity. (Actors Stand Up For ‘Cosby Show’ Star Who Got Shamed For Having a Day Job, via Mashable.)

Follow this lady; she is wonderful.

The former Editor In Chief of Women’s Health, Amy Laird (pictured above), just launched Mental, a project that’s focused on the destigmatization of women living with mental health issues. YES TO ALL OF THIS.

GoFundMe Spotlight: Sheri’s Hope for a Cure. This fundraiser is supporting a good friend of mine’s aunt, who has Stage IV cancer and – on her doctor’s enthusiastic recommendation – hopes to travel to Mexico to seek holistic, whole-body treatment at Hope4Cancer.

I LOVE a good mobile. This one is the sweetest I’ve ever seen, and is a uniquely perfect gift for a mother-to-be. (OK, fine, go ahead and throw in our book to offset all that rainbow adorableness a bit.)

Reformation makes sunglasses now. Not sure I’m a huuuuge fan, but I wouldn’t throw these out of bed.

Give me all the easy carbs. (16 Quick and Easy One-Pot Pastas Your Whole Family Will Love, via Buzzfeed.)

Earth Balance makes a product called Choco Pretzel Crunch, Trail Mix Spread. As you were.

The fact that I know what Uttanasana means – and can do one on command – makes me extremely proud of myself. Wellness, WOO. (10 Best Uplifting Yoga Poses to Beat the Sunday Night Scaries, via Yoga Journal.)

I don’t know who is behind those new ads for Las Vegas, but the fact that ads for Las Vegas are capable of making me get all weepy is pretty astounding. Well done, whoever you are.

Can we all stop pretending we’re anti-Goop now and just unironically revel in the glory that is Gwyneth? (Goop Is Selling Furniture Now, via Curbed.)

My daughter knows how to handle Hump Day. (Also I would like a jumpsuit like hers STAT.)

Squeeeeeeeeeee. (10 Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Costumes So Cute It’s Scary, via Romper.)

Related: Costco Halloween costumes!! (via PopSugar.)

I’ve owned these earrings for awhile but have, thus far, been a little shy about wearing them (because oh my, they are dramatic). So here is my Autumn Resolution: I WILL WEAR ALL THE AMAZING EARRINGS.

When my friend Tia visited me I was practically blinded by the size of the rock on her hand, and was super déclassé and had to ask her about it, and (because she is awesome and unpretentious and such), she proudly announced how she had come to own it while also not emptying the old “maybe buy a house one day” fund. COOL. (The Engagement Ring Trend That Will Save You Money, via Menswear.)

Each and every one of these pose names sounds like a Kama Sutra position. (Reverse Bambi, anyone…?) (A Guide To The Crazy World Of Celebrity Instagram Poses, via Refinery29.)

A challenge for your Thursday: Say “Nibby Butter Buckwheat Bar” ten times fast. (The Limited Edition Chocolate Bars We’re Hoarding This Fall, via Food52.)

If you need something to make you cry today, here is a video of a newborn who meets his mother for the first time, and refuses to let her go (via Mom.Me.)

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