Sometimes A Dress Is Just A Dress

Dress. Necklace. Flats.

The other day – Friday – was my wedding anniversary. I opened up Facebook, and there it was, right in the middle of the page: my favorite of our wedding photos, telling me it had been ten years, and asking me if I wanted to share with my friends and family.

I had forgotten. And seeing that photo – especially when I hadn’t been expecting to see it – was like getting punched in the face.

So I did what any reasonable person would do: I left my bed unmade, put on a pretty dress, and went for a walk. Sometime pretty dresses are for anniversaries, and sometimes they’re for wandering to nowhere in particular at all.

10 Dresses I’d Like To Wear Right Now, below.


For Love & Lemons Ruffle-Edge Mini ($74 On Sale)

This mustard color (plus the mini length! and the long sleeves!) is everything I want to wear this fall. Picture it with tights and OTK boots please.


NBD Enamorarse Gown ($62 On Sale)

I have nowhere to wear something like this.

That seems like something I should remedy.


Diane Von Furstenberg Farren Asymmetrical Dress ($179 On Sale)

Add a denim jacket and boots (or even the right pair of sneakers) to dress this down, and then take off the jacket when you get wherever you’re off to to be all fancy and spectacular.


Zimmerman Lumino Daisy Dress (50% Off)

I want to wear this with a big sweater and boots and go to a pumpkin patch and drink some cider RIGHT. NOW.


Helmut Lang Off-the-Shoulder Ribbed Dress (50% Off)

Augh, this is so chic.


Reformation Graphite Blazer Dress (70% Off)

This one I own, and it is great. Really low in the front, so you’ll want to layer a tank underneath (or use some strategically positioned tape), but such an easy, cool piece to throw on.


Reformation Ria Minidress (30% Off)

Seasonless and adorable and wearable in infinite ways, this seems like a must-own.


Anna Sui Crochet-Knit Maxi Dress (40% Off)

I had a serious love affair with Anna Sui in the late ’90s and I think it might be time to get back together. This dress is total ’70s perfection.

(And if you want a big selection of Anna Sui’s romantic fall florals, here you go. All on sale.)


Vince Wrap-Waist Cotton Dress

I have a feeling that wearing this dress would not be dissimilar from wearing pajamas.


ASTR V-Neck Shift Dress (50% Off)

This looks like the dress version of my favorite blouse. I’m into it.

  • Val

    <3 <3 <3

  • Jenn

    My favorite thing that facebook does is still show comments on old posts from your ex who you’ve blocked and who has also blocked you. Nothing like reliving the heady joy of falling in love via flirty and sweet comments months after you got dumped!

    • Val

      Yes, fuck this. Facebook memories have incapacitated me more times than I like to count. I try to look at it as a reminder of how far I’ve come since then. But man, an anniversary like this, and the timing…

      I think my personal favorite, however, is how I regularly find out someone has unfriended me because they’ll show up in my friend suggestions. Wouldn’t you think that rule would be written into an algorithm somewhere?

      • jordanreid

        hahaha that’s never happened to me (yet).

        UGH. Facebook. Let’s dial down the emotional devastation, shall we?

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