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So Here’s the Truth About Rogaine (For Women)

What you see above are the results of my regrowth over the past few months. (Gorgeous, I know. But also AMAZING.)

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Back in the spring, when Rogaine first asked me if I’d be interested in working with them, I was a little hesitant. Not because the thinning hair that I’d been dealing with for several years didn’t bother me – oh my god, did it ever; I hated seeing photographs of my head from certain angles because they made me look like that guy in Tales From the Crypt – but because I was embarrassed. Talking publicly about the fact that I was losing one of the main things that many people (myself included, I suppose) associate with youth and femininity wasn’t something I was particularly excited to do.

But it was because I felt this odd sense of shame – which, of course, I understood to be irrational and almost entirely based in cultural expectations for women – that I decided that I should write about it. And in the months since I have gotten more emails, DMs, Instagram messages, and such about this topic than I have about any product I’ve written about since I started Ramshackle Glam in 2010.

“I know you work with them,” these emails and messages say, “…but tell me, seriously: does it work? Really??”

It works.


(I kind of can’t believe it myself.)

does rogaine for women actually work

The instructions tell you that you won’t see results for about three months, but honestly: I expected any results I did eventually see to be…let’s say, “subtle.” And then, around Month Four, it happened: I went to pull my hair back into a ponytail, looked in the mirror, and saw an actual corona of 1/2 inch-long new hair growing out of my head.

In the months that followed, the growth continued, and while my hair still isn’t quiiiiiite at pregnancy hair level (because pregnancy hair is just straight-up magic)…it’s really (really) close. It’s the first step in achieving (and maintaining) the volume I’ve wanted for years – and FYI, if you’re thinking “oh but I’m only in my 20s/30s,” everyone’s hair follicles shrink as they get older, and the best time to start using Rogaine is at the very first signs of thinning.

And! Now that I’ve added temporary extensions for length (but obviously mostly for fun), I have such thick, glorious hair that my daughter calls it my “Elsa Hair” – and let me tell you, the holidays are a super fun time to all of a sudden find yourself with Elsa Hair.

does rogaine for women actually work

My favorite way to style it at the moment – other than in a massive hairball on top of my head – is stick-straight and parted down the center. The keys to this style, I’ve found, are next-level conditioning: I’ve been using a deep conditioner at least twice a week, plus a spray-on leave-in conditioner before blow-drying. (Rogaine doesn’t interfere with any styling products, so there’s no reason not to just use your favorites.) Blow-dry with a large round brush, making sure to get extra height at the roots (of which I have oh, so many these days), run a straightening iron along 1” pieces of hair, and then finish with a smoothing product that creates separation and texture without weighing hair down.

(Bonus: If you spray on a tiny more leave-in conditioner – from the nape of the neck down only – and loosely braid your hair before bed, you’ll end up with lovely, relaxed next-day waves.)

does rogaine for women actually work

Another style I’ve been into: a braided side-bun. It’s really complicated. You braid your hair off to one side. And then put it in a bun.

does rogaine for women actually work

So now that you know that Rogaine works (like really, really works – above is a shot of the spot on my head that I used to hate seeing in photographs, and that now looks like every other spot on my head – also, there’s that regrowth again!), I want you to have the chance to try it out for yourself…and take home a few more of my favorite things.

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does rogaine for women actually work does rogaine for women actually work

This post was created in collaboration with Rogaine. 

  • Audrey

    Love this!! My favorite thing right now is oversized tops from Madewell. I can’t stop!

  • Francesca Vannucci

    My favorite thing are SHOES! Always and forever…

  • Valerie

    Is it cheating to say “your site”? Haha 🙂

  • Rebecca McGowan

    cookies, obviously.

  • Patricia

    I think my favorite thing right now has to be that Frasier Fir candle you’ve written about a bunch of times. It smells exactly like Christmas.

  • Tracey

    My favorite things are Madewell 10 inch rise jeans

  • Maria

    My Favorite is family, for sure!

  • Katie Allen Levine

    My silk pillowcase

  • Jackie Danicki

    Did you take any before pics to compare with the photo at top?

    • jordanreid

      I didn’t take that same pic – I wish I had, but it wouldn’t really have shown anything, because you have to sort of fluff out the baby hairs to see them, and so the before would just be minus those hairs. if you click through the link about the really thin spot on my head, that’s the best example of a before photo I have.

  • Kathleen P

    Amazing!!! Love the scarf too !

  • gdreizen

    You’re making me want extensions.

  • Wut

    So… where exactly do you put it? Hairline? Scalp? My “problem area” is a widening part on top of my head that is nearly bald but I could def use more hair on my hairline around my face too. I mean, you can’t use it on your whole head, can you?

    • jordanreid

      I think you’re technically supposed to put it along your hairline, but I definitely rub it into any parts of my scalp that feel thin (my temples, which have never been the same post-baby, and that spot towards the back of my head that I talked about before).

      • Wut

        Do you end up using more than the cap full?

        • jordanreid

          no, still just half a cap.

  • Heather

    My favorite thing is when my kid lets me sleep in!

  • SmallBlondeChic

    Your hair is beautiful! I loved my extensions and am very sad without them. I look forward to trying Rogaine as I apparently am stress thinning which I didn’t know was a thing…

  • Bedelia

    Hey Jordan!:) I can’t help but comment on this because I had a traumatic experience of losing a bunch of hair after switching hormonal contraceptives (on top of the regular thinning-as-you-age thing), and know how vulnerable this issue can make people feel. I know from being in that traumatized state (which is traumatic because of all the really important things you mentioned about femininity, youth, etc., and I’m so glad you are addressing head-on) that when someone tells you there is basically a miracle cure, there is nothing that makes you happier… And nothing that can be more disappointing. Folks should know (and would learn this from reading the available info on it) that Rogaine does not work for everyone, and for some people there is a stage especially at the beginning where you actually lose more hair, which supposedly is later compensated for. For me, the main really disappointing thing about Rogaine, which prohibits me from using it, is that it makes my scalp itch. They say that this goes away after a few weeks, but for me it never did. I wanted (and want) to be able to use it, but just can’t. I REALLY hope they work on the formula, because I know I can’t be the only one (it’s not like I have any other unusual skin issues). The good news re: my story is that my hair, on its own, recovered a good deal. The trick was…time. It took about three years to get better. Also, I take Nutrafol vitamins on and off, which my dermatologist recommended (no idea whether they’ve helped).

    • jordanreid

      Thank you for this! I suppose I assumed that results would be variable, and this is definitely worth mentioning. The side-effect I’ve experienced is some scalp dryness that feels worth it to me, but that I could imagine being a no-go for someone else. I appreciate you sharing your experience (and am happy to hear that you rebounded 🙂

  • Sarah

    Oh goodness I’m envious of your extensions! Merry Christmas!

    • jordanreid

      thank you! you too <3

  • TJ

    My favorite thing is my seven month-old daughter, who is also the proximal cause of my hair loss! I hope I win 🙂

    • jordanreid

      awwww! and lol!

  • JV

    Your hair is beautiful! My favorite thing is lying in bed for 45 minutes after waking up on the weekend 🙂

  • DNW Stock

    In terms of beauty, my favorite thing is NARS orgasm blush. I have lots of other blushes, but I end up reaching that one almost every day.

  • Zozoka

    Very nice hair Jordan, I love it! I’m so amazed at the results! My favorite thing are my 3-month old twin boys and of course chocolate!

  • ldp

    Just curious, have you kept up with the Rogaine application? If so, are you still seeing good results?

    • jordanreid

      I took the last two months off because my scalp was feeling dry – I don’t know if it had to do with rogaine or with stress, but I wanted to take a short break and use oils. I just ordered a new bottle, tho, so I can get back to using it.

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