10 Gorgeous Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

My kind of V-day celebration: A trip to the tattoo parlor.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday I tend to skip over – or at least forget about until the very last second. When gifts are involved, though, I’m OK with them being a bit traditional – perfume, pajamas, that kind of thing. But I also realllllly don’t like giving (or receiving) gifts that won’t actually be used. It makes me anxious.

Last year, around Valentine’s Day, Kendrick and I were going through a rough patch, and so I put in more effort than I think I’ve ever put into a gift in my life: I made him one of those personalized “The Story of Us” books, and it ended up being something we both pick up every once in awhile, when we need a reminder of what it is we’re doing here. (And it doesn’t have to be cheesy at all; I’ll do an IG story later on today showing you a few pages of the one I made for K in case you want to make one and could use some ideas.)

If you’d like something equally lovely – but perhaps less labor-intensive – below are a few of my favorite ideas.


Classic Gold Hoops

Medium-to-large gold hoops are technically “back,” but really, did they ever go anywhere? These look great on anyone, and are a perfect, classic gift. (And this pair is majorly on sale at Off Fifth.)


Maison Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540 Perfume

I came across this perfume – from a company I’ve never heard of in my life – at a random drugstore in New York, and ended up asking Kendrick for it for Christmas. It’s sexy, and subtle, and sort of absorbs into your skin as it dries until it just kind of smells like…you. But better.

(I love the travel set, which comes with a tiny gold carrying case to hold the spritzer.)


Carlin Flats

These perfect suede flats come in bunches of colors, but I’m partial to the red.


Hevera Jogging Suit

Red lingerie is lovely, but seriously: who in their right mind wouldn’t prefer a red sweatsuit?


Oversized Multicolor Turtleneck

This is my new sweater. It is $29.99. It is great, and contains pink, so there you go: Valentine’s Day.


Raden Carry-On

I’ve been obsessed with Raden’s “Smart Luggage” ever since I first heard about it: it tracks your bag using an app, pings you when it’s on the carousel, and includes USB ports for post-flight recharging. And it’s gorgeous.


Sweet Nothing Gold Choker

This super-delicate choker is perfect for wearing alone everyday, or for layering. I adore it.


Cool Desk Chair

Perhaps the most random item on this list, but for real: whose desk chair couldn’t use a little upgrade? I saw a midcentury-style rolling chair at HomeGoods the other day, and now I think a gorgeous knockoff style (because real Eames is lovely, but it’s also holy pricey) may be the way to go.


Rustic Bath Tray

You can go for a basic, functional bamboo or wire tray, but my suggestion would be to go for one of the many stunning handmade versions on Etsy.


Stuffed Sloth

And finally, here is a stuffed sloth.

You’re welcome.

(Happy Valentine’s Day.)

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