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Vintage coat (similar); Vintage heels (similar); glam | camp necklace

My thing for swing coats dates back to fall of the year I first started blogging: I bought a black-and-white, retro-style coat from Forever 21 and posted a photo in it, and it was the first time anyone asked me “where did you GET that?!” (on the Internet, anyway). It was a really good coat, especially given that it was something like thirty bucks; I wore it for years and years until I finally had to admit that the shape had become a little less “swing” and a little more “sack,” and sent it off to its future owner via a yard sale.

While I’m always a fan of thirty-dollar anythings, I do have to admit that when it comes to coats laying out a little more cash for a piece you absolutely love is generally worth it – because a well-made coat can literally last a lifetime. The piece pictured here actually belonged to Francesca’s grandmother – I just borrowed it for the evening, since it gets chilly in the desert at night and the extent of the warm clothing I brought was our Adulting sweatshirt, which I adore but didn’t quite go with those burgundy velvet heels (borrowed from Brie; we did a lot of clothes-swapping on this trip). Despite the fact that the coat is well over half a century old, it’s in practically perfect shape – because whoever made it in the first place knew what they were doing.

Below, some spring-perfect swing coats worth a little investment (but most are closer to Forever 21 than Saks in terms of price, don’t worry). (For some reason I can’t include it in the widget, but this one is my absolute favorite, and very well-priced.)

Midcentury modern style at the Hotel Lautner Midcentury modern architecture in Desert Palm Springs, California Vintage 1950s swing coat in light blue1950s coat at the Hotel LautnerBlue swing coat from the 1950s

{ Vintage coat (similar); Vintage heels (similar) }

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