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:) On a recommendation from a friend, I tried out a wine delivery service called Wine Simple: it creates customized boxes of wine based on your specific tastes, and is a great way to branch out beyond your default picks. How it works: you answer a (fun) series of questions about your tastes in everything from coffee to cheese, are given your “Taste Profile,” and get sent a selection chosen just for you. I ended up with three bottles that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen myself, but that I totally loved (all three came to the desert with us, and none returned home).

:) You know how Mother’s Day cards are usually on the cheesier side? Not these. These are for your mom friends, and they are the best.

:) Obsessed with this drop-waist mauve dress.

:) “My colleagues think I am a ‘still waters run deep’ kind of contributor to conference calls. No one could possibly know that I’ve muted myself for the last six years so they won’t hear the squeals of a child running a train over my head.” (The mute button is a WAHM’s best friend, just saying.) (19 Ways Work-From-Home Moms Lie To Themselves, via Scary Mommy.)

:) Target’s new collaboration with Marimekko is coming soon…and I’m not gonna lie: pretty damn excited about the right-hand side of this promotional photo, which I strongly suspect contains a pool float.

glam camp baby essentials kits for newborns

:) The prints on these Baby Essentials Kits (burp cloth/bib/teething ring trios that make perfect mom-to-be gifts) are SO CUTE.

:) Samantha Bee trying to explain how abortion actually works to this state representative is basically a miracle. (Anti-Abortion Texas Lawmaker Has No Idea How Abortion Works, via The Cut.)

:) These new YSL lipsticks are so gorgeous for spring – all shiny and light and popsicle-shades. (And they’re made with 60% oils, so they’re super moisturizing, too.)

:) “We have all of these rituals attached to religion, to death, but you break up with someone after 10 years and there’s nothing. We need a ritual for saying goodbye.” (The Weird, Lingering Life of Post-Breakup Objects, via Racked.)

:) Adorable (and way affordable) platform wedges for spring.

:) Gaaaaa, this is so sweet. (Viral Video of Little Girl Surprising Her Brother with a Hamster, via CBC News.)

Laura Ricciardi's stay gold painting from

:) LOVE this “Stay Gold” painting (painted in real 24-K gold) from artist Laura Ricciardi. (And if a painting isn’t in your budget, you can pick up her hand-painted bookends here.)

:) Who knew a long-sleeved (and black!) swimsuit could be so incredibly sexy?

:) I felt sick to my stomach watching this video. (This Video Illustrates Exactly Who Donald Trump Is, via Facebook.) Related: John Oliver’s monologue on Last Week Tonight was SPOT. ON.

:) File this under things that would never have occurred to me, but I’m glad they occurred to someone, even within the context of advertising. (Always “Like A Girl” Campaign Says the Female Emojis Are Terrible, via AdWeek.)

:) I love how easy and wearable this Alice & Olivia colorblock trapeze-style minidress is. And I extra love that it’s 40% off.

:) Geeeeeeenius! (The Best Things To Buy At Ikea For Your DIY Wedding, via Apartment Therapy.)

Jordan Reid and Andrea Dunlop book event

:) And finally: I’m doing a reading and signing (and wine) event with my colleague and friend (and author of the new release Losing the Light) Andrea Dunlop on March 10 in San Francisco, and I would love to see you there! (Get more info here.)

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