The Grand House Tour

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I think we’re done.

Since we moved here last June we’ve done a crazy number of renovations to this house, and while there are still some things on my list (that bathroom update I mentioned; installing drawers in Indy’s closet to free up some floor space; new paint on the exterior), I feel good. I feel like the house is ours, like it works for our family’s needs, and like…well, like I love it. I totally love it. It’s more or less the same size as our hundred-year-old colonial in Tarrytown, but feels a thousand times bigger because it’s all one one level and has such a nice, open floor plan, and because we actually use our outdoor space, so it feels like a second living space. And with the doors and windows open pretty much all day long (because you can do that here), it just feels…fresh. Like it’s a home full of light and air and peace. Which is what I think we all needed.

(I’m also, if we’re being totally honest, a little bummed that the major-renovation phase is over, because – as stressful as it can be – there are few things I enjoy more. But we also plan to sell within three or four years, so I don’t have too long to wait to do this again.)

So – since we’re now good and settled – I thought I’d put together a slideshow of our place (above). And if you’re interested, below are all the renovation projects we did (most with the assistance of pros I found on Thumbtack, in case you were under the impression that I was doing things like building walls and constructing closets myself).

P.S. I’ve now completed my contracted work as Thumbtack’s Lifestyle Expert, but I just want to say: I had a phenomenal experience with the company, and have continued to use them for a variety of projects (for example, I recently found an incredible local photographer on the site, as well as a piano teacher for Indy). Just saying: if you’ve got any sort of personal project on the horizon, try it out (and if you have any questions about my experiences, of course always feel free to ask!).

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