Presenting: The Great Barn Door Makeover (Video)

OK, so THIS was an exciting one.

See, the master bedroom in our new place was kind of weird. I mean, I loved most of it when I first saw it – the windows, the breeze, the proximity to the pool, et cetera – but what I did not love about it was the fact that the bathroom was kind of…in it.

You’ll see what I mean in that video up there. Our sink was basically next to my head. It gave me the icks.

The solution: to call in a Thumbtack pro to help me figure out how to put in an amazing distressed wood barn door I found on (Seriously, yeah yeah, I’m Thumbtack’s lifestyle expert, but I am a Fan For Life at this point – I will be using them for any and all personal projects forevah and evah. If you have not tried using the service yet, you MUST: it’s crazy-easy because the form that you fill out to explain what you’re looking for is simple, and yet still detailed enough that you’re virtually guaranteed to get quotes from local pros who are specifically skilled in the project you’re looking to complete. And then boom: like a day later the project is started, and then it’s completed, and that, my friends, is NOT how home improvement projects typically function. Speaking from experience.)

Before After

rustic barn door

sliding barn door rustica hardware door

The result? The master bathroom entryway is now one of my favorite decor elements in the entire house – and I REALLY like how this house is coming along, so that’s saying a lot. Check out the video above, and hop over to Lonny for an interview in which I talk more about the makeover process.

P.S. If you missed the first few videos in my Thumbtack series, here they are:

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  • gatinha523

    Jordan, where is your gold bar necklace from?

    • jordanreid

      it’s from nashelle 🙂

  • Diane

    We have a regular hinged door between our bedroom and master bath, but it swings inward and blocks my husband’s closet door… poor design if you ask me, but I would love to take off the hinged door and put a barn door there. My husband does not like barn doors…. but I think yours looks fantastic and it was such a great solution to your bath/bed all in one problem. Great job!

    • jordanreid

      thank you! if you’re interested in changing your door, i’m pretty sure they sell the sliding hardware separately at rustica (you can call and give them your door’s dimensions so you can get the right fit).

  • Katie Kornstein

    LOVE LOVE LOVE – I need to see this house in person!!!

    • jordanreid

      #cosign 🙂

  • Chris


  • Tat

    Hideous. Looks tacky, inauthentic and doesn’t fit the style of the building. You have absolutely no aesthetic taste whatsoever, please stop presenting yourself as any kind of style expert.

  • Debi Clark

    I love this and it could be a solution to my similar bed/bath situation – can you please outline what style, hardware, etc. you purchased? Thanks in advance!

    • jordanreid

      yes, of course! it’s the classic ranch door with the arrow hardware and the forged handle. i can’t remember the exact specs of the door re: distressing and staining, but if you give them a call and direct them to the URL of this post, they’ll be able to tell you exactly what i did to get that finish (or point you in another direction if this isn’t your thing). just one point of caution when you’re working out your budget – the price that you see on the site for the door does NOT include the handle and hardware – that is sold separately.

  • Cheryl

    I want to buy a house and then just hire you to decorate it! Between the foyer tiles and now this–gorgeous!

    • jordanreid

      you’re so sweet, cheryl – thank you!!!

  • Ashley Terranova Guskind

    Looks great! We have a sliding door for our bathroom too but the previous owners choose a see-through door for a bathrom (WHAT?!). I’m trying to replace the door but not sure where to order from. Where is your door from?

    • jordanreid

      hi! so sorry i missed this. it’s rustica hardware.

  • This is genius! I love how it turned out and have always wanted to try a barn style door in our home. I don’t think it would have occurred to me separate these your bedroom this way but I LOVE it!!!!

  • Rain Mikajlo

    do you have those kid proofing foam things for doors? how would one do that with this? bc i need this!! we have a pretty similar walk in bathroom set up.

    • jordanreid

      i actually don’t know what you mean – foam-proofing?? if you send me a link i can see how it might work for this!

  • Manda

    I love this, and I think these posts would be far more compelling if you included how much the project cost you (in both materials and labor — or if some is gratis due to your promotion, how much it would cost). I might be inspired to reach out to Thumbtack if I thought this was within the realm of possibility for me financially, but without that information, I wouldn’t pursue it.

    • jordanreid

      i get that – the reason i haven’t been including pricing is that the materials you choose for these projects influence the cost a LOT – you can get a door for $400 (mine, which i paid for myself – not comped – was one of the least pricey options) or for upwards of 8k.

      and the cost of labor varies pretty considerably too – that’s one of the great things about thumbtack: you get quotes from different pros who sometimes have very different rates, so you can choose the one who’s best for you both in terms of experience and price.

      it’s also been tricky for me to price out exactly how much each project costs, since i’ve been using pros for multiple projects, so the costs get sort of balled up together (for this project, for example, the pro i hired gave me a good deal because i hired him for both the tiling and the door installation, as well as for some smaller projects like painting our hallway). i do have a budget as thumbtack’s lifestyle expert that covers a percentage of the labor costs, but i’d estimate that this project cost about $500 for labor (VERY reasonable, in my opinion), plus the cost of product.

      • Manda

        I think this is really helpful though to see that a project like this can be done in the $1K range (and the reason I posted this comment was because I noticed in your tile post comments that that was about $1K as well). I feel like ever time I price out a home improvement project, the estimate is around $7-8K, no matter what it is, which is not in my budget unless it’s a big deal. But I could get onboard with a few $1K projects! Thanks!

        • jordanreid

          i TOTALLY agree – home improvement projects always seem to be crazy expensive, but my experiences so far with thumbtack have been wayyyy more reasonable (not all of them, of course, but the ones that ended up being more than i was looking to spend i just put on ice for the time being). maybe because the pros know that i’m getting several quotes, so it benefits them to be competitive?

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