How To Stage Your House For Sale

So…we found a house.


Yaaaa! (Oh, let me tell you: there have been tears these past few days. Good ones, because we found a house that we love, and slightly less-good ones, because we have never actually set foot in said house, making this purchase a mildly stressful one. But mostly good ones, because I thought this was going to be impossible, and it very nearly was, and now: house!)

Obviously I have a lot to tell you, but for now, let’s start with this: we’re moving out in one week.

One. Week. (A little less, actually. The rush is due to various not-especially-exciting issues related to closing dates and such; basically, we need to close on House A to have the money to purchase House B, and our contract stipulates that we must purchase House B…well, now, basically.) Which means that we’re going to be living at my parents’ place for a week or so, until Kendrick graduates and we take off across the country.

So that’s today’s exciting news.

But wait, I have more! If you check out the video above (which also has lots of how-to-sell-your-house tips), you’ll see that I just came on board as the lifestyle expert for Thumbtack, and will be working closely with them over the coming months. What Thumbtack is: an amazing resource for finding professionals in your area who can help with everything from packing up your old place and setting up shop in a new home to sourcing party planners and finding a piano teacher for your kids. Basically: they help you with everything.

And that’s good, because I’m clearly going to need all that help in the coming weeks and months, so I’m incredibly excited about this partnership – and about sharing all of the projects I’ll be taking on both here and over on Thumbtack.


Also: YAY.

I cannot WAIT to show you the house. (And to…you know…see it myself.)

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