In The Air

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Oh, hello there! I’m in New York City. Sort of. I’m in a hotel preparing for a meeting, and then I will be in that meeting, and then I will be on a plane back to San Jose. So I’m not “in New York,” exactly, I’m more “moving through New York at very rapid speeds.”

I stood under the Empire State Building this morning, though, so that was something.

MAN, have the past five days ever involved a lot of travel. A seven-hour drive to Los Angeles, a seven-hour drive back, a quick emptying and repacking of my duffle, a six-hour flight to New York, and now (or at least later today) a six-hour flight back. I’m ready for life to be slightly less boring for a couple of days, but in the meantime something I am feeling extremely expert-y about is travel wear.

Remember those cashmere sweatpants that I bought when I was hosting a DKNY even a couple of months backand felt sort of crazy for having purchased something as obviously unnecessary as cashmere sweatpants?


They are wonderful. They make seven-hour car rides with toddlers and six-hour JetBlue flights (in the middle seat because #ofcourse) so much more wonderful.

Other necessary en route items, as illustrated above:

  • Something bright to offset all those greys and whites and blacks we all wear while traveling, because when you are exhausted a little orange sometimes makes it better;
  • A tote that’s cute but not so fancy that you’re upset about the prospect of stuffing it into an already-overstuffed overhead bin;
  • PaPaw Ointment;
  • Jenni Kayne flats. (I don’t actually own the latter, but Francesca does, and I spent all weekend obsessing over hers and plan to own these shortly.)

If you’re on the East Coast, stay dry. If you’re out West, see you soon!

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