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Remember Brunch Critic, the site founded by my friend Andrea that I wrote about the other week? On Saturday, March 5, they’re having a launch party at gastropub Park Avenue Tavern that will include a selection of fabulous brunch dishes, as well as unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys, and cocktails. I know, it sounds like a terrible time. Here’s the good ... Read More »

Dean & Deluca Favor Inspiration

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For crystallized flowers, make sure that you buy organic blooms that haven't been treated with pesticides or anything else iffy. Remove anything potentially sharp or, you know, alive (like bugs)... Read More »

Affordable & Adorable In Union Square / La Carbonara


I've passed this restaurant about a zillion times (you probably have, too), but have never gone in because the exterior says "totally average Italian place where I will be forced to order Caprese because I can find nothing more exciting on the menu, and because Caprese is always good." Read More »

At Today’s Shoot…


…this happened. That dog is asleep. (Part of the segment took place at┬áMax Tamara’s 75th and Paws, which you may remember from my frequent trips to Yappy Hour.) The whole thing made me feel very much like this: Read More »

Last Bits Of Winter


Even though winter's still hanging around, there's no reason why our clothing can't take some baby steps towards spring. Read More »

In-Studio Segment with Jenn Fadal


This was my first time hosting an in-studio interview (as opposed to working in a studio by myself, as I did for the Betty Crocker segments), so it was a little different...and very exciting for me. Read More »

Pieces Of Coterie


My first stop at the trade show (at Javitz Center Feb 20-22): the Obvious Clothing booth (to say hi to Francesca). You know how I have a bit of a thing for visible bras? Well, I just about died over this one (pictured above with an off-the-shoulder Obvious top). Persian blue was all over the place at Coterie. I especially ... Read More »

Reader Question / Marking A Milestone

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Q. Hi Jordan. Last March, I began the long and arduous journey of getting sober. I want to buy something special for my one-year [sobriety] anniversary. Any thoughts or suggestions? Read More »

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